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  • I'm not sure I want to trade it at the moment. Its currently one of the best pokemon I've ever caught in the wild. And I caught it like 20minutes ago. I'll Emerald Glitch Clone it. to keep an UT version. Incase I do trade it. When I decide if its for trade I'll notify you.
    Could you please also CMT for the Adamant groundon? I thought you might skipped me :X
    By the Way I don't know if you'd want this but on generation 4 I have a Ditto 30/30/30/30/30/30 Sassy Nature, if you're interested.
    Feebas appears on 6 tiles on the whole game, by changing the "trendy phrase" the tiles change is there a phrase that sets the tile to a certain location to save time?
    Yeah I guess that would be cool. I think people like it here, anyway I guess if you're bored you could do it - or just for the thread! You could have the tutor moves from Hoenn, then use Physical/Special additions from 4th Gen, so its like a 4th Gen Frontier pokemon section. They're also like competitive pokes then. From NU's to OU's. People love that sort of thing!
    I did I read all of it.I just wanted to confirm.

    How do you even the background on the DS on your thread.

    The "Fuck" part.
    Cool I like the Adamant....D5 is almost similar to RAM Hack? Correct me if im wrong.
    Could you CMT for it?

    So Cel's Kygore is from Sapphire..? If it is then I might have to cancel it because I have Zari's. right?
    I really did not understand about "not needing one" but you still have that Kyogre right?
    No I like both because I really want to collect Kyogre - Rayquaza - Groundon

    I have Zari's Kygore which is caught in Sapphire.

    Im going to get Cel's Kygore through Emerald

    I don't know about yours what level is your Kyogre?
    I was also then thinking of a Tentacruel. I absolutely love them. Although I could only really do the Wall one I was thinking of, which would be a Bold and a Calm one. I'd have to look around for a Timid Tentacruel, which would be 4th gen - and get Scarfed with like, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, and Toxic Spikes.
    Yeah I was definately thinking of him. Its easy because you only need 31 in Attack, and Speed. And then you can give it Will-0-Wisp, X-Scissor on 4th Gen. My SoulSilver cart is going to be my main 4th Gen Wifi Cart, so I spend ages EV'ing on 3rd Gen, and then can clone myself Rare-Candies through BT Glitch, to Lv.100, for easy use. Can't wait until the updated Hoenn Pokemon Game, they've done Kanto, and Johto already.
    I could only start RNG'ing when I get my own laptop though, which would be August 2012. So. :/. Do you have any ideas though? :)
    I already got the grroudon and kyogre from someone else, but i'm interested in your shiny careful registeel if you can tutor it (counter, seismic toss, body slam and mimic) and your shiny calm flawless mew.
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