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  • Thanks. I have 5 pokes not updated to it though (in case you don't find anything).
    Ok, you just have to hit the frame, you would have hit while RNGing that poke. The first four letters of the PID converted to Decimal will be ID and the last four SID.(Maybe it's opposite) You can skip frames too.
    What how about the other town?? in the middle of the ocean...I forgot its name...oh well time to explore underwater...
    Catching Kygore!!!! Yes!!! ROFL im laughing so hard because yesterday I started this game on VBA and I played the whole game by pressing Space....
    Oh ok then......btw I kinda forgot where do you f**ing go after you kick the 7 gym badge ass?? Im on Sopolois town whatever you call it.....But I have to fight Team Aqua right? Where are they??
    I just wanted to stop by and say if your still working in krygore or not..?
    Hey if you plan on playing JP Emerald can you test out the Lua script for it? You can find it after all the English ones here. I'm got the seed for sure and I'm pretty sure that I got the enemy pokemon stats/IVs/Nature.

    Also, I have something else that I need someone else to test. VM me if you're interested, and I'll PM you with what I need. Simple but very useful stuff.
    Because in the end the RAM was unaltered. However, this it is not up to me to decide if these are legit or not (well as legit as one can be from an emulator).
    I see what you're saying but on a retail cart there is no method to skip frames like that unless you use a cheat device. I never said that it didn't result in legal pokemon.
    Yep i already know's just that method doesn't work with method 2..that's why i asked about yours!
    The flaw is you cant search for high frames with rng reporter..and something edit the first line like this 000000 00000 with the seed to jump?
    May I ask how you advanced ~170 million frames instantly?

    I've RNG bred many shiny/flawless pokes in Emerald, but have never bothered to do captures before.
    I was able to simulate more than 170 million frame advancements in the blink of an eye, landing me this Deoxys on the same day I decided to RNG it.
    What do you mean by that? I think i get you did but just to be sure
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