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  • Someone is cloning TTar right now. I'll be on the WiFi to trade in 5 minutes. See you there :)
    ok, i just sent him a vm :) so if all goes well youll trade the nincada and something else for my 2 ?
    Yeah, because you can get in trouble for trading things that are NON-redis.
    I can't pass rights on to you for Pokemon that aren't mine. Where did you get the Togekiss from anyway?
    I meant to ask about both of your Pokemon. I know about mine already lol. I was given semi-redis rights to all those Pokemon that are now non-redis (I can trade, but others cannot).
    I might be trading with someone in about 5 minutes. I might have them clone it. I'll VM you once its cloned.
    I do have EVd TTars. I would need to find a cloner though, because you can't clone right?
    Togekiss' IVs: 31/5/31/31/31/31. How about Togekiss and Dratini for Shroomish? I'll clone them both for you.
    Sure, I can IV check right now. You don't even need to trade it to me, just meet me on WiFi and open a trade room.
    well, thats the thing, im not rll sure, do you have iv checker ? id have no prob letting you check it cuz i was curious about it as well
    I want whatever is not in my thread. Specifically anything that's flawless. I need to know the IVs of the Togekiss.
    I was hoping the Dratini was Rash/Mild. Nevermind, I'll just wait until you get more stuff. Let me know when you do.
    togekiss is modest serene grace lvl 100 shiny 374 hp 99 atk 226 def 345 spA 266 spD 222 Speed with aura sphere roost nasty plot airslash all max pp and its male
    ok well the dratini is lvl 7, hasty 31/31/31/31/31/31 shiny w/ t wave egg move ut
    bold blissey is lvl 100 nat cure, 31/4/31/24/31/27 with hp grass 58 and 252hp/252def/4spd seismec toss, toxic, aromatherapy, softboiled,
    togekiss, im not really sure, it didnt say when i got it, but its pretty good ;P and if i trade these could i get a clone back if thats alright ?
    I'm back on WiFi. Okay, I need you to post the details on those PKMN I asked for so we can hopefully work out a trade.
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