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  • I'm finished cloning and back on WiFi.
    Edit: let me know when you're ready to pick up Mew...
    I need 5 minutes to clone for someone else. Yeah I have a trade thread. It's in my sig, but you've seen it before.
    No, I can't clone. I usually need other people to clone my stuff before I trade it...
    I can clone now and we can discuss the trade later. I need more information on Togekiss, bold Blissey, and shiny dratini. Like the natures, egg moves, EVs, IVs, etc.
    Lol, we've been through this before. I'm looking for flawless PKMN only so if you've got some new stuff since last time then we can work something out.
    It's the one in my sig. Diamond FC: 4426 0240 6201. I have a flawless, shiny Shroomish in my thread.
    Ok if it's not done by around 10:00 AM EST (GMT -4) tomorrow, I'll have to wait until pretty late to pick it up. I'm lifeguarding a double shift tomorrow, so I'll be gone for 8+ hours.
    yup, ill go on right now :) and yeahhh ! i had previous dealings with him, hes a cool guy
    hold on ill go on right now, sorry it took so long i had to write down your spreads :)
    Ok his name is Klutch. Just look on my friend list and you'll see him. Are you getting on to trade yet?
    The nature isn't bad. Naughty is the recommend nature for Honchkrow in the Smogon Analysis. It allows Honchkrow to have Maximum power for Sucker Punch and Superpower without sacrificing power on Heat Wave. Naughty is the ideal nature. I'm still on if you want it.
    Alright, as long as its a different nature and has the flawless IVs thats fine. Just be sure to post in my thread when you get it. I literally have 19 pending bussiness deals, so I would forget.
    2 mews? Do you have 2 different ones? I don't need 2 of the same one . . . if thats what you mean.
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