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  • Aye, aye, I just meant that it's hard to just find a place for them on an exisitng team built in different ways. Imo you really need to focus on removing counters and supporting the nuke, so I reckon building a new team could be a good way to slot this in in an effective manner :). Anyway, sleep now, gnite.
    Lmao it's always fun to have a mon who pretty much only needs the one move! I'll have to give it a shot, but I kinda find it hard to just slap a nuke onto a team since they don't offer too much in the way of support, so unsure if I'll manage anytime soon, but since I want to make a new Sun team I'll try and work it in.
    That's pretty sweet, Brick Break may not be needed then if you can guarantee SR! Not really sure what other coverage you'd want to use though..
    Fair play, fusion bolt can only be better when it arrives! Glad to hear it's doing okay, I was concerned the Speed drop would be crippling.
    That's cool, Are you making use of Fusion Bolt a lot? I wish I had time to ladder more, curse exams. Talk in the suspect thread also makes it seem like Adamant is the only option, which I'm unsure of.
    Well, the lack of recoil makes it attractive as opposed to Darm, as do the actually decent defences. The hit and run approach (unless using Scarf) will be interesting to see with a SR and Pursuit weak mon, so I'll be interested to see how well it does.
    Btw you'll probably want to revert to FF on Arc if you remove Tran, especially now V-Create Vistini is around. Also, man, after thinking about a team with Zong and Starmie I'm really psyched for trying it :P, I'll probably try and ladder with it a bit sometime soon.
    Really not sure tbh :s. I suppose it could be Heatran, since you have Darm as another Fire and Starmie packs an ice move, as Zong now gives you that Ground immune.
    Ahaa fair play, I hate that bitch Blissey so Trick CB appealed to me a lot :P. If you can play around Rain teams with 4 Fire mons then major props to you dude, seriously impressed. Darm is pretty epic, I've not played with it enough really so I'll give it a shot. If Rain and SR give you issues you could try Starmie - RS for emergencies really and Thunderbolt to nail the genies and Toed, Ice Beam for Dragons and a filler move. Less residual damage than Tentacruel but great offensive presence. Would ofc be a lot less useful VS SS but if you ran HP Fight you could hurt TTar at least and with the rest of your team doing okay against it, it might work out.
    Hmm very interesting. I can see how Zong's ability to actually hart things and immunity to Ground could be very useful, I have been tempted with a CB Zong but never tried it. What set do you run? Darm makes you weaker to Rain but I guess with Zong that's less of an issue, do you find it hard to deal with?

    Similarly, SR seems a huge problem with 4 Fire mons if you can't prevent it, so how's that been in your experience?
    Fair play lol, I'm pretty busy with exams coming up atm so idk if I'll be able to ladder, so let me know if you find out anything interesting, it'd be helpful for the Sun article to be a bit more relevant to the current meta if possible :).
    Lmao I'll take that as a compliment XD how did it do in general? The meta's shifted somewhat since I made mine.
    Aha, I certainly would, PM with your thoughts since the character limit for VMs is so low..
    You can come? Cool. However, I will probably change the date and time, so may I know when you will be available this Friday/Saturday/Sunday?
    I know you are interested in making a AW Mafia, I'm just curious which game you'll be drawing on in order to make it. And if you are taking reserves, I would like to be reserved as either Olaf (or Grit) if you are doing the Dual Strike Arc, or if you intend on doing the DoR Arc, sign me up as Gage or Isabella.
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