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  • Sorry I just realized that, in your last raid, I gave you 3 VC whereas the actual reward was 1 VC, sorry. I fixed that.
    Aw yeah. All that's left is me voting and getting my TC badge so I can add "I'm a dangerous mercenary!"
    I just did

    I'll try to get my reffings in faster, but if you could give me till the evening of deadline day that would be nice
    that means two days since the last reffing. 48 hours. I'm sorry if I'm being pushy, I really am, but I'm really busy with a lot of stuff and I'd really, REALLY appreciate it if you could red for me and Shadoo ASAP. Sorry again if I sound pushy :/
    I need to see the gyarados' stats and moves to make educated moves, so please edit them in to the OP if possible! Thanks :)
    Lmao, well uselessness in comparison to Tales in OU! And in any case, she has a nasty habit of being trapped and killed by an absolute ton of stuff, which pretty much just makes her inredibly annoying to me :P. I'll start using sun after this round or so, once the tier settles a bit.

    And aye, despite the fact I see the 3 main sweepers (aside from Zard, who's really a nuke - but huge durabilitity issues balance him imo) as possibly broken, I do think it should be they who get the ban, not Vulpix. Sawsbuck for instance is very viable in OU, some people prefer him to Venusaur, and Zong and Skarm (his major walls are gone in UU, so it seems likely he'd easily be broken.
    Lmao to be quite honest the sheer uselessness of Vulpix combined with my love for UU 4th gen SS teams means that I much prefer the Hippo based playstyle in UU! Not that I've played too much, been busy writing OU sun's article and having exams..

    But yeah, it is indeed insanely powerful, I mean Sawsbuck can easily compete in OU and the only reason Vic can't is because Venusaur is a little bit bulkier, without even mentioning the nuke-esque Fires down in UU.

    Frankly, I don't see much past Victini, Sawsbuck and Victreebel (maybe Shiftry) proving broken, so I don't see the need to ban Vulpix and condemn all of sun in that tier when we could see how it fares without the above. Not to mention that there's an absurd amount of potentially broken pokemon in the tier at the minute, so eliminating a playstyle at the same time as a ton of other things seems like a bad idea to me.

    What dyu think on the issue lol?
    I can't do it, sorry.

    My comp just shut down on me and I lost all my data, and I g2g in 30 minutes.

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