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  • Pokemon battle revolution, on the wii. =) It's basically the same as the battle frontier/tower kind of thing.
    I actually like PBR a lot. ^^ So the battle frontier is interesting too! I just feel that the discovery of IV's and how to abuse them really ruined most of the gameplay. You can't just.. go and catch a wild pidgey and feel really happy about it because you know it's probably got completely useless IV's and it's a rubbish Pokémon! =P
    I'm happy about WiFi to be honest. =) I could never trade with anyone before since nobody I knew played! So really.. I could never play the way they intended for people to play.. trading friends with the opposite game etc.. Though I'm not sure I like the GTS since you never know what you get there really.. and I do wish someone would never have understood the meaning or importance of IV's but hey... someone did and that's how the game is nowadays.. lol
    Of course I understand what you mean though, it is just a game in the end and something fun to do.. not a job. =]
    It's not really payment though, it's more an exchange of favours. =P And that's always been a big part of Pokémon.. you trade one thing for another. This is just a case of "You don't have any Pokémon I want so I'll trade you my Pokémon for your training". ^^
    Hehe yes Stunky is perfct, thank you for EVing her, and thanks for trying with Krabby! =P
    ...I'll take them both back now regardless, if Krabby's EV's are done too feel free to pick 2 Fully Redis or one No-Redis Pokémon in my thread as payment. ;)
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