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  • Aah I see. hehe Did you think it would share the EV's Crobat got with Exp. Share? ^^

    Well good thing you got it sorted now anyways! =D And just give me a shout when you want to do the trade. =) You still want Mismagius?
    Okay that's great. ^^ Everything is alright now yeah? 252 speed and 4 Sp.Def.? =) And yeah the last few points dont matter!
    A lot of people always need EV training so I'm sure you'll be doing well there. ^^ You can probably get most things you want by offering good EV training. Eventually you'll be able to do it within an hour or less!

    However, RNGing is actually not that difficult either. =) It just looks difficult before you have tried it.
    den nomizo:P
    tespa tha sou doso to ditto se kamia ora giati tora exo mathima
    I thought maybe you had had enough of EV training and wanted to quit. ^^ I'll be on WiFi with a new Taillow.
    Yes I can trade now. =) Are you sure you didn't miscalculate how many EV points everything gave? Since there was 90 EV points lost somewhere. ^^ Anyways, shall I trade you a "new" Taillow or have you had enough?
    I don't really know what you missed out on, I could use 9 Iron's on her though. 1 Iron = 10 Defense EV's isn't it? ... Would you like to try it again? It's hard when you can't check EV's with an AR code or anything...
    Ah.. yeah it's EV's aren't right. =P Did you just use vitamins? 252 EV's in attack, 252 EV's in Speed and 4 EV's in Special Defense is what I wanted. ;) Something is missing since I can still feed her a lot of vitamins and she's not getting any effort ribbon. Did you use the power items on her too?
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