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  • Φυσικά! Μάλλον πάει για "Sage of the Six Paths" o Naruto.Αλλά, έχει να δείξει πολύ καιρό Sasuke και Madara,οπότε δεν είμαι και πολύ σίγουρος :/
    Oh Soterakis, it's not much to train. =P 100 points in speed and 100 in atk.. I can do that if you cant. lol You can get 10 EV points from battling one Pokémon.. for speed I kill zubats in caves and for attack shinx'es.
    Yes. =) Don't worry about the ribbon, an EV spread of 252 + 252 + 4 only adds up 508, the max is 510 but the last two point's don't matter. If you want to you can put 6 points in HP (she has 4 now) and it will be full. =)
    I gave 2 ev points in attack for stunky and yet .. no ribbon!
    Are you sure I was only missing 2?
    Id prefer to get it wit hthe krabby. ^^ Don't forget to remove the power items or anything youre using on them before trading with me!
    thanks for the aid.
    so, I can finish stunky in a minute.
    Would you want it now or do you prefer to get it with the krabby?
    Ok, Stunky just needs 2 EV points in attack and she is done. Krabby has 255 spe, so you need to use a berry to remove it's speed. Using a berry will make it go down to 100. And krabby also need more attack, she has 132 at the moment.
    Lets get in a trade and I'll check what the EV's are. ;) Can you come on now?
    I'd appreciate having them today, I'd like to get all my mons finished asap for battling. lol
    As I said, you can find the EV-spreads in my wants list. =P It's all there... to make it easier on you though...
    Stunky: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
    Krabby: 252 Atk / 4 Sp.Def / 252 Spe
    Doh I'm sorry sotekaris, I forgot the time.. =( Got so busy with an email..
    If you're up for some more EV training sure. ^^ Although right now I'm RNGing a Hoothoot so it'll have to wait a bit. =) think of what else you would like from my thread as your payment!
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