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  • Btw Sprocket,If possible could u search with me for a Semi-flawless Seed for HP Elec 70 on frame 10 on my mac address (8A603C) needed for hatching a Vanilite,My computer is failing and the search is going so slow here.
    Just read the post with the seed you found me.
    Thanks man,I was busy the last few days so i just logged on to smogon and found this,Btw is it year 2011?
    I heard you had a rng zekrom, would you be interested in anything on my wall or my trade thread partner's wall. So please cmt for it.
    just read your RNG manual thing.. I'm completely new to it, and i didn't understand much of it. But that doesn't matter. I'll get it eventually.

    And congratulations on 1000 posts! (1002 by now, but whatever)
    Right that's what I was thinking. My problem was that I wasn't aware that it was up to me to find a Seconds that works for me. Apparently 15 seconds gives me enough time to get into the game. Thank you very much.
    Well the only thing I was talking about was seconds period. I didn't even put a seconds in the Seeds to Times box. But from what I getting, it's totally up to me to use whatever seconds I want? I wasn't used to that because finding a seconds to use was controlled by the programs I used. And just to let you know, the only thing I've done so far is find my seed.
    Oh you mean the default seconds that come up when you start it? Ok thanks.
    Hello sorry to bother you, but you've been so helpful to people in the 5th Gen RNG thread that I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a simple question. In 4th Gen it was pretty easy to figure out your average seconds or seconds if you were using emloop. How are you guys doing it for 5th Gen?
    hi Sprocket, sorry to bother you, I just read your helpful frame advancement table on the 5th gen thread. I have an odd one at frame 14, what should I do? (I'd advance one by one or something with 1 strong syncher)
    Yeah, I saw your post...thanks. It never seems to work that way with me though so I assumed it didn't.
    Hey again ^^
    BTW, I already did a few 5th Gen, RNGs.
    Try to look at the DMP (Discuss My Pokemon) thread, last page.
    Ugh...my "Ditto trick" didn't work.
    As I tried to experiment it on that Suicune from Route 25...and it seems that on the status screen, the stats of Ditto is still the stats of Ditto itself, not the stats mimicking the target poke (Suicune).

    Maybe the only way is to use seismic toss/night shade pokes.
    For Reshiram, I might use Level 87 poke with night shade/seismic toss.
    Because a 30/31 HP IV Reshiram has 175.
    Or maybe use a Poke with speed that's one point below the target...Hmmm...
    Thank you very much for the "test-trades" then ^^
    Now it's 4:32 am here, LOL I have to sleep ^^
    Good night :)
    (My time BTW ^^)
    See ya later then.
    Oops I overlooked again that I have master ball.
    But did using ditto worked, right?
    Did you try it? Did it work?
    Did it copy the target pokemon's stats (except HP)?

    Hopefully you'll reply, but smogon is extra s l o w now :(
    Also for Victini, if you're going for a flawless Victini, a level 29 or 58 Night Shade/Seismic Toss user is perfect. If it survives one level 58 Night Shade/Seismic Toss, or two level 29 Night Shades/Seismic Tosses (without using Endure), then it's got a flawless or near-flawless HP stat.

    Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom, it's very helpful to use a 1-under Speed Pokemon as well. Will save you a lot of time in the long run.

    I also found that Bisharp is an adequate catcher for anything that's not a Fighting or Fire type.
    My favorite catcher is a Gallade. Teach it False Swipe, Mean Look, Hypnosis, and Sword Dance (to increase False Swipe damage versus resistant Pokemon). Though you'll want to bring some X-Accuracy and X-Defend items to boost Hypnosis pitiful accuracy, and Gallade's terrible Defense stat.
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