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  • You know instead of EV Training a bunch of stuff i like a few things you post in the DMP :P We could just do 1:1 Trades if you want?
    sorry, i didn't mention this in my message, but i'm available to pick up

    -UT lv 1 Mild Riolu
    - Adamant Insomnia Honchkrow ev trained at lv 30

    tonight, or whenever you're available
    Hey dude, about another project, I think you've got some things bred now that I'm interested in (some whales) so you may not need to do another project if you'd rather not.
    Actually, I'm going to head off to bed now... tomorrow or Sunday, I'll be available for a longer period of time. Thanks for bearing with me. *yawn*
    Hey, could I pick up my six Pokémon from Mingot's giveaway now? I'd like these:
    - Timid Jolteon, trained at Lv.50
    - Brave Rampardos, trained at Lv.52
    - Modest Wailmer, trained at Lv.48
    - Impish Ditto
    - Adamant Hitmontop with Intimidate
    - Relaxed Bastiodon, UT at Lv.1

    You available?
    AAAAAAAACK! -_-...zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzz

    I just fell asleep at the keyboard. we'll have to do this later. bed time now. see ya...
    he sadly you heard the rules...
    we need to go with clean avatar for a while (just a while) :naughty:
    dude, it's totally all good.
    i've been SO busy the past couple weeks with school. now that i'm not busy, i've just been super lazy lol.

    whenever we can trade is fine. i'll have the check the pending again. i don't remember what you wanted, but i definitely wanted raikou the most.

    Actually, are you busy or about to head off? I forgot 1 pokemon >.< It's just Negator's Latios
    You can keep a copy of everything else except the Lugia, Mew and Roselia. The Gligar, Mr. Mime, and Skorupi however cannot be redis by you. The rest with a (R) you can redis. Thanks in advance for cloning for me!
    List: (R) = Redis / x = you can't keep a copy
    MattJ's Raikou (R)
    MattJ's Entei (R)
    MattJ's Ho-oh (R)
    MattJ's Shaymin (R)
    MattJ's Lugia (x)
    MattJ's Mew (x)
    Vaporeon's Vaporeon (R)
    AromaFlora's Gligar
    timetwister's Roselia (x)
    timetwister's Mr. Mime
    timetwister's Skorupi
    Yep, they will be part of the pokes I need cloned. You can clone a copy for yourself to keep :)
    Hey stingray, I know you were interested in a couple of things in my thread. Would you like them for free by doing some mass cloning for me? :x
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