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    Ok, let me know when you finish. I just got done ev training a blastoise, infernape,starmie,gengar,staraptor,electivire, you want them?
    that was awesome. i think im going to post that match on youtube. ill definitely want to narrate it though.

    im annoyed. i should have stayed in for the trick. i thought you were going to blow up.
    I'm watching it right now to see. I was gonna ask anyway but now's as good a time as any lol. Do you mind if I upload it?
    It happens lol. If I remembered I had ice punch on azumaril earlier (I was convinced I had return lol) I couldve ended it quicker.

    You missed the two will-o-wisps but in the long run that didn't matter. Donphan was the only thing I'd want to take the atk drop, and I had the heal bell anyway.

    Well have to battle again sometime :)
    this match wasnt supremely haxxy, but im still annoyed about the stuff that did go down... and double protect again? come on. iv hit you 6 times with this ice beam.
    oh... you mean species clause? or it has the exact same set/ evs/ everything?

    species clause doesnt apply in roulette :D Ubers do, though. if its the exact same one... um... 37
    it should be good. anyways, so now that we each pick 6 numbers, and our opponent picks those numbers in his box. so you have 113...

    49 91 65 79 81 25

    remember, 49 has to be your lead. now give me a few random numbers.
    erp... um, okay, im in the middle of a battle factory set. this might take a bit. if you want to wait, okay. if not, ill hit you up another time.
    i prefer to start at your eved boxes. its just easier that way. just put all the pokemon you have up for consideration in consecutive boxes. so get all your in game/ ut mons out of the way.

    ill get the ball rolling... i have... 12 boxes of eved pokemon... 12 times 30 is 360... so i have 366 pokemon. how many eved mons do you have?
    Xerxes can do it better. seriously, i learned everything i know from him. it may not be too horrifically much, but its all him
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