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  • the burn was not a good thing i will admit... but it would not have mattered... @ that point starmie is coming in and destroying yanmega or any other switch in you had... either way... it was def a gg u are a good player for doing so well with a uu team against an ou team
    as a matter of fact i remember being fully paralyzed... the only thing bad that happened to you was missing high jump kick... that definitely sucked... but hey... we all use moves that got a chance to miss... i accept it when tangela's sleep powder missed twice... the price i pay for using sleep powder...
    Dude how can a burned Regice do that much damage to a sp def duscolops and reunic??
    thanks! GG.. erm i bought in the wrong chomp.. well not the wrong one.. i gave it the wrong item! -_- lets battle again soon! :) im pretty new so.. :S
    yeah, rapidash would have worked if i didnt see your team at the beginning i would have flamethrowered right into it GG :)
    Wait, which crit? I don't remember seeing one, but I probably missed it. :/ GG, though. Kudos to you on using original sets, I love it when people don't use the same Pokemon over and over.
    Yeah, it can. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting Specs. But you're using quite a few original sets, I shouldn't be too surprised.
    Three of my Pokemon were mis-SAVd (not by me, otherwise it'd be fixed...) and have egg moves, but are in Premiere balls. So for all intents and purposes, every one of my Pokemon is in a Poke Ball.
    thank you, i've never seen half of your team before in an OU so i was like wf do i do.... love the mamo and the braviary
    I'd appreciate if you didn't. The hax made that a really bad game, and I only have one team right now. And, in addition to that, I just heard some rather upsetting news IRL and would just prefer not to have people going "Lol he's so bad look at his team he sucks", or anything along the lines of that.
    Has moltres with flamebody released? I wished smogon had a working link to the list of released DW ability pokemon
    u 2 man
    i will probably send him a message everyday.
    its not spamming becuz its something that matters
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