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  • Hi.

    Sorry about that, I have been a little busy lately. I live in GMT+11, so is Sunday at around 1:00pm GMT+11 good for you?

    Thanks, bye.
    Sorry mate but my computer is hidden away before i go. The only reason that i can post this now because I am on my phone. You be assigned with a substitute soon so you'll still get a match. My regrets.
    Well, I am at GMT +8, so is anytime tonight fine?
    I need to make a team for the tourney though...
    Also, I'm going on holiday for the next 2 weeks starting tomorrow so I definitely need to do it before then.
    elDino =)
    im on irc a lot, but if you dont use that then I will try to be on saturday and sunday
    We're opponent for the counterpick tourney.Could u give me ur time zone (i'm gmt+1) and a day to do our team ?
    Hey, I'm really sorry about last night; my life went to hell in a handbasket fast. I am able to battle in about ten minutes if you are still willing to battle?
    Sorry dude, I'm to busy to battle right now. I'm subbing out of the tourney, so look for your now opponent there.

    gl with the rest of the tourney.
    Could we possibly move this back to tomorrow? I admit; I totally dropped the ball and forgot >.<
    Huh, thats a change, I'm always the one to V/PM my opponent first D:.

    Anyway, I'm +10 GMT and I can be on pretty much all day too. If I see you on when I'm on Smogon, I'll give you a nudge so we can battle.
    sorry, my computer died, so I've had limited access to a computer. What times are you free for? Also I'm +6 GMT, and available pretty much any time 8-12, but can try to be on earlier. What times work for you?
    Sup man, and yeah. I was wondering why i couldn't find "P-Dogg". Anywho, I'll try to finish this team i made up, if we can't do it sometime this week we shouldn't have no problem in getting it done the weekend or next week. I'm Busy Friday also as that's the usual party day. If anything, catch me in the SU server on PO.
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