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  • tomorrow would be good. i can play at like 4-5pm, which would be 12-1pm for you, I think, as I'm GMT -8
    Hey I'm trying to challenge you on Pokemon Online but it says you're in a different Gen than me? I'm kinda new to this program so I was wondering if I needed to download the program again or if there is something I can do on the program to maybe change some sttings or something so we can battle
    Hey, just got off for summer so from now on anytime is good for me, we can set up a time sometimes whenever you get your team ready for the Strikeout Tournament
    yeah that works out perfectly, except for today I wont be available after 5 my time, 9 AM your time. And I'm open anytime today (Before 5) and tomorrow, I have my team ready to go so whenever you're ready
    I don't know what is happening, but I can"t go on NSB. NSB works but I can"t go on the server -__-
    You got subbed in against PVBattles, please PM me your Strikeout as soon as possible
    Hello, if you're willing to sub in the Strikeout Tournament please hit me with a VM
    Arf, I have to go sleep now and tomorrow will be hard to play. Hmm i don't when is the deadline, i have some exams but on wednesday i'm on holidays, so we could play at this date or after maybe ?
    I'm at eastern standard time but judging by an online time calculator thingy Your 8-10 AM would be 4-6 PM for me, which actually works out pretty well, so that would probably be the best time. I've got my team ready already so I can battle whenever you're ready
    Hmm, I'm GMT +2 ( FRENCH HAXXOR...). I can play during all the week, so when I see you I'll VM you, and same for you, VM me if you see me.
    Hello, your opponent for the Tourney.

    Times that I'm Available:
    weekdays: 5-6 pm, 9-11 pm in GMT -7
    on weekends, after 9 pm

    I'll try to be on Sunday around 9 pm and longer, meaning 4 pm your time (saturday im busy)
    I should apologize too... I think i'm good on Thursday afternoon, i'll respond if anything comes up. Are we going to play on NBS or PO?
    uh oh i'm gmt-4.... i'm free most of the weekend and i can't play today (can play on tomorrow (friday) though.
    Sure we can do PO and fine, I'll also be free on the weekend so by Friday I'll PM you again with a time.
    Alright man. I put in an extra hour. G2g now. I may be able to come back later around 8 PM my time idk tho...
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