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  • Yes his physical sets are also really good! Sand Force Landorus is arguably one of the best Scarfers on a Sand Team, and Expert Belt Landy can bluff a Choice Set with ease while still packing a huge punch. On the special side however, RP Landorus is the only special set you should be using. You could possibly use a Mixed LO Landorus with Earth Power, HP Ice, Focus Blast, and Stone Edge, however it'd be wise just to choose one or the other.
    I was thinking of nomination scolipede and accelgor on the OU viability ranking thread should I go for it?
    Hmm, no I haven't. The only special Landorus I've tried is the Rock Polish Landorus, which is arguably the sole reason as to why Landorus is an S-Rank Pokemon. If he were to run a CM set successfully, he would most likely need Substitute. That forces him to give up a move slot, which sucks. RP Landorus is hands down the best Landorus set.
    I see you're trying for Volcarona to go up to A-Rank. I have to say I can see where you're coming from, honestly. It tears so many teams apart and is really hard to control. (Just look at the critiques of my RMTs and you'll get an idea of what I mean.)

    I'm not sure how much support you're going to get for this, since Volcarona is stealth Rock weak and lacking against Rain (PK Gaming hates that), but good luck.
    You keep changing your avatar back to that one with the red haired guy...

    Guess you really like it, huh?
    I don't understand the logic on PK gaming's part, but hey at least we put in a good amount of effort.

    hopefully it was all for nothing...
    Well you two have very similar ways of posting for one thing. Like, you always seem to put a lot of detail into your responses with colorful text and pictures, which is exactly what Tripod does. Also his only posts are on the OU Viability Ranking thread, all defending Hydreigon. It was created today. AND Princess Bree mentioned something about you possibly getting banned for deucing if you don't "watch your posts" which hints towards your Alt. Point is, we have enough support for Hydreigon going to A-Rank, and if PK were to catch you deucing then he might not makle Hydreigon A-Tier, since making an Alt and supporting Hydreigon is kind of "cheating". Anyways, I couldn't give to fucks if it is your Alt, however infractions suck, and I don't want to see you possibly banned.

    If it truly isn't your Alt, then cool. But if it is, I highly advise you delete it before the mods catch you.
    I noticed that you actually haven't made an RMT yet. Why's that? I'd love to see what kind of a team you use.
    Well, I'm going to be a bit busy for the next week or so, so I might not be available constantly. Also, three-way communication could be difficult to figure out...

    But I'd love to see this idea become reality. Have you talked to Gary about this?
    Oh and by the way, is Tripod your Alt? If it is, delete it immediately or you'll get a major infraction from the mods. Had to learn that the hard way when my friend made an account on my computer to troll by RMTs. No but seriously, do it now!
    Now I'm just getting pissed off lol. You had no idea how hard it was to keep my cool through out that entire post XD. I'm just getting sick of the same fucking arguments. Too Slow. Too Slow. Too Slow. Doesn't 6-0 sweep. Threatened by the most dangerous Pokemon in OU. Funniest one so far has been "Weak to Dragon types". Well no shit sherlock.
    I recommend thinking over your posts more or you may become a banned deucer!
    Wait, you mean a... three-way collaboration? Is that what you're suggesting?

    That would be interesting... and fun... : )
    I don't know, between you, Gary, and me, you seem to be the one posting the most as well as having deepest arguments... I could see you being the middle head.
    Oh, no problem! I've wanted Hydreigon in A-Rank ever since I collaborated with Gary2346. It's just such a destructive force....

    Honestly though, your posts have been spot on, I think. I think we've got the majority on our side now, so hopefully PK Gaming will agree with us this time around. : )
    Hey Tab! I just wanted to say that you've improved a lot in your post quality and overall knowledge about the OU meta game since I first remember friending you. It's great to see a fellow friend improve! Keep up the good work.
    Hey. I was reading through your posts in the OU Viability Ranking Thread. You do a great job in arguing and standing your ground, and your posts are entertaining to read. They also show that you have a good head on your shoulders. Keep it up.
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