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  • XD YESS! I like the way you think. Wait waitwait you play Monster Hunter too? O.O
    As for Windows, the computer I use has Windows XP
    I downloaded an RNG Reporter from Smogon a few weeks ago when I wanted to try RNG, but first it was an April Fools joke and didn't work... then I downloaded one again and it looked like it worked. Not sure if it's still the most recent version though, I'll have to check when I'm home.
    In fact, you can have a BUNCH of chatots if you desire them. Or any other breedable Pokemon from the other generations (I think I might have nearly all of them)
    You don't even have to steal it from me I'll give you the Chatot!! lol XDDD
    I'm a nut for giving things names. I want to nickname the male Frillish Yama after this monster from Monster Hunter: (which is the main reason why I want the green one hehehe)

    and I want to name the Sigilyph either Patapon or Teripon Teripon are the ones that can fly but Patapon is a cute name too. ^^ With how this Sigilyph has to repetitively repeat Cosmic Power before it can enter "fever mode" with Assist Power it just... fits. :->
    The Sigilyph would need Magic Guard as the ability, and could be Timid, Bold or Calm I guess. Forgot to mention. :D
    Nice I'd love any help I can get!! I've heard that it's a lot harder to get shinies in GenV, would you agree with this? Do you find it's easier to RNG breed or capture? There are actually 2 RNG projects that I know I want to start with when I finally try to do this... one is to get a nice IV'd shiny male Frillish (this is probably way too hard for a first try lol), and another is to breed a nice IV'd Sigilyph (doesn't need shininess) with Roost/Psycho Shift/Stored Power. Even better if I can get the Sigiyph to have HP Fighting 70, but again probably too complicated until I get better. :3
    Being able to view my IVs through IR-GTS would definitely help with my painstaking IV breeding however. It's something that I dream about at night lol
    (HAH I do that too! o.o')

    I do have an old school DS (it's the one that came out before the Lite... blue one), but it has issues and isn't able to find my wireless router. For IR-GTS I'm pretty sure I need to use the wireless router and not just a Nintendo WFC USB, so that has to be done through my new 3DS. Maybe I can RNG a bit using my ol' DS... so far I haven't figured out how to RNG. I IV breed the old fashioned way ^_^ baked with love! (It can be very frustrating so RNG is something I'm gonna look into)
    Ahaha yes indeed! I'd go mad on the Train Commute in to work if I didn't have my 3DS on me! X'D It's an hour there, and an hour back later in the day. It gives me free time to be a gamer. Woot!
    Cool, then this might work, as long as it doesn't have to be changed in-game as well. I wonder if the game gets a separate DNS... that wouldn't make sense though, right?
    There's no rush for figuring this out, because I wont be able to test it to see if it worked until I get home from work tonight (I'm currently lurking on here from work ^_^). I appreciate the help you're giving me!
    Oh I just found the option to change the DNS! It seems to give me two different ones, a Primary DNS and a Secondary DNS... at the moment after clicking on Auto Obtain DNS: YES/NO both DNS are listed as ... I wonder, if IR-GTS only gives me a Primary DNS to enter, what should I enter as my "Secondary DNS"? Do I need one of these? XD (Sorry I'm a little bit confused)
    Yes, the 3DS has a System Settings menu where you can configure wifi settings. System Settings is an option on the intro screen along with choosing your game, setting date/time, etc. I set up my wifi connection through here, though I do have a password protected wireless router and I'm beginning to wonder if this has anything to do with the error message... I just thought it might be worth a mention.
    Hi there! :)

    Okay here goes, I have my 3DS right in front of me.
    Clicking on Nintendo WFC Settings on the start-up screen...
    Immediately this message pops up:

    Please configure your connection settings
    under the Internet option
    in the System Settings.

    For help, visit

    ...when I press A, it sends me back to the start-up screen where I can see "new Game" "Mystery Gift" Nintendo WFC Settings" and all of those options. I don't get access to a screen where I can change settings at all. :o
    Today's activity:

    I just RNG'ed the following:

    Sheer Force

    Wasn't looking for it but it's definitely a nice addition to my collection (which now consists of three perfectly RNG'ed pokémon and two spitbacks :P) I'd like to give it a choice band and mach punch with it hahahaha!


    Swift Swim

    Hmm... I need adamant or modest.



    Yay, Adamant! Now I will just catch one with Swift Swim and I'll be done with that Pokémon ^^ Hoping to also catch a Guts Timbur :)

    Edit: And got the Swift Swim one too! Still searching for the Guts Timbur and trying to catch an Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Troh (if it has two abilities I'll catch either one).

    Edit: Caught the Guts Timbur and the Troh with Inner Focus. Today's an extremely productive day ;) So the ONLY thing left is a Guts Troh.
    Future CPs:

    Natural Cure


    I would just love to constantly irritate the opponent with U-turn Regenerator Mienshao. Starmie will be a choice scarf [t-bolt + ice beam] set.
    Currently RNGing for:

    Solid Rock

    Current breeding projects:
    Sand Veil
    Agility, Baton Pass

    Durant (Guess why I'm breeding that Gligar? :P)
    Baton Pass, Thunder Fang

    Future Breeding Projects:
    Dark Pulse

    Future Giveaway Pokémon:

    Leftover [scraggy's, gligars, durants] and [zorua]
    Meaning the ones that don't have the correct IV spread/ nature/ ability

    All of the above will be non-shiny
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