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  • For everyone who has to trade with me. I figured out my timezone. It's the same as the Smogom forum timezone which is GMT+2.

    Today (Friday the 13th ooooohhh...), I will be online from about 1 o' clock untill half past four. After that I will be online again around 6 o' clock untill about 8/9 o' clock.

    Sometimes when on Wi-fi I can see you and you can see me. It then doesn't matter who offers the trade, somehow it won't connect. Most of the times it works to then just get out of the room and back in again. Just so you know ^^
    Im in GMT -6, it's currently like 10:00 my time give or take when i'm posting this, Saturday i can make time for any of the 24 hrs of the day, but i need to know whens best for you? I think it's between 5am and 8 am for me which is fine, but i would like conformation.
    That's it for today. I will be online tomorrow evening again for the giveaway. Bye bye ^^
    For everyone from the giveaway. I'm online right now ready to trade. First come first trade ;)

    Name: Tamara
    FC: 4684 7982 2679

    VM me your FC!
    Haha yes it is annoying, I keep going to do that too. I will stay up till 5 am on friday then, I don't mind staying up late :) I will give you a VM on the day/night to make sure everything is ok.
    I guess that will make it saturday morning for me? I may be able to do that before 12 pm my time? or alternatively, about 5 am my time haha.
    Ah right no problem, 2 pm on friday for me any good? that makes it thursday evening for you, doesn't it? I'm fairly new here still and don't know many people unfortunately.
    Yeah wise, would you be able to do it much later than that? around 12pm would be better for me. If not, I will do my best.
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