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  • Hi, Tase? Can we share FCs? I need a Safari with Chansey and Audino.

    My FC is 0920-0749-0836

    Thank you so much
    Hi, if its possible, as im looking for chansey. Can you add me at 1779-1328-6197:
    Hi, it would be awesome if you could add me to your Chansey Safari. My FC is 3308-4548-1261. Thank you in advance :)

    I see you have a Chansey in your safari, I'm trying to breed a Togepi but it takes ages without a Chansey safari to get the friendship up real fast it would be a real help to me. I already added you I hope you'll add me !! This is my safari 1719-3286-6459 Grass (Sunkern,Petilil,Quilladin) not the best but it has a starter in it.

    Thx in advance

    Gr, Mouseke
    Hello. I saw your FC listed and I'd like to exchange Codes for my Safari.

    My FC is 0130 - 2381 - 4251

    Thanks in advance!
    Okay, added you
    Thank you. I have you registered, etc. so go ahead and delete me.
    You got my third already then? :)
    Hey there :D I have been searching for a friend safari with both audinos and chanseys and I hope you're still accepting fcodes :) I'll add you up as soon as possible and here is my code, 1719-3552-3674 . My friend safari is steel typed and contains ferroseed,skarmory and klefki so I hope they'll be of use to you :D Please and thank you.
    Yup, added you
    Oh that's odd :o I added you as well but it's not registered in my ds :s
    Sorry, I probably deleted you last night because I needed to make room on my friends list. I added you back
    If you need an egg hatched (TSV 2265), please contact me through the #smogonwifi IRC channel; I'll notice your messages there faster.
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but I really need a FS with Chansey and Audino. Could you add me?
    My FC is 1521-3452-5954 and the IGN: Vinny.
    My FS is Dragon type, with Gabite, Noibat and Druddigon.
    Thank you in advance.
    Okay, I added you
    Hi, I was wondering if you could add my FC so that I can catch some Chansey? I have a Chansey Safari myself, so it's somewhat useful. Here's my FC: 4854-6541-4423

    Would be much appreciated.
    Added you
    Awesome, many thanks.
    Hey tase could u add me plz looking for audino thanks 3394-4090-3656
    I can't remember if I added you when you posted this, but I think I did.
    hey tase, thank you for adding my FC. Your safari has the best EXP farming I've seen. many thanks
    Glad to hear it, you're welcome!
    Hey, saw you have added me. Thx :-) Can you go online today? I'm interested in your third pokemon.
    Do you mind adding my FC? Would really appreciate it. I have a Water Safari with Quagsire, Octillery, and Poliwhirl. IGN is TonTon. FC: 4313-1026-6100

    Gastrodon only learns Earth Power via 5th gen tutor? Ugh. EVERYTHING needs 5th gen tutor to be good .-. I give up on teambuilding til Dec.
    Would appreciate if you added me for your friend safari =]. My FC is 5429-6814-5730, thank you
    I saw your FC in the Friend Safari google doc and friended it. Mind adding me back? 0361-6922-2776

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