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  • XD - that's fine then. Do you have a preferable time for when you can trade or is now fine? ^_^
    MattJ's Weavile is the world 09 event one, so no egg moves.
    Blasphemy's Sneasel only has Pursuit as an egg move.
    I just want it because I'm a Suicune collector of sorts...and pokeguy's Suicune was quite the beast back in the days, lol. I have all the good ones already to be honest, so yah :P

    And yes, I should have Linkino's Kyogre UT. I just stopped putting more redis stuff into my thread that matched my trade partners. I honestly wouldn't mind doing an joint redis section, but that's too much trouble, XD.

    You're not interested in anything else? I was kinda liking your Shiny Darkrai ^_^
    I think it's the best one I've seen on Smogon, XD. One more thing as well but it's left me at the moment, lol.
    No UT version unfortunately. It will probably leave my thread soon since I plan to RNG my own dogs soon enough. Don't know why you'd want it honestly, haha... there are much better ones around. You said there were others you were interested in? I will also check your section for more stuff I like, since I didn't even notice it was there when I posted.
    Hey there, I hope you don't mind dealing with me via VM - since we've already somewhat started.

    Pokeguy's Suicune
    lv. 50
    OT (Pokeguy)
    Suicune: Bold / Pressure
    30 / 1 / 24 / 28 / 30 / 26
    Special Moves: Icy Wind
    Caught: Distant Land
    Codes used: NONE
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 Df, 6 SpAtk
    EV'd available? YES
    Notes: Current moveset: Calm Mind/Rest/Icy Wind/(empty)
    Only redistributable if you receive this directly from Pokeguy.

    Do you have a UT version? If so, I'd like that. Also, I'm interested in perhaps one or two more things from your thread if you did find anything else you may like?

    If nothing else, perhaps we can trade later on today? ^_^
    I'm on GMT -6 US Central if that helps :)
    Hey, do you think you could trade now?

    And thanks for letting me have the HP Rock Eevee...I wasn't exactly doing anything with your shiny Leafeon after I learned it was female! :p
    lol Chris, nice username there. :P Would you believe "L" aka Alkazor still joins here and tries to deal business off his obvious hacks (the last one I recall is a Larvitar with DD and Pursuit)? Hahaha
    hey tase,
    I have just read Bozo's thread and I am really interested for his brilliant TRUTH.
    I don't know since when you are doing it, but I would highly appreciate if you can reply me. .
    Thank you!
    Hey guys, I'm sure you can imagine I have a ton of stuff going on with people wanting to trade with me after my hiatus... so if you could help me out by allowing me to think as minimally as possible and just propose trades, it would make my life easier. Thanks!
    You're back! Saw your post in DMP...nice charizard :) I think I have 4-5 things from your wants list so you should check out my thread.
    ill post also here

    since i lost my game i need back these pkmn:

    my porygonz
    your mild rapidash hp grass
    your gorebyss
    my persian

    and i was wondering if you are still interested in my timid mr.mime
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