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  • I have a singles team I can use if you like. I have not done a singles battle in a while but do not mind trying again.
    I am a doubles type of battler if you do not mind. I lost against Jio because that was the first triple battle I had ever done.
    It is understandable. Helping family takes priority. As for the battle we could do it sometime this weekend I guess. That is if you want to.
    Hi. I am ray423 and your opponent for the tourny in the Team plasma group battle. we need to get together before the 18th of august ends so we can have it out.
    meh yea just long day gonna be a long week got stuff to do and take care of etc
    its all good
    and your self?
    Im...meh will see! :P Have fun at the parade!!!
    You can have a B/W team but have 2 just in case the challenger dosent have B/W if they do then hey go crazy!!!
    You defiantly have potential for OmniAce...
    Yo Lieutenant Tegen Toppa Raichu Lagann!!!...or TTRL!!! haha
    Ok so for ace its heracross but Wifi or SIM or both? And your trainer sprite was who again?
    also make sure you have a 4th gen party to because if someone challenges you and they dont have B/W...well thats bad lol
    So whats uppppp!!!???
    I saw your application Ill get with you tomorrow and get you all set up also will see if we can fit you in the gym!
    Im gonna go to bed now other wise id set you up now!
    Glad to have you with us!!! ^_^
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