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  • Hey Texas. We're partnered for the first found of the Scramble Premier League. When can you play? And it would be good if we could get it done before Sunday, if it is possible. Sorry about the rush.
    hey dude, we're up against each other in teh UU tournament.

    Atm, i'm gonna sleep and tomorrow I'll make my team, and I can usually play between 6:30/7 to 10:30 at GMT +1
    Texas, VMing you to let you know about the SPL 2. You need to send out 4th Gen OU Pokemon to the other competitors. Get it done ASAP.
    Hey, we have to battle for UU through the ages tourney. When could we do it ?
    I'm GMT+1 and usually free between 11 AM and 1 AM
    There any chance you could use your hg scramble to be our first challenge (i still dont know how we gonna do the whole thing) i'm at the elite 4 and am ending it there. Well?
    I lost my copy of Emerald a while back, so I am doing Hoenn on my Sapphire. Sapphire and Platinum are so intricate that I can't say anything without giving the entire plotline away.
    I have considered using a mass-import to fight Red, but I realized how redundant it would be to have four seperate rebellion plot-lines, so I changed a few plotlines around. Part Two is in Johto, will be Crystal, and I am still debating two plotlines. One of them is a rebellion, but it is completly different than what one would expect. The other plotline involves more of a non-connected prequel, with explanations about the Mewtwo incedent, the empire in Johto, Lance, Bill, Oak, and the foundings of Team Rocket. I haven't decided yet, but I am strongly leaning towards idea two. I am trying to get Vappy and Ivy into the sixties, with Aero, Media, Icy, and whatever I catch in Victory Roar in the fifties. Otherwise, I can see Exeggutor, Alakazam, and Gyarados being very painful.

    EDIT: You do realize that Red is the protagonist of Part One, right?
    I just found out that FR has the highest leveled E4 of any region I plan to Nuzlocke... I hate power leveling...
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