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  • to clarify, it looks like Alan isn't changing anything with his thread, and he's not listed anything anywhere as to why he's revamping the analysis...
    Theorymon, I'm going to wring your neck for not being around lately... Jibaku's gone to college and I'm lonely. :(
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    Interesting set. Have you ever thought of doing a write-up for it?

    P.S: I've been using Groudon to great success, especially along side Swords Dance Rayquaza. Groudon usually breaks down the walls like Lugia while Trick Room is set up, then, Rayquaza has an easier time coming in and setting up under Trick Room (set-up again by Dialga or Bronzong).
    I really have to thank you. Your Trick Room Dialga/Palkia sets got me so interested in the Uber meta-game that I started doing research on it, and I finally decided to make an Uber team. Two actually, the first being a team centered around Swords Dance Darkrai and Dragon Dance Rayquaza, and the second focused on abusing Trick Room.

    In your Dialga set, you mentioned Swords Dance Groudon with Iron Ball and Fling. Think you could shed some light on that set?
    where can I find the list of the top ten leads? I want to do a proper rmt but i cannot find that list.
    Theormon you tyrant I just started EV training my monferno and now you're making infernape uber, ughhhh. You're out of control!!
    Theory mon, are you able to move the Magneton Uber analysis back to the Uber part for a second? I was proof reading it when it was moved and i can't post the things that have to be changed
    Theorymon, you inspired me to be a dedicated uber player, hopefully you will see me rise through the ranks as a great uber player and maybe we can play against each other one day =3.
    I'm reading the Dialga analysis you wrote, and I have a hard time seeing how come Dragon Pulse is an obligitory move on SpecsDialga, and if so, should I use Aura Sphere or a Fire move...also, why use Hatsy when Naive loses less stat points?

    (Please answer...)
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