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  • Great battle, my team lacked a good counter to scarf Hitmonchan, and it showed.

    I certainly hope to battle you in the future.
    vgc is the pokemon video game championships. ill sum upthe rules:
    4v4 doubles. arceus,shaymin,manaphy,phione,darkrai,deoxys,jirachi,mew,celebi,and any other EVENT pokemon are banned. only 2 of the 4 pokemon can be ubers:palkia, lugia,mewtwo,groudon,rayquaza etc.
    no 2 pokemon can be the same, no two pkm with same item, mustbe legit obviously you can google for the full rules
    you game?
    NFE are NU unless specifically in another tier, and "no hax items" IS a clause. ;) i play with standard Sleep/Evosion/0HKO clauses.
    "hax items" aren't banned unless specifically mentioned with "Hax Item Clause". yeah this is actually my UU SS team, modified for NU. it's waaaaay better in UU. xP yeah i figured it already started, just didn't know that sort of thing happened. what are the criteria for joining such a tourney? and good luck with it!
    gg. i thought about exploding that turn, but didn't know what your last mon was. and what's this about Youtube having tournaments?
    also, HAHA at Toxic missing twice against Hippo, and HITTING a BRIGHT POWDER SAND VEIL when you're -1 accuracy. x'(
    i thought it was CBat first because of how much damage it did to my Muk pre-Curse. haha, that's what you get for battling non-Smogonites. ;)
    yeah Muk starts to get real beastly at that point. was your Medi scarf or band? coming on now.
    yeah man, i thought i was a goner when the Sleep Powder missed. do you have another NU team? we can go again if you want. or even UU.
    Yeah I have. It's my 3rd time actually. It's something to be expected. If you can't use the Standard pokemon, than use the 2nd stage. like how I had Haunter or Shelgon. People also use Machoke, Dragonair. I think you see my point, XD.
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