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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Also, if this helps at all, I am pretty proficient in Japanese (I am of Japanese ethnicity) and so I zoomed in on and read/translated the CoroCoro scans. Apparently both Altaria's attack and special attack stats rise upon mega evolving. My guess is that they will probably get +30, +40 at...
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    I knew all along that Mega Altaria would be dragon/fairy with pixilate. Take that, whoever it was that said it wouldn't happen! Anyway, back to my original question: if I breed hyper voice from, say, hydreigon or chatot onto a swablu, would the offspring with hyper voice be able to breed and...
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    XY OU The Legends

    blunder thanks for the sets :) I am trying this team out, and I realize that Mega Gardevoir is a pretty big threat to my team, as only Keldeo and Raikou outspeed it but can't do very much damage, and bisharp runs the risk of getting wisp'd.
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    XY OU Trying to absolutely destroy someone

    Do you know about EVs and IVs?
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Hey, my favorite pokemon is Altaria, and I want to breed a shiny one in my X/Y game to transfer over to OR/AS. I'm hoping that Altaria will get a mega evolution, and if not, that's okay too because a shiny altaria would be great. Anyway, I was wondering if I should breed hyper voice from...
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    XY OU Mega Charizard

    Use I'm pretty sure this is his team on X and Y.
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    XY OU Rate My Team, Another Mega Scizor Team.

    If mega venusaur is a threat, you could switch maybe t-bolt or shadow ball for extrasensory on Raikou. You don't really need two electric stabs, imo, and I think volt switch is more valuable of the two. Hell, just look at rotom-w.
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    XY OU The Legends

    Hey, guys. I'm back for more RMT advice, but this time with an absolutely disgusting team. TEAMBUILDING CONCEPT Concept: It all started a couple of days ago. The showdown ladder was down due to its ALL TOO FREQUENT socket hangups, so I decided to ask for challenges in the lobby chat. I...
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    XY OU Offensive Volt-turn! (1600+)

    Hey AtharvaLarva, Choice Scarf Excadrill IMO is a good addition to your team for the aforementioned reasons, especially being that it outspeeds most things in the tier so it can get kills or spin effectively. Because of this I don't think you need defog on latias. Right now the best move I...
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    XY OU Hyper Offense - Stardust Crusaders (peak 1808)

    Thanks for the tyranitar set, chimpact. T-tar is the poke I change the most, so I'll try this out. Earthquake is probably the best coverage move, but this team is pretty weak to talonflame without T-tar's stone edge. Exca has a shot at revenge killing with sand rush, but no talon would...
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    XY OU Mega Pinsir fo life

    ThePack Analytic starmie is more useful IMO than natural cure because it activates if your opponent switches out, which is helpful for hitting things that switch for more damage. Also, starmie doesn't care about burns or poison, only paralysis. But are you really going to stay in on an...
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    XY OU Hyper Offense - Stardust Crusaders (peak 1808)

    That's been fixed. Thank you!
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    XY OU First RMT: Charizard X > Charizard Y

    Choice Band Talonflame is also a big threat to this team. I agree with the addition of physically defensive gliscor over perhaps whimsicott, as lilSpikey has said
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    XY OU A New Version of an Old Team

    eyyyy marcu5! it's ya boi turd Thirdbird You may wanna make rotom-w a defensive one because I don't see very many checks to talonflame. Also, you have 3 weaknesses to dark, so bisharp's sucker punch could really wreck. For that reason I would suggest substituting either delphox, gengar, or...
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    XY OU First team, trying to iron out some issues

    Read the rules.