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  • Hey i've been looking for someone with the 648 STV for quite a bit! If you are willing to hatch an egg for me that would be fantastic! Please let me know and i will give you my info!
    Are you willing to hatch and return my 5IV egg? my friendcode is 3797-6573-1660
    Thanks in advance
    I've been searching for someone with a STV of 648.... COULD YOU PLEASE HATCH AN EGG FOR ME? T______T

    I've searching for almost 3 days XDD

    Fc is: 3024-6216-9112.... IGN is Ryu =)))
    Hi, I have an egg that matches your trainer shiny value of 648. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind hatching it for me?
    FC: 3411-0315-9315 IGN: Musica Timezone: EST
    Hi! I'm looking for a Safari with a Tyrogue! Would you mind exchanging FCs with me? 4141 3030 6709: Tangela, Bulbasaur, Chespin are my 3 Pokemon.
    Just passing by to say that sorry we couldn't get many tutoring sessions, our timezones were just really bad. You're more than welcome to come back to #annoyebeast whenever you want and I'll help you with whatever you need if we can catch each other!
    I'll try to clear up my schedule for now. If you see this I'll be available on Saturday and Sunday at the time we usually do it at. (2PM my time, 10PM yours) I'll possibly be on earlier, but I'll try to get on at that time at the most.
    I'm kind of busy again this week so the earliest we can have another session is Friday same time as before. I should be good to go after this week for more continuous tutoring though.
    I'ma be a bit busy this week, but I can be on starting Friday. I'm GMT-7 so it might be a little annoying trying to set a time up. I get out of school and get home by around 2 PM my time, so would 10 PM your time be fine? I'll be on as ebeast, jynx, or touhou on IRC. You can usually find me on #neverused
    Hello I'm your assigned tutor for BW NU. Hoping to help you improve in whatever way possible and generally having a good experience together. I'm GMT -7, what's your timezone and do you use IRC?
    alright I'm really sorry but I just don't have the time or motivation for smogon anymore, nor do I have the metagame knowledge for me to tutor your properly and I do not want to do a half assed job, so I'm going to resign as a tutor and take a break from smogon as a whole until I regain my interest. Again, really sorry.
    I finally have a day without any homework or other shit tomorrow so let's do it then :)
    I'll been on from like half 4 so come on whenever you can
    London here
    also if I don't have anything going on after school tomorrow I should be available, weekend is also cool so yeah looking forward to being able to have our first session!
    yeah not gonna be able to do this, sorry man
    p.s. I only just noticed you're UK, where abouts are you?
    hey man sorry I'm not really going to have enough time for tutoring til a bit later cause got a shitload of homework which I'm currently procastinating from but i know that tutoring would mean I need to be committed for a while etc

    also in answer to your question, yup

    I'll vm you when I'm ready
    I'll get on IRC as soon as my homework is done, just come find me whenever you can
    Hey! I'm GMT+1 (England, I'm still not entirely sure whether I say GMT+1 or GMT lol) and generally available between 4-9:30pm on weekdays, and 12-11pm on weekends. Do you use IRC? It would be really really helpful to do so, especially with us being unable to meet on PS due to it being down.Here's a quick tutorial if you need it, come to the channel #neverused on the synirc network, you can also simply log in by clicking here. Tell me when you're available for us to get our first session done!
    Well now you are saved in front of your legend. You ll have to start advancing your frame. Change you emu settings to speed togle and no throttle
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