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  • Yes because you can speed up the emu up to 10 times faster so you can read your frame a lot faster. You ll also need rsedecode to check your iv's and find your current frame
    Well the frame is sky high for emerald...You ll have to wait more than a week to get there. There is a flawless timid spread at a more lower frame if you want to try that and timid suits mew better
    If you want shiny pokemon you have to put your id/sid..but leave it for now we ll try shiny later
    You must download PokeRNG version from the most generations rng help..and look for the nature and ics you want using that program..after you find the spread you want vm me again or if you have problems using the program
    Sorry, I didn't find my initial frame for my roamer, I just hit my seed and kept resetting until I got the nature I wanted.
    This thing called PID%6 but I can't really explain it because I never did it that way, and if you want to do it my way you need an emulator.
    The rain advances the PIDRNG frame by 60 frames for about 9 seconds, thus advances it by 540 frames. That's not including the initial frame of your seed which is probably 50+. So your minimum "shifted" starting frame (initial frame + rain advancement) is at least 600. I say 660 to be on the safe side, but that's slightly a little more liberal. Most say 700 minimum.
    Don't worry about it, ask however many questions you want.

    When the lady is finished save at the last step BEFORE exiting the house, then proceed to hit your seed and find out where your initial frame is. When you find out your initial frame, re-hit your seed, chat in increments of 5 or 10 (not 1, 2, 3, 4) to advance the frame.
    Sorry I meant the pre-rain. k here's how it works:

    When you leave the house, one of 3 types of weather will occur:

    1) No drizzle/rain/snow
    2) Mini rain/drizzle
    3) Snow

    When Tornadus actually comes down his rainstorm begins, that's fine. The problem is if you leave the house and it's already snowing/drizzling, that messes up your initial frame because that mini drizzle/snow advances the PIDRNG frame by something inconsistent.

    Whenever you get your roamer seed you're looking for, change your DS date and time to that and see if it's raining on route 7 by the house. If it is look for another seed at a different time.
    Well if you got your combo, which is based on the seed you're using, the time is right there on the seed. Just hope whatever time your seed is, it's not raining outside.
    Hey it's no problem. I hope I made it clear as possible. Just remember to test the IDs/SIDs you get from Pandora's box and see if they're shiny on that frame under roamers because as said, some aren't. I didn't realize that mistake until later. Good luck to you, aim for a frame around 660+ and hope you get lucky!
    Sorry for the late reply didnt see i had a message, erm adamant 31,31,31,17,31,31 its okk for me
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