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  • In raids already works the rule which gives you an extra MC if you don't need EC/DC, so there should be no problem. If your Pokémon don't need EC/DC, they'll simply get 3 MC for every encounter. But to be honest, I expect successful raids, in the future, to not need even MC - the main reason people will raid will be glyphs, VC, artifacts and of course glory!
    ElDino: Wait, I had a trip over the weekend at short notice.
    Please could we continue this, I'm sure TravelLog would agree...

    Personally, I wouldn't mind continuing the match, but its really up to you.
    OK, round 1 didn't go exactly to plan. If you're going to use any attacks this round, direct them at Weavile. Do not let Chandelure attack Froslass.
    I'm just about a quarter of the way through the sets; I've been encountering some unforeseen problems (e.g. some people putting in TMs from all generations) which have substantially hampered my speed. With any luck, it'll be up by the end of the month. In the meantime, you can help with Rank Set 2 Templates :p
    Hey TravelLog, before I ref you match in ~4 hours (I had a lot of final exams to study for, which is why I didn't post often, but today is my last exam!), I have a question:

    "You forgot the damage done to Magnezone by Magic Coat (which has negative priority incidentally)."

    Are you sure you're not mixing up Magic Coat with Mirror Coat? Magic Coat has a priority of +4 and bounces back stuff like status, whereas Mirror Coat has a negative priority of -6 (-7?) and would bounce back Thunderbolt, which would fit in with your Kitsunoh's last action.
    BTW, Zarator said we're good to go for the raid, so PM him your mons if you haven't done so already.
    Hey man, just a heads up that I just completed subreffing the match you started here and I thought I would let you know that you still take home 1 RC from it. Also if you could possibly change the tag on the OP to Complete it would be super.
    Get Flamethrower and Fire Blast on Chandelure. Overheat is apparently a bad move in raids.
    My Charizard is sorted. However, there is a slight change to plans. How many spare RC have you got?
    Just VMing you to say that it's your turn in your battle with BiGGiE, which is up. BiGGiE's already posted, so you need to specify abilities & issue actions!
    Hi TL, you up for tutoring another person (that is, if you're all wrapped up with Blaziken)? It's ShyGuy1221 and he's from western US which is pretty cool. I'm trying to avoid not using the people over at Europe due to bad timezones.

    Well, that is if you aren't busy!
    sure. I have sparse internet at the moment though, so just PM me if necessary. No worries otherwise
    Crap, I though I only needed to do one match with you :( I'm already reffing one match and I'm about to start another, Umm. I haven't made a critical error yet in the one I'm reffing, but if needed to, you can tutor me in the one I'm about to start?
    Hi there, I'm taking your match with BiGGiE. If you can send me your team soon, then I can put up the thread. Thank you in advance.
    I'm not going to be able to complete much of the sets anymore x_x I need to select all the sets, and I'm using a significantly clunkier computer now. With any luck, the sets will be done a week after the templates are completed...
    Good to hear. My Charizard is still in battle right now (though it is KO'd) and I don't know how much longer it's going to take.
    Lemme ref a match with flavor in it (Not done this for a while o_O) then I'll be with you. And be on IRC.
    BTW, I request an extension until tomorrow for the reffing of your battle with Rediamond. I'm on a fixed time limit and am using that time to ref other matches.

    (additionally, Rediamond accepted.)
    Hey, if you want me to ref your match pm me your teams. I forgot to say this earlier....
    I you do, the thread will be up in an hour or so.
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