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  • Thanks for the confidence boost. And to answer your question, yes, Gligar does fall asleep after Action 1.
    hey i looked a the round between me and darth, and i was just wondering, sweet scent drops accuracy down? i thought sweet scent makes evasion go down. that's all, thanks!
    That would be awesome! 4-6 more matches would be ideal when you get the chance, but don't rush them! Learn from them as well!
    Yeah, that seems kinda contradictory. Basically nothing would work out if both tried to happen.

    IDK, it's better if he countered by using one guy to attack and one guy to not attack. I just want to go Calm Mind for Duosion and AncientPower for Togepi just to stop this silly mess. That okay?
    Btw, you don't need approval to start reffing. You can start reffing a battle whenever you wish to.
    "Full Freeze: A Full Freeze is the freezing of the entirety of the Pokemon's Body. With the exception of a few attacks like Flame Wheel and other full body Fire-type attacks, when a Pokemon is Fully Frozen only an opponent's attack will be able to free it, or it will have to wait two (2) actions to thaw. Smaller Pokemon are much easier to fully freeze than larger ones. Full Freeze is only brought on by Blizzard, however successive Ice Beams can have the same effect. In Hail, all Ice Attacks with the freeze effect will cause Full Freeze."

    -Referee Training Grounds
    Just to let you know, your litwick can be in more than one battle at once. It just can't be in a battle and an RP at the same time.
    I'm sorry, but there is no way I can finish the battle before the tourney. Sorry :/

    I can start the battle soon, but not finish.
    in-game I've pulled off waking up and using counter a couple times, actually, so I think it'd be the same in ASB
    That thunder was part of the battlefield. I rolled the RNG and you became the victim. Also since counter has negative priority, it doesn't matter if Ratatta is faster, and the system data thread doesn't seem to adress the sleep counter issue.
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