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  • Yup, statistics makes the game much more interesting though. Sure on isolated event really sucks, but overall it usually balances out. We'll have to play again sometime.
    Yeah it's probable. But you also didn't miss any Aqua Tails either. I also could've killed your Slowking earlier if I had've gotten a flinch or not been paralyzed with my Floatzel lol. It's hard to say overall, but it was a good game and I'll certainly upload it.
    I lived with 4; but assuming you had no SpAtk investment on your Cresselia, you could only do 22 - 26 and I had 27 HP. So it was not possible to kill me. GG though, only real hax was the Stone Edge miss which might not've killed me either (like 87-102%).
    oh okay good cause I saw raging delibird request a UU match and he's a good player...well at least he was in 4th gen
    i'm very sorry to increase your 2 hour wait, but i've gotta go for 15 mins. Will you wait? I don't mind if you don't
    Oh that's actually not that bad. I use AR so I can make all the pokes fast, but I take forever with planning cause I like all my teams to have near perfect synergy lol
    yes you really should battle him, he's a really good player oh and also geass, you should battle them both. You should make another NU team so we can battle again!
    oh yeah that was a really fun match though. Have you ever NUed with garrabutalo? I had the most epic battle with him. He was about to beat me and it was 4-2 and then I had an amazing comeback sweep with my hitmonchan and gave me the win 2-0. That NU team I have is like 15-1 now :)
    oh no I just battled this guy named pink floyd and won twice. I just created a new NU team and it's 1-0, so now I wanna face a really good player, so I'm gonna ask geass for a match
    oh nvm I don't want the game now lol. All my favorite pokes from the 5th gen are OU :( conkeldurr,Excadrill, and Ferrothorn. And I refuse to be an OU whore!!! lol
    yeah can you send me a link to the 5th gen tiers? And does the game take a long time to beat?
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