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  • well if that's actually you that means you are super fine lol well at least the back ;)
    there's no way in hell that's you lol. Plus it say justine isn't that a guy name? no offense if it isn't haha
    haha I don't use the same team twice you'll be facing some kind of different team I assume.
    yeah you faced my best NU team that's now 14-1 :). I really like to use it, but I should make another one for our future battles.
    Yeah kind of. I just watched the video of the match and you played kind of badly at the end. You should've just immediately brought in venomoth against my hitmonchan instead of letting me kill your slaking cause then you would've at least had a little damage from the rough skin on sharpedo to maybe get the KO with the psychic.
    haha not at all. Skunkank is part dark and doesn't take any damage from psychic. So if I wanted to be stingy I could've just gone into that. I knew I had that game either way so I wasn't too scared if hitmonchan died
    oh yeah I was so happy to have that rain up for slowking's surf. My hitmonchan actually had about 45 HP left and I knew I would survive a none stabbed psychic cause I have a significant HP invest meant. I had skuntank, hitmonchan, and vileplume left. Vileplume was at about half health
    yeah I know! I'm happy that there was no hax on either side. I think that's the first time that's ever happened to me
    sorry I don't feel like battling anymore. So many annoying things have happened in my last two battles its ridiculous. I probably could've swept with my tangrowth if it wasn't for the crit with focus punch smh. And then the last battle I had was bullshit too just annoys me and makes me not want to battle right now
    they crushed me cause they happened to bring a team that was the best counter to the type I was running
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