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  • haha its goin good lol
    just trying to figure out how to get my eggs to be flawless and what not
    but other then that its good ahha
    Hey "X", I don't mean to bother you but..... are you interested in a dw vital spirit Elekid, or no?
    Allright, btw I'm going to ID/SID abuse my Black game, what do I have to put in the Pandora box?

    I put all the parameters, the type of the game, now how do I look for and ID/SID that will give me low shiny frame PIDs?
    I have got all the Tornadus I need, thanks anyway
    And ok, let me know

    oh and your delay wont be 600-615 on HGSS it is between 480-495
    You'd better learn how to hit high delays too, the adamant/careful and timid/bold hp ground spreads require 2200-2400 delays to hit.
    Hi, it heavily depends on your CPU speed, 450% isn't a problem for breeding or if you can afford to wait a lot before you finish your capture projects.
    okay ill look for you tommorrow, I understand if you dont need any specific pokes. I can offer ss move tutoring or eving if needed. I could also make an opening banner for your thread if your intrested in that.
    hello we still have a pending trade let me know when you do it, also id still realy love that tornadus I dont mind offering more then one poke for it ;o
    Well, I did this when Standard Seed RNGing just came out, so I just went with trial and error, I didn't know about PIDRNG yet, I just used a sync and a frame 7 spread and walked 256 steps with 3 pokemon.
    I can rng a file .sav with a combo shiny spread as I may have in mind some BPs/CPs requests; and sure a delay like that is possible of course. You just need to tell me what spread you'd like to be abused.
    I don't quite know how RNG abuse and ID/SID abuse on 5th gen on an emulator would work, lol xD I think I've seen somewhere that the parameters for every emulator are the same? Not sure though
    It's what I have been getting so far for it. Based off of your project section I also picked the type of project you preferred the most and a project of something you do not have. Remember its the only careful body slam Jirachi on smogon, I hope your feeling generous :-D

    How about then the project plus this nicknamed "Abyss"

    xtr3m3's Tentacool (F) ✭
    (OT: susp3ct ID: 42170)

    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Nature: Bold Ability: Liquid Ooze
    Hidden Power: Dark
    Hatched: Undella Bay
    Egg Moves: Rapid Spin
    Level 1 UT
    Cloned with PokeGen
    Non Redis
    Emulator Used - White
    Note: BP done for Lannister. He is the only person who has rights to this.
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