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  • Haha, It's no problem, once school starts tomorrow I won't have much time anyway :P. I'll be available off and on for short, unpredictable periods of time over the next week, but I won't be free for sure until next sunday, if that works for you.
    When would you like to do our trade? I know you had mentioned you had some projects that you were in the middle of.
    When you send me the locations can you post a mini guide too cause i forgot the process a little...I need the locations for the english emerald only..thanks
    If you're still interested in milotic, I'd like your shiny calm mew. Can you also recheck my thread for your jolly mewtwo?
    Ok, name him Garu Morne. :)

    BTW, is there any way I can transfer it to my regular Emerald cart or XD file so I can get a Earth Ribbon?
    Oh that's pretty nice! Thanks!

    Would you mind if I chose this instead of Deoxys?

    xtr3m3's Japanese Mew (G) ✭
    (OT: xtr3m3 ID: 33441)
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Nature: Calm Ability: Synchronize
    Hidden Power: --
    Caught: Faraway Island
    Moves Pending: Softboiled, Counter, Mimic
    Level 30 UT
    Cloned with PokeGen
    Emulator Used - Japanese Emerald

    Note: Special thanks to Loukas and Drakiar for helping me with this. This Mew was RNG'ed legitly and will appear legit under Nintendo.
    haha, I'd play that file for shits and giggles just to see how stuff turns out!

    But uh, if you don't want to go through the trouble of giving me a save, I'll take it in 4th gen. Also, I was going to request a name for it, but I forgot what it was, so give me a little bit to come up with a cool name. :P
    I can do banners too. I posted some examples in Simple Requests, and they're in my thread too.
    I can do some banners if you'd like, currently I'm working on some for Pikachu25 but when I'm done with those then I can try and do yours =) If you want I could PM you some examples
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