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  • it's coo, I'm sure there are enough new users and experiences. I just posted that link for its relevance.
    ooops, sorry I totally missed this! just health reasons really, obviously chocolate is wholly unhealthy and there's increasing evidence to suggest red meat is behind our alarming rates of death by cardiovascular illness (by we, I mean the western world). nothing wrong with white meat though, will reintroduce that when i feel i've proven to myself i have the willpower to ditch meat at the drop of the hat...I used to eat so much you wouldn't believe.
    man, what is it about me that makes everyone think cute girls are also me??

    no, it's not me. i'm not even sure what picture you could be thinking of that looked similar to this person!
    it was the worst experience of my life not gonna lie
    i felt like shit and acted like an ass the entire time
    Are you kidding? Fresh veggies and fruit are very expensive! I mean it's like $4 for a bag of frozen broccoli (which lasts me like 1-2 meals tops). Don't even get me started on mushrooms... Now if you want to talk cheap protein, try hot dogs, canned tuna, spam... mcdonalds.
    Oh yeah, that. I have no complaints about the music itself, I just think there's way too much surfing in those games. It probably has something to do with the fact that I spent way longer than I needed to on that part the first time I played sapphire because 7 year old me was too cheap to use repels
    Nah, I didn't google your username, I was just looking at No Doubt's wikipedia entry reading up the new album's release date and saw "Virtual Karaoke Circus Act" and was like "woah that looks familiar."
    On November 4, 2009, the Los Angeles Times reported that No Doubt had filed a lawsuit over its portrayal in the music video game Band Hero. The lawsuit alleged that the game had "transformed No Doubt band members into a virtual karaoke circus act".

    I'm almost 101% certain this is the origin of your name am i right?
    That means a lot. Thank you. I actually took my daughter on a 4 mile hike through the woods today right after work. She had a blast. No phone. It was a great trip!
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