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  1. Gamestop Warstory (Poughkeepsie, NY)

    Omg! You beat up a little girl?! Lawlz! Pwnsome team dude, no wonder you won. =]
  2. Matt versus Matt III: The Final Showdown!

    Woo! You guys are having fun! Glad I came by and took a look.
  3. Post your college or university

    I already got my associates from Jamestown Business College. =]
  4. Been gone

    I've been in the throws of being an admin else where, plus I got a full time job that keeps me very busy. I would like to formally appologize for my inactivity. Since this is the best place for everything pokemon. I'm glad to be back. :)
  5. The Smogon League

    Fun time When does the next one start?
  6. Apprentice Program: Round Two

    Tutoring Continuing with jpchato jpchato was my tutor. Am I supposed to meet him again?
  7. Apprentice Program: Round One

    I need help Assigned to jpchato Netbattle nick: Wappa Age: 23 Time zone:EST Regular Online Hours (in EDT!!!!): 9pm-10:30pm or earlier. Experience level*: um, lv65-70 A little about myself: New to net battle. I have won at least 5 times, but lost more than that. Generation(s) I want to learn...