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  • I literally just clicked on your name to ask why you didn't have administrator alumnus, and their you go getting just that.

    Hopefully you at least get on irc every now and then. I have a cool theory to share with you the next time you do.
    If you ever come back in time, I'd like to talk about hosting Sarenji's Fix EVs applet on your usersite on Smogon.
    :( Where have you been, X-Act? This is kind of random, but I caught a Seel in SoulSilver Version, evolved it into Dewgong, and named it X-Act. ^^;
    I´d like to thank you for creating your article "maximizing your defences".
    It sure helped me, inexperienced and unskilled player, finish a gimmick set I had in mind.
    Thou I do not know whether it will work or not, I´d like to present my warm thakns.
    hey, i think you could help me.

    i got problems running shoddybatle, but the instructions talk about a program i dont know:

    run a command file, i dont know whats that.
    is it in a program called command prompt??

    also talks about changing file to jnlp, i dunno whats that or how to make it. I do not have firefox, but i want to cover every detail to be able to download it.
    Hey, I read somewhere that you have a Defence EV Calculator or something like that somewhere. Could you tell me what it is and where to find it?
    Not for one moment did I mean to imply I was a better user, I'm sorry if I gave that impression.
    right now my send a private message isnt really working (stupid internet) and I would really like to talk to you for a couple messages over something that I'm not too sure would be appropriate for public viewing (you could say its math/religion related). Anyways, ,if you could mesage me back when you get this it would mean a lot, thanks
    Alright. Thanks again for the help! Best of luck to you and all of those involved.


    I am aspiring Pokemon Breeder and look to your four part Breeding Guide. I was wondering if you had all four parts in a PDF file, so that I may be able to print it or read easier than off the forum.
    Thanks for the help

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