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  • I've noticed. I'm having a real hard time letting go of him though. He's my most beloved team member. I am formulating a new team for the new metagame though.
    Yeah, crit city in that one. Seeing your new players though, I woulda still had a real tough time pulling that one off. GG
    yeah it rlly was sorry bout that. i would really like to c what would have happened if i didnt get those haxes. gg thou
    Didn't you break your own clause with your last Poke you had out?

    You can't get that Poke without getting the Secret Key...Which is an event.
    That's fine. I can sub it out without changing my team drastically. I just didn't want to break your battling rule since you asked for the battle. See you on. GL and HF. Use my Soul Silver f.c.
    Can you define event clause, please? I use an event Poke on my main team, but, to the best of my knowledge, and through checking it on legit.exe, and PBR WiFi, it is legit.
    Wow, an entire battle without any hax! A nice rarity.
    My last poke was a HP ice Nape too. Will probably switch it out for physical varient now that Mence is gone...
    gg anyway
    Its still curtousey, what should people think of you if you never complete battles where you have already lost? Even if you aren't you will be thought of as a sore loser. I know you aren't, but for your sake you probably don't want that reputation.
    GG I guess, I was testing Lax instead of Starmie. Looks like he's a keeper.

    You could've at least had the decensy (spelling? sorry) to finish the battle. Or you could have VM'd me saying you wanted to save time or whatever. I hate people that run when you have practically lost. I play to the end.
    GG, that was a close one and Breloom is a piece of shit. Given that, and the fact that you're a fan, of course I will upload it. Perhaps tonight, tomorrow if not.
    GG :)
    I was praying Fire Blast would finish off Ape lol
    My last Pokemon was a Breloom
    The reason why we couldn't connect was because i forgot to change my FC in my sig >_______>
    Does it matter how many badges i have o_o i recently started a new game & transferred my team back into my current version in use.
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