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  • I'm just about finishing your banners now, would it not be better to trade them all when you're ready too? =) Yeah it's the HP Flying one I'm mostly interested in.. But I don't want to be disrespectful to the effort you went through to catching the others!
    Thanks for the understanding!, Thats most likely when I will wake up :P stayed up too late XD resetting Pokemon.
    Would it be possible to trade in the morning? I was about to get going to sleep since it is 3:45am where I live :P
    I'm really satisifed with just the one timid HP flying Castform! ^^ Great ball choice too.. Maybe the Modest one too since you caught it anyways...
    I'll dig around my Emerald to see if I still have an uncapped one available. I'll post back after looking at your stuff.
    Awesome, I'm loving the Timid HP Flying one! :) That's purrfect.. I've not seen anyone ever battle with a Castform.. will be fun. lol
    Btw, I have a female Mawile D/W mon if you want one to breed on? ;) If you're still into Mawiles..
    lol ooooh.. no I had no idea it was you! :) I think Kyurem, Virizion and Terrakion will be rather simple to get hold of here on Smogon already, seen as they're so popular.. But three others, sure! ^^ Let me know what sizes and Pokémon, colours etc you want on the banners..
    Hi there Zippo, yes I do.. I've got a TON of wants now that I would happily work my arse off in Photoshop for. ;)
    Hmm. I would probaply do one Careful and one Bold one. They work pretty well.
    Im at duskull. Got bored to resetting so playing through that Colo to get it done as soon as possible. Colosseum ain't so fun game and it's harder but I just love to have those starters outside poke ball :D
    Few CMTs and stuff. Uploaded my stuff now. Atm running through XD and friends Colo to get some more rare 3rd gen stuff to have some valuable :P
    Good! I have also played through my Black, but still haven't gone far enough for PokeTransfer. I borrowed my friends game to transfer :D
    i dont know wether i should vm you. im desperately looking for an event entei (crown/win2011).
    you can find what i can offer in the older the better trade threat. THANKS
    I have it available as an untrained, but not untouched Slowpoke, or EVd as both Slowbro and Slowking, and it is nicknameable.
    Actually, don't bother with the blissey, I already have one. I can check your thread for something if you still want the togepi though.
    I'd definitely be interested in that Suicune. My old trade thread link is in my sig. If there's something there you might want, let me know. Most of what's there that is my own stuff are Plat RNG breeds/captures. I have some things not in the thread I have trade rights on, but I never really liked putting other peoples Pokes in my thread unless I thought they were eithe unique or amazing.
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