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  • i decided i'm gonna try and get a larvitar in my game on my own. however, if you have a flawless ditto i could have that would be splendid
    Got my first RNGed poke!
    Lucario (JackieChan)
    Jolly/Inner Focus
    Egg Moves:

    so stoked!
    i couldn't do that way either because i still couldn't find a seed. in order to get an egg in the daycare, i needed a seed to generate my double tap and coin flips. ended up figuring out that my IV checker switched my speed stat and put it 4th instead of last. so i then could do my calibration phase with the AR in. thanks for the help man
    I'm just playing through the game right now. When I start RNGing I'll let you know if I need help. Thanks
    Sorry I keep missing you. I should be around for most of the rest of today.
    hey I'm not sure if you'd see my post in the PRNG thread just now but if not then I'd like to thank you (belatedly) for posting that helpful comment. I just successfully RNG'd my first Pokemon, a Modest Zapdos with HP Ice (BP 70)!
    ok. tomorrow night definitely works. and do you know of a chat room we can use so communicating will be faster?
    i won't be home till closer to 9:30 or 10 PST time. is that alright? i'm trying to learn to rng breed for IVs i want right now and so far so good.
    I'll look for you on this evening. You're 2 hours behind me though, so I may be in bed before you get on.
    i'm really sorry, i ended up getting a flawless, modest piplup last night. i am looking for a modest celebi or a calm gastrodon. i was also wondering if you'd be able to lead me through RNGing? i tried to learn on my own about half a year ago but i was always about 2 seconds off consistently. it would be greatly appreciated.
    hey. it would be awesome if you could breed the modest flawless empoleon. i know i'm in no place to be picky but could you make it shiny :P . understand if you cant i'd be happy with just the flawless. did you see anything on those lists you wanted?
    Any day is fine. I work 6 days a week though, 5:30am-1:30pm(ish) every day except Tuesday.

    I'll look for you tomorrow afternoon/evening.

    Thanks in advance.
    *side note*

    I don't remember sending you a copy of the Gyarados either. I still want to get that back to you.
    I believe due to my need for Stealth Rock on Omastar, it would have to be Gen 4 for the TM.

    Any of the following IV spreads will be fine....

    31/2/31/30/31/31 (HP Grass 70)
    31/3/31/30/31/31 (HP Electric 70)
    31/2/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire 70)

    Breed w/ Cloyster to get Spikes as an egg move, and must have Shell Armor ability.
    Hey Zoap, how's it going? Whenever you see me online we can trade.

    Luc gave me those on 4th gen. Is that good for you?
    Supercard DStwo is very good, I have it and use it with no issues

    (also, see Tolan's post below since I was going to mention some of that as well ;o)
    Supercard DStwo is very good I hear. It can have savestates on the actual flashcart unlike most. It's also the only flashcart that you can play GBA games on.
    You can also get a NES emulator/GB emu/SNES emu on it, but they work for all flashcarts.
    Trained and transfered.

    I TMd Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse onto Gyarados in case you ever want/need to breed them onto a Deino/Hydriegon.
    No, I AR Cloned it. It's flawless for HP Fire 70. Old 4th Gen MixedGross set.
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