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  • Alright, I'll go to bobby's Smash Till Dawn. Forget the gas money and ROCKST☆R. Just take me to Marry's Pizza for some of those delicious Marry's pizza hotdogs and I'll be there any time you want me to be.
    First of all, thanks a lot for responding!! :D I can only trade 5th gen. It's cool if you RNG on 4th and then transfer. There are multiple things I need, so could you give me a number of how many you could do? I really don't want to bombard you with work. Also, I have really bad wifi. If the trade fails I might need a middle man, if that's okay.
    Okay, so what times would that be? Assuming it's PST. Let me know so that I can go to a WiFi zone that'll accept my PLT game. If I cannot, is it possible for you to transfer Hades to your Black/White game? If not, let me know.
    Sorry for being gone for so long. I was busy with work and stuff. If you're free at any time this week or weekend, please let me know so I can be ready.
    Oh yes please do teach it Fire Punch! Also, I discovered that my PLT won't connect to my Wi-Fi because of "Security Settings" Yet my Pkmn Black version connects just fine T_T I'll try to solve it.
    Oh, sweet! Yes, I can pick the Charmander with my PLT game and shift it. But the Deoxys is on my Black version, so i hope that isn't bad.

    I'm not always one for using Standard sets. I'm open-minded.

    Thanks for the breed.
    It's Technician Meowth/Persian with Hidden Power Fire 59 (for Technician boost). That one may be EVd for Little Cup, so double check the EVs.

    Originally bred by megamonk4 as a BP for me.
    Heading on now. I'll wait for you. I don't need what I send you back, but it's worth you keeping.
    I'm around if you still have time trade. Are you sending it in Gen 4 or Gen 5?
    alrighty. so i gotta get going now unfortunately. not really sure when i'll be on again, maybe sometime tomorrow? sorry about this
    sorry, can't get it right now. what about tomorrow around 3 mountain standard time? also,
    made a flawless, sassy larvitar tonight
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