2012 music

it was supposed to be released in 2010 so i'm half expecting it to be delayed again but hopefully it'll be done this year

also i forgot boards of canada maybe?
Yes to both! I'm kind of hoping CTTS will step it up from decompositions but considering how lackluster that was my hopes aren't high.

Anyone here listened to the new Loma Prieta? Preeetty solid screamo stuff if you ask me. Good way to start this year.

And the new Billy Talent is just being called 'X' not 'Billy Talent X', hopefully it blows 100% less chunks than III did.
So yeah Converge is supposed to be recording their new album next month, it'll probably be solid Converge goodness, by which I mean I will love the shit out of some of the guitar riffs, have my ears slain by Ben Koller's sexy, sexy drum playing and giggle like a school girl at Jacob Bannon's pterodactyl vocals.

But seriously 'All We Love We Leave Behind' is a pretty cheesy album name you guys.
Anyone here listened to the new Loma Prieta? Preeetty solid screamo stuff if you ask me. Good way to start this year.
rules. ten times better than their last two albums, love the direction they're taking.

bring on alcest on the 6th!
it leaked. probably alcest's least folky album and maybe their least heavy so i thought it was pleasant but kind of boring, only listened to it once though


Banned deucer.
not looking forward to much in particular this year, maybe new olivia tremor control or new gy!be but other than that i'll just take it as it comes.
I'll cry tears of blood.

And then nobody would hear from me for awhile, as I would be completely dedicated to listening to that album until the apocalypse overtakes the planet.

Unless it's like Yanqui U.X.O, which was meh.
They are like the most consistent band ever. Absolutely everything they've done is amazing, in my opinion (even Yanqui).

January 2012 wishlist:

The Babies: Cry Along With The Babies (lo-fi indie/twee pop)
Aidan Baker: The Spectrum of Distraction (apparently with lots of different drummers)
The Big Pink: Future This (catch indie/neo-psychedelia)
Leonard Cohen:Old Ideas (not expecting much here, but well)
Matthew Dear:Headcage (his last album was pretty cool, so this little EP might be as well)
Alexandre Desplat:Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (soundtrack to the movie of the same name)
Enter Shikari: A Flash Flood of Colour (kind of a joke of a band but I'm interested in how this will turn out)
Foxy Shazam!:The Church of Rock and Roll (they are turning into the new Queen, Eric Mally is definitely as charismatic as Mercury)
Gonjasufi:MU.ZZ.LE (because the debut was interesting enough)
Grimes:Visions (well, why not)
The Maccabees:Given to the Wild (I hope this is a return to the quirky indie pop of their debut)
Nada Surf:The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy (stupid title, but this band can be so damn sweet)
Portico Quartet:Portico Quartet (one of the most promising jazz bands out there)
Pulled Apart By Horses: Tough Love (no scencore, but the same silly song titles like "Bromance Ain't Dead")
Royal Bliss: Waiting Out the Storm (generic hard rock, but there's not much on my wishlist so yea)
Ringo Starr:Ringo 2012 (for the lulz, look at the title)
Suicidal Angels:Bloodbath (fast and technical thrash with lots of time changes, I love their last one)
Voodoo Glow Skulls: Break the Spell (again, not expecting much since their time is pretty much over)
Tokyo Jihen: Color Bars (because Shiina Ringo is my love)

everythings going to be released in the next three weeks, please hit me up with some other stuff


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alice in chains
between the buried and me
fredrik thordendal's special defects
les discrets
cult of luna
looking forward to these, especially Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects. Hopefully Cynic's will be better than the EP they put out.
Janelle Monae has promised not one, but two albums for 2012, so I am greatly looking forward to those. Aside from that, Animal Collective, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Weller are all releasing albums at some point in the next twelve months, and The Strokes are supposed to have been in the studio for ages, so hopefully they'll be releasing something as well.
Zomg; between these, Marina in February and the possibility of a new Little Boots album, this could be an amazing year. :D
waiting for some azealia banks goodies to come up. the last i heard was that she was working on her album in december.
You guys are crazy if you're not looking out for Girl Talk's new album. If Gregg was legally able to be nominated/win a grammy, he would've. Feed the Animals was one of the best albums of 2008 according to the NYTimes, NPR and the RollingStones. While his fifth album in 2010, All Day, was not as critically acclaimed, it still was a work of art. Since it takes Gregg Giliis(aka Girl Talk) about 2-2.5 years to make an album, it should be coming out between July-December.
In summary: Girl Talk is a music innovator that I wish more people were familiar with!
Girl Talk is meh for me, I don't like the combination of the pop songs with the songs that can be mashed, while being pleasant. Keep in mind I haven't listened to everything by him. The rap is also uuhg.
Only albums I'm looking forward to this year.

Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife finally got released. It was worth the wait; it's overall very solid and the heavier parts remind me quite a bit of maudlin of the Well, and I've always preferred motW to Kayo Dot. Great way to start off the year.


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Wow, I can't believe no one has mentioned Cursive - I am Gemini drops next month.

Yes, their albums have been getting progressively poorer since The Ugly Organ, but... still. It's Cursive.
Everything up to The Ugly Organ is great (even their first few releases are worth a listen), I don't feel their last few releases.
Still, I'm mildly excited about the new one.
i'm only up to track 3 of glass kites's s/t, but my god it is incredible. it is very radiohead-y, but it's by no means a bad thing. i also picked up the following, none of which i have listened to yet:

kayo dot - gamma knife
al-namrood - kitab al-awthan (saudi arabian black metal. fucking strange fusion but it works strangely well.)
innerty - tabula rasa (proggy death metal)
savage messiah - plague of conscience (thrash metal)
black pyramid - black pyramid ii (stoner metal)

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