an anthropological study


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so on discord i proposed that people who are taller tend to have bigger mouths, just like how their limbs and appendages scale with height.

however monkfish noted that these directly contribute to height, and in fact there is no correlation between mouth size and height

so if this is the case one can naturallly conclude that one's ability to fit one's fist in their mouth drops as you get taller.

so far we have the following four data points:
5'8", can fit
5'9", can fit
6'0", can't
6'4", can't

smogon please help me with my study and submit your:
1. height in ft and in
2. whether you can fit your fist in your mouth. We have found that you can fit it more easily if the knuckles are facing up, however do whatever allows you to fit as much hand into your mouth as possible. As long as your mouth goes past all your knuckles, it counts.
3. (optional, but encouraged) photographic evidence

So what I'm hoping to see is that there is a certain height where the the ability to consume a knuckle sandwich drops off sharply. Thank you in advance.
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I'm 5'11" and can confirm my fist does not fit inside my mouth

however, it will fit inside my girlfriend

i am very proud and happy to have her in my life so i will be bragging about it for a while. not sorry in the slightest

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