Anything Goes in this Mafia - The Damned Win!

hello my fellow 13 villagers. if it doesn't hurt anyone, i believe my role makes me the ideal leader for this village... now if i could get cleaned we could be all set.

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To know there are exactly 13 villagers is to know exactly how many neutrals( if any. I don't think there are any in this game though), and members of each mafia there are (which would be known if you were given the list of who's in your mafia by now and assuming that the other mafia has the same # of people). Already, purty dam suspicious. :|
Since it is night, i'm not allowed to disclose my role pm, not that it would matter. I am asking for an inspect and cleaning. So if i turn out mafia, i am dead, which i won't be. In my role pm, it says that there are 14 villagers, 13 is the number with me subtracted from the Village. This means that there are 4 Mafia members on each mafia faction. I have no abilities, therefore i am worthless role fit for leading. If anyone else wants to lead, let him stand up.
And how come we don't get a choice on our leader, J-man?
Actually, we do. Acklow stepped forward earlier, and right now I trust him more than I trust J-man. (Read: I may have missed something but) assuming J-man is telling the truth about his role PM saying there are 14 villagers, how can he conclude that there are no neutrals and 4 mafia members in each faction?
I realize that Objection, I was referring to how he was just saying "I'm leader, my role says I will be." Just seemed odd to me how he said it.

He contradicts himself in saying he had abilities, then going against it. Also saying he should be leader based on role, then revealing he has no role. Sounded like a power grab for me.

The Mafia numbers thing could be explained, but then why did he try for leader? Just how he went about it seemed fishy.
I don't think he actually said he had abilities, just that his role was perfect for leading the village and that it was a worthless role fit for leading because of no abilities. I don't think that's contradictory, but I do think you're right about the way he tried to instate himself as village leader being rather suspicious.

Or maybe it's a terminology thing that I'm oblivious to.
Just posting to say that while I trust both J-man and Acklow at this point (Not enough to disclose my role PM yet, but I doubt they are lying), I'd think it wise if the inspector cleaned J-man. If he has no abilities, that means he has nothing that he can clean himself with, while Acklow can make himself relatively clean. Hopefully we have enough info to lynch a mafian tomorrow.
Day 1

Ok, Night 0 is over, all results PM's are out. If you feel that you should have got something but did not then please PM me.

You all gather in the square to decide on a lynch. You do a headcount upon arrival, and it soon becomes clear that J-man is not present. However, after searching his house and not finding any traces of a killing, you assume that he has merely left the village for a while rather than been killed. You are, obviously, unable to talk to him until he returns.

Day 1 begins now. Day 1 ends at 19:07 GMT on Saturday the 10th June or when majority is reached

PS: I may have entitled some of your results PM's Night 1. This is an error, it was actually Night 0 :)
Acklow asked me to post this:
Acklow: Hey, I noticed you said you trusted me on the thread
Acklow: I just want to let you know that I have been silenced and I can't clean myself today
Acklow: Well, I can't say anything on the thread that is
Objection: Well, I said I trusted you more than I trusted J-man
Acklow: Okay
Objection: That doesn't necessarily mean I actually trust you
Acklow: True
Acklow: Anyways, I was wondering if you could let everyone know that I've been silenced
Objection: Will do
Acklow: Okay
So, obviously we're a little bit pinched for a lynch here. I would suggest the we go for a No Lynch (Normally I'd bold it to get your attention, but that would make it count as a vote). We have no info to work off of, and with 14 villagers and only 8 mafias, math is against us.

Obviously this is all meaningless if someone has any info that can be helpful. I would suggest that you talk to me or Acklow about it. I've talked with Acklow, and he can tell you that I am, at the least, more trustworthy than pretty much everyone else at this point. Even if he or I was mafia, at least by talking to one of us, your info only gets leaked to one mafia.

EDIT: Just to make things clear, if anyone wants to claim to me, it will help us get a target for the lynch. Everyone here seems to be super paranoid though, so we'll see what happens.

EDIT2: I'd definitely encourage anyone who doesn't feel comfortable claiming to me, to claim to Acklow. I can tell you that he is most likely clean, though I can't guarantee anything
01[20:49] <GeneralSpoon> so
01[20:49] <GeneralSpoon> its alirght if
01[20:49] <GeneralSpoon> I make a post
01[20:49] <GeneralSpoon> asking people to claim to you?
[20:50] <Acklow> Alright
01[20:50] <GeneralSpoon> k
[20:50] <Acklow> Here's what you could tell everyone
[20:51] <Acklow> "Acklow says that since he's unable to talk, he would like people's claims. He and J-Man will be talking things over, and he would like a BG on him tonight"
[20:51] <Acklow> Does that sound good?
01[20:51] <GeneralSpoon> yeah
[20:51] <Acklow> Oka
[20:51] <Acklow> *ok
So yeah.
Oh by the way, I'm not sending out PMs to tell you if your action was successful unless it was stopped by something, so if you have no PMs, then your action worked fine :)

This is mostly to save time on updates, if people don't like it then I suppose I could change.

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