Anything Goes in this Mafia - The Damned Win!


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I still have some people who haven't claimed to me (and even if you did, you only did so partially, which doesn't cut it). I want full PMs and I want to know what you did N0 as well as what you plan to do N1. If you fail to do so, you will be branded as a Mafia suspect, and you may be lynched. Thank you.
Also, I've been informed that one of our players needs to sub out, so anyone who would like to sub in should pm me.

EDIT: Ok, I now need a second sub as well, but I don't even have the first one yet.
Day 2

Night 1 is over.

Everyone in the village woke up, feeling glad that they were alive and walked outside, to a pleasant surprise and several not so pleasant surprises. The pleasant surprise was that the J-man was back! Written on the wall next to him was a message.

Graffiti said:
You all nod your heads and agree with this sentiment. Afterwards you do a headcount and find two of your number missing. The first is Quagsires, who you can find no trace of, and the second is imperfectluck. You find his body mutilated and stunned, as if roared at and mauled by a lion.

Slim Guldo said:
You are Vanilla Ice.

You are a white rapper, who only released one song that anyone's ever heard of, "Ice Ice Baby". After releasing that song in 1990, you pretty much went back to being unknown. Fortunately you had another shot at sort-of fame when the terrible singers John and Edward asked you to feature in their debut single, almost 20 years after your original rise to fame. You have decided to team up with the twins, despite how much they annoy you and everyone else, to help the Dizzy in this battle, as they are the only people you are certain you are allied with.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - USER should stop, collaborate and listen". If both you and the user that is John and Edward both send in a PM targeting the same person, that user will be killed that night. If you do not target the same person, then no kills will occur. You can only use this ability every other night, starting from the night which you first perform a kill on, which may be any night except Night 0.

You remember that John and Edward are the same user, who is snip

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
Shocked by the death of such an important member of the Dizzy, you all shakily gather around to decide who to lynch.

Day 2 begins now. Day 2 will end at around 18:35 GMT on Wednesday, and only if I have the subs I need.

Well, now that J-man's back and the presence of neutrals has been confirmed by Slim Guldo, I think it's time for us to decide whether or not he was telling the truth about the number of villagers:
Since it is night, i'm not allowed to disclose my role pm, not that it would matter. I am asking for an inspect and cleaning. So if i turn out mafia, i am dead, which i won't be. In my role pm, it says that there are 14 villagers, 13 is the number with me subtracted from the Village. This means that there are 4 Mafia members on each mafia faction. I have no abilities, therefore i am worthless role fit for leading. If anyone else wants to lead, let him stand up.
We now know that at least one element of this is false because there are 22 players in the game and if there were 14 villagers and 4 of each mafia, then 14+4+4=22 which leaves no room for neutrals.
The 4 mafia thing was the obvious conclusion to draw from what J-man had. It's not all that suspicious...
What makes him rule out the possibility of 3 mafia + 2 neutrals? In fact, that possibility would mean that 14 villagers is correct.

... wait, I think we discussed this on the IRC and decided that if that were the case, there would be 4 attacks each night, which would be ridiculous.

However, this means that if it is 4 in each mafia, then the fact that there are neutrals means J-man was lying about the number of villagers. He said he got that info from his role PM. Now that is suspicious ...

... although he did get kidnapped on day 1.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Alright, I have been cleaned by one of our inspectors. Right now I am on lunch break, but have no access to IRC. I will try to get on IRC within 5 hours or so, so if you have any concerns, please contact me then, or via PM. Also: J-Man, since you are back, I would like to speak to you on IRC when I DO get on.

Another note: aparently, due to somebody's claim, the flavor in the death of imperfectluck was most likely a result of a wolf by the name of Scar (from the Lion King). If anybody has any information about a supposed Scar, please contact me.

And lastly, Slim, would you mind letting us know who subbed in? It would be nice to know.

Edit: And for all y'all Holland supporters, well I have two words for you: SPAIN WON.
I trust J-man, and I don't believe he is lying that there are 14 villagers. I assumed like everyone else that there must be 2 4-man mafias, but Slim threw me for a loop when he said there were neutrals. After seeing the night results and realizing there was only 1 death, I can only assume a setup of 14-3-3-2, with the 2 neutrals NOT being wolves.

Another thing that I drew from the night results was some confusion as to why there was only one death, seeing as there are 2 mafias. I have no theory as to why this is atm, because I doubt a mafia would throw away a potential kill like that, and if they were stopped by a BG slim probably would have said something about it in the post.

Anyways, right now we need to decide on a lynch, and I think we can find a much better target than J-man. If we can't, then it is probably better not to lynch. Which we should avoid at all costs, especially after losing a day with Upside's mislynch. I may currently have a potential target, but I need to talk with Acklow before I say anything about it.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Hello everybody who subbed in. I am the village leader, and I would like you to please claim to me. That would help very much. Thank you.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Okay people. This has been a difficult day for some of us. Trying to figure out the logistics and stuff. But we finally decided that we shall go for a lynch! *"Hooray!" some voices are heard in the background*...Anyways, I have made a very difficult decision, and I have decided that we shall Lynch Hitmonchan. The reasoning behind this is that most of the villager slots if not all (according to the numbers, gladly reported by our very own J-Man-who is now Rayquaza2233), have been filled up. Thus, a couple of you have not claimed. Hitmonchan is one of the very few who have yet not claimed. I hate to do this on the basis of a lack of claims, but if I must, then I must.

However: IF Hitmonchan is willing to speak to me and possibly persuade me otherwise, I will rotate the lynch target to another person. If people disagree with the rotation, we will do a No Lynch instead.

Also: If you wish to contact me more about this lynch, I am fully willing to explain the situation.

Again (since it isn't as readable in the paragraph): we are Lynching Hitmonchan.
Less than 12 hours are left before the day is over, and I'm not entirely sure if I'll be entirely around tomorrow morning (UTC-4), so I'm going to go ahead now and vote to Lynch Hitmonchan.
Lynch Hitmonchan since I don't have any legitimate objections - yet.

EDIT: Retracting vote so Hitmonchan can defend himself.

EDIT2: Fuck it, it was too late anyway. Lynch Hitmonchan.

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