Anything Goes in this Mafia - The Damned Win!

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Lynch Hitmonchan Unless I miscounted, this should be the 11th vote, thus majority on Hitmonchan from 20 players. (Rule 13 - the 2 dead players)

Edit: tas made the majority vote. This is the 12th.
Night 2


After a slow start to the day, you decide that you want to lynch Hitmonchan, a man who has not been saying much at all. You decide to honour imperfectluck by drowning him in a tank of melted vanilla ice cream (which would be an awesome way to die). While I'm sure the deceased Vanilla Ice would've approved of the method of lynching, he most certainly would not have wanted you to lynch his close friend!

Slim Guldo said:
You are John and Edward Grimes.

You are two twins from the Republic of Ireland, managing to somehow make the final 12 of the X Factor talent show despite being awful singers. You gained a massive following early on in the show due to your charismatic and generally ridiculous performances and everyone pretty much either loves you or hates you. You invited the rapper Vanilla Ice, who you probably stole your look from, to feature in your debut single after you got a recording contract, and as a result you will be helping the Dizzy together with him, since you remember that he is on your side.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Put USER under pressure". If both you and the user that is Vanilla Ice both send in a PM targeting the same person, that user will be killed that night. If you do not target the same person, then no kills will occur. You can only use this ability every other night, starting from the night which you first perform a kill on, which may be any night except Night 0.

You remember that Vanilla Ice is imperfectluck

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
As angry as you all are with your own incompetence, you still need some sleep, and as such you all head off to bed, hoping that you survive the night!

Day 2 is over. Night 2 will end at 18:35 GMT on Friday.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Okay, this is an example of what happens during a mislynch. People miscommunicate. They don't claim. And to top it all off, it casts suspicion pretty quickly upon people like me. I want to let you all know that this can be stopped if people like Hitmonchan claimed. I WANT CLAIMS! We don't want another mislynch! If you all give me one more day to figure this out, I think we can start getting on track. However this seems like it's only going to go downhill with the village if people don't get their fucking claims in. When this is all over, I hope that the village doesn't come out the loser because of people idling.
You are correct, but I was out for way longer than I expected!

I'm waiting on a few actions and am really tired so I may have to put this off until morning, although if I get the actions I want before then I will update now. Really sorry guys, I should've warned you by some other means :/

Edit: Oh haha, got what I needed while I wrote this post, Deadline I will update now!
Day 3

You all wake up in the morning and gather in the square to find quagsires sitting on the bench, unharmed after his mysterious disappearance. You quickly do a headcount and find that Blue_Tornado and Acklow are missing. You search around and find no evidence that Blue_Tornado is dead, and as such assume that he is still alive.

However, when you arrive at the house of Acklow, you see his corpse. It appears that he had many enemies, as he had been attacked by some sort of missile and beaten up by a gang of strange hooligans in the same night!

You are George Orwell.

You are the author of many fiction novels including your famous book "Animal Farm", which is still used as a resource for learning about the Russian Revolution in schools. You also wrote the science fiction novel "1984", which sadly brought around the reality television show "Big Brother". You figure that since it brought about something so bad, you should use it to do something good and help out the Dizzy in this game.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Big Brother is watching USER". If USER has a role which targets another USER, you will find out who they targeted that night.

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
Does anything ever go right for this village? Only time will tell.

Day 3 begins now. I will be unable to update at this time on Sunday so update will have to come when I get home on Monday, so please try and get majority before then!

Oh, and you found this message graffiti'd on a wall:

Mafia, YOU...SHALL...NOT...PASS!!


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Well, that has cleared up your confusion. Good game everybody who is village! I await to play alongside you in whatever mafia game may come next (maybe even my own)!
So right now, we have no claims from theangryscientist. TAS, if you don't claim to me, you're our lynch target. There's others that haven't claimed, and you know who you are. If TAS claims, you're next. I suggest claiming sooner rather than later.

Villagers, please note that the lynch hasn't started yet.
TAS subbed in for Nestle. I'm guessing Nestle never claimed to Acklow while both were still in the game. I'm also assuming that, since you're taking over from Acklow so suddenly, he forwarded all the claims he got to you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lynch target. TAS has claimed to me, so we're going with someone else that claimed to me today : the interwebs. I present to you the incriminating IRC log.

Jul 18 14:02:52 <interpussy> yeah
Jul 18 14:03:05 <Rayquaza2233> We have no claim from yuo.
Jul 18 14:03:07 <Rayquaza2233> you*
Jul 18 14:03:49 <interpussy> have you been cleaned?
Jul 18 14:03:59 <Rayquaza2233> If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of LEADING
Jul 18 14:04:07 <Rayquaza2233> Why would I be trusted if I wasn't clean?
Jul 18 14:04:36 <interpussy> good point
Jul 18 14:04:43 <interpussy> mhm
Jul 18 14:05:00 <Rayquaza2233> Are you looking to remedy this "no claim" situation?
Jul 18 14:05:37 <interpussy> i´m a paranoid inspector
Jul 18 14:06:03 <Rayquaza2233> Can I see your role PM?
Jul 18 14:06:09 <interpussy> i inspected acklow at some point, and he turned up as mafia, which is pretty much why i didn´t trust him
Jul 18 14:06:34 <interpussy> getting my role PM
Jul 18 14:06:54 <interpussy> You are Thom Yorke.
Jul 18 14:06:55 <interpussy> You are the front man of the band Radiohead, which is one of the host (and many other people's) favourite bands. Your album "OK Computer", which includes the songs "Paranoid Android" and "Karma Police" is considered by many to be the best album of all time. Some of the lyrics in your songs are more than a little bizarre, and it is these that you will be using to help the dizzy become victorious
Jul 18 14:06:55 <interpussy> At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Ask USER to help me get some rest from all the unborn chicken voices in my head". While USER wonders what on earth you are going on about and contemplates calling the nearest mental hospital, you will read their full role PM.
Jul 18 14:06:56 <interpussy> You win if a member of the dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
Jul 18 14:08:42 <Rayquaza2233> Alright, thanks
Jul 18 14:11:17 <Rayquaza2233> Who did you inspect?
Jul 18 14:11:45 <interpussy> i don´t really remember, i´ll check my PMs
Jul 18 14:12:07 <interpussy> hitmonchan
Jul 18 14:12:17 <Rayquaza2233> Forward them to me, please.
Jul 18 14:13:02 <interpussy> sorry i have to go now, will do later :C
Jul 18 14:13:12 <Rayquaza2233> Alright.
Jul 18 14:13:25 * interpussy has quit (Quit: Leaving)

Why would he leave right after I told him to forward his results (which he still has not done)? Because he has to fake them first. Look at his role PM, his faction isn't capitalized either when every other claim I have does this (including my own PM). Because of this evidence, I am disconnecting the interwebs.

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