Anything Goes in this Mafia - The Damned Win!

Night 4


You all gather around Heist in a circle and drown him in the fountain. One of you takes his Role PM and you all let out another cheer!

You are Jeremy Clarkson.

You are the presenter of the television show Top Gear, where three grown men discuss (and mess around with) cars like eight year old boys might do. As you might be able to tell, the host does not enjoy this show in the slightest, however the amount of people that do is incredible. You show has won several awards, including an Emmy. The popularity of your show is what will aid your Desperate allies in this battle.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Invite USER1 and USER2 to appear as guest drivers on Top Gear". You will invite these two users to appear on your show, and as a result, anything USER1 does will be forced to target USER2.

Your allies are listed in another PM.

You win if a member of the Desperate is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
Night 4 has now begun. Night 4 ends when I get all actions, or at 12:00 GMT on Monday
Ugh I hate to have to hold up the whole game but there are some important actions missing and I don't really want to go on without them :/

Deadline extended for another 8 hours, or until I get the actions I want.

This will be the last extension.
Day 5

Hey people posted quickly so I can raise my post count while avoiding the quintuple post and therefore raise my self esteem!

You wake up to find only a nice surprise today. Capefeather has returned and is sitting where all the other kidnap victims were upon their return.

You take a headcount as usual and discover that only theangryscientist is missing. You all go to his house, fearing the worst, however you are unable to find any remains and therefore assume that he will return soon.

Day 5 has begun. Day 5 will end on Wednesday 28th July at 21:00 GMT
Whoa guys, before we all jump on the bandwagon here why exactly am I being lynched? I've been cleaned, for crying out loud! I don't see any reason for my death in Spoon's post, aside from the mole bit, and he offers no evidence as to why he thinks I'm a mole either.

At this point we can't afford another village kill, if you guys go through with lynching me we will lose another villager, which we can hardly afford at this point with only 8 of us against 6 remaining mafians, not to mention someone seems to get kidnapped every day! With me dead that will essentially be 6-6, not even accounting for any deaths that may occur tonight!

As of now, I don't have any info that gives me a good target for us to lynch, so I am going to withhold my vote for now. I am not voting no lynch because we really need to take out another mafia today, and I'm hoping some evidence will surface before the deadline.

I'm going to talk with General Spoon about this before it goes too far, I really have no clue what's going on here, and I would very much like to be told to his reasoning for this lynch.
[17:51] <GeneralSpoon> You wanted to talk?
[17:52] <Nanoswine> yeah
[17:52] <Nanoswine> why the hell am I the lynch target?
[17:52] <Nanoswine> I've been cleaned!
[17:52] <GeneralSpoon> The village leadership has received a log
[17:53] <Nanoswine> what log
[17:53] <Nanoswine> that fucker
[17:53] <Nanoswine> ok, you got me
[17:54] <Nanoswine> why the hell a mafia would side with the village I don't know
The log in question was snipped out because it contains sensitive information. Carry on.
I could argue that the above is faked, but I don't think I would be convincing anyone at this point, seeing as that log is floating around. And just to screw him over like he did to me, "that fucker" is Aquamarius. He's the last of the Desperate, and I can tell now that he has no intentions of working with us Damned in this game. I'll be sure to mention in the postgame the dumbass mafia that sided with the village...

Not really much else to say. Kill off the Dizzy for me, Damned, we might win this yet!

And just out of spite, Lynch Aquamarius.

EDIT: lol hey Dizzy, you might want to check your spreadsheet XD you forgot to take me off the edit list.
Night 5

While you prepare to lynch Nanoswine, you suddenly hear an incredibly loud shout.


You are all far too disorientated by this to remember what you were doing, and as such were unable to lynch Nanoswine.

It is now Night 5. Night 5 ends on Thursday the 29th at 10:00 GMT.
Day 6

You wake up in the morning to theangryscientist sitting on the bench after returning from his kidnapping. However, when you took a headcount, you found that there was still 3 people missing. You go to the house of Nanoswine first, however there is no trace of him left, so you for some reason assume that he has only left for a short while.

The next house you go to is that of StevenSnype. He appears to have been bitten and shattered into itty bitty pieces by some sort of large mammal. He was:

You are Aerosmith.

You are a rock band founded in 1970 who have several famous songs to your name, the most famous of which being "Don't wanna miss a thing" from the soundtrack of the film Armageddon. You are also the best selling American rock band of all time, with over 150 million albums sold worldwide. You even have a Guitar Hero game made after you, which is an honour above all others! You figured that since you couldn't remember who any of your allies were, you should join up with the Dizzy and help them on their way to victory.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - Don't wanna miss USER". You figure that the best way to stop you having to miss USER is to invite them to sleep over at your place of residence. Since they are staying at your place rather than their own, any killers who are targeting USER that night will fail as they will be unable to find them. You are unable to protect yourself as you already live at your own house, so the killers would find you anyway.

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
The next corpse you find is that of Godudette. She was attacked with some sort of strange rockets. She was:

You are Matt Bellamy.

You are the singer and guitarist of the band Muse, one of the host's favourite bands of all time. While you have become slightly more mainstream than the host would like with your latest album, the host still enjoys the vast majority of your music. You will be using some of your odd lyrics to help the Dizzy in on their way to victory.

At Night, you may send a PM to Slim Guldo entitled "Night X - How can we win when USER can be king?". USER will be so enraged by your insult that they will target you with any abilities that they were using that night instead of their original target.

You win if a member of the Dizzy is the last user standing or if nothing can prevent the same.
With two important villagers dead, you sigh and turn to the lynch. Will anything ever go right for the poor Dizzy?

Day 6 will end at 11:00 GMT on Saturday or if Majority is reached.

OH, and also, VulcanFenrir has been subbed out for coolking49

You were a little slow on the uptake today, but you did eventually notice some graffiti on a wall!


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