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Tentative arenas.

Arena: MoonSim Inc.
Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate/Intense
Format: Singles

In the deserts of Nevada, there is a deceptively large building. Why 'deceptively' large? While it seems to sprawl out across the dunes, there is actually only one room. Indeed, it is a large room, but nothing spectacular.

Though it may seem weathered and abandoned from the outside, the interior of MoonSim Inc. is as full of hustle and business as any modern corporation, but with a subtle difference. In the middle of the room, only separated from black marble flooring and whirring machinery by a knee-height plexiglass barrier, there is 100ft x 80ft of the moon. Or close enough, anyway.

Hitting the temptingly-red button causes a large Pokémon battling arena to erupt from the centre, immediately entrancing the multiple Elgyem acting as aides to the scientists. They were found here in the desert about twenty years ago, and MoonSim Inc. was subsequently founded on the site. The founders couldn't remember why they'd made it - it was just as if the idea had popped into their minds. Anyway, I digress.

Gravity is being tested today, so there will be two effects in progress:
1) When the match Seeker's Pokémon is winning, all Pokémon gain the Levitate trait, and accuracy of all moves is lowered by a flat 10%.
When the match Seeker's Pokémon is losing, strong Gravity comes into effect.

Whether a Pokémon is winning or losing is decided by 100-([(Damage taken + energy spent) / (HP at start of round + energy at start of round)]*100).
Arena: Crystal Depths
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Super Intense
Format: Singles ('Higher' formats are also achievable, but not recommended due to brain-exploding side-effects).


Deep in the bowels of the Earth, which — you might like to know — is free of human waste, exists a cave system. This, however, is not an ordinary cave by any means. The Crystal Depths were once the home of a powerful race about which little is known, only that it fled the Earth itself when it saw the atrocities above the ground.

All that is left are indiscernible wall-etchings and a scattering of crystals which have grown to enormous sizes using the leftover magic. These crystals now suspend 49 floating platforms over a great chasm — the perfect place to do battle, no?

Alchemator was led to this cavern by his similarly-named Beheeyem after he had caught ten Diamond Pokémon — a feat only achievable by a strong trainer. Beheeyem did not provide many details, only expressing a great desire to defend this place from defecation. I mean desecration.



1 2 3 4 5 6 7

a x x x x x x x
b x x x x x x x
c x x x x x x x
d x x x x x x x
e x x x x x x x
f x x x x x x x
g x x x x x x x
[Each block is 1m²]

When the Match Seeker sends out a Pokémon, it may only be sent out onto a tile between a1 and c7. When the Match Challenger sends out a Pokémon, it may only be sent out onto a tile between e1 and g7.

Two Pokémon cannot occupy the same tile.

A Pokémon can use the priority command "Move to Tile x" instead of an action for 5 energy (+en of augmenting move). Every Pokémon has a base movement speed of 1 (to any surrounding tile, even diagonally) which can be increased with a move for the following effects:

  • Teleport: The Pokémon can travel anywhere up to three tiles away (not restricted by horizontal, vertical and diagonal). Psychic Pokémon have the energy cost halved and rounded down.
  • Extremespeed: The Pokemon can travel up to three tiles away (restricted by horizontal, vertical and diagonal).
  • Quick Attack, Aqua Jet, Shadow Sneak: The Pokémon can travel up to two tiles away (restricted by horizontal, vertical and diagonal).
  • Bounce, Fly, Splash: The Pokémon can travel up to two tiles away, leaping over a Pokémon that may be in its way.
Note: Sucker Punch, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Fake Out, Vacuum Wave, Feint and Ice Shard CANNOT be used to traverse extra distance.

Pokémon gain an extra potential tile of movement for every Speed Rank greater than or equal to 5 factoring natures. (E.G., a Pokémon that reaches base 120 Speed with or without a Jolly nature gains an extra tile of movement.)

For physical attacks, while a Pokémon is within a one-tile radius of its opponent, it will continuously turn to target its opponent on each following action. For example, if a Magikarp jumped over and behind a Feebas with Splash it would avoid an incoming Dragonbreath. However, the following action Feebas would automatically turn to use Water Pulse on Magikarp. In a different scenario, if Magikarp Splashed out of the 1x1 radius of Feebas, then the latter would require a substitution to re-target the Magikarp, lest it do nothing. For special attacks, the Pokémon will automatically turn to attack as long as the Pokémon remains within its line of sight.

Moves that affect the entire field (E.G. Earthquake, Rock Slide) only affect Pokémon within a three-tile radius.

Physical moves can attack a Pokémon anywhere (not restricted to horizontal, vertical, diagonal) within a two-tile radius. After this attack, the Pokémon retreats back to its original tile. However, special moves can hit a Pokémon anywhere in the arena as long as it is in line of sight (e.g. horizontal, vertical or diagonal) without other restrictions. For this purpose, support moves such as Will-o-Wisp and Toxic are classified as 'special'.
Arena: Forest of Silence
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Intense
Format: N/A

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Image

Within the Forest of Silence, there is no sound. In fact, it seems time -- and thus motion -- has stopped completely, as everything is coated in a grey pallor, and leaves pause halfway down to the ground, perhaps to ask directions. It has become a regular haunt for trainers over the years, hoping that their exciting battles will set time in motion yet again, allowing the forest to continue in its natural cycle. That includes that natural cycle of the wildlife too, who haven't been able to relieve themselves for almost a decade now.

However, even the shortest amount of exposure to the forest will begin to freeze the Pokémon -- they will never become fully immobilised, but from the very start of the battle their attacks will become... hm... somewhat unreliable. The Pokémon must focus their minds, needing extra effort to launch an attack successfully. Naturally, Psychic Pokémon are more able at this task, though once some Pokémon get a whiff (or, in some rather strange cases, a taste) of their opponents, they will find it much easier to focus on the battle at hand. These such Pokémon must hit the opponent with a contact attack, or be hit in the same manner, for their primal instincts to activate.

The battle takes place in a clearing, which is open to the heavily-overcast sky (it is Britain, after all). This doesn't mean, however, that one couldn't alter that. In fact, please do -- it's a little chilly [SolarBeam will work as normal]. Nature will behave as usual, but don't expect it to go anywhere while you aren't looking. Well, apart from that one time... Err, anyway, apart from that instance, trees cannot be toppled. They can, however, be burned to the ground and climbed. Unfortunately, there is no water around, save for the small amount present in the loamy ground.

In the next clearing there seems to be a swarm of blue Pokémon attending to some kind of machine, spewing out smoke and sparks. They are unreachable, however, due to some kind of forcefield...


  • Strict Soundproofing (EG, no Growl.)
  • Pokémon begin to be frozen, causing a 40% [flat] drop in accuracy. Psychic Pokémon, and those listed below, can focus and increase the accuracy of their moves back to their original standard by 20% for 1 extra en. Other Pokémon can increase their accuracy by 10% for 1 extra en. These boosts stack (E.G., you can add 40% for 4 EN).
  • Smelling and tasting Pokémon must hit -- or be hit -- with a contact attack before the extra EN reduction takes place.
  • Focus Punch's accuracy is unchanged by the arena.
  • The Dodge chances of all non-Psychic Pokémon not listed below are halved.
  • There is a 1/1,000,000 chance of a tree falling per round, dealing Wood Hammer damage to one Pokémon (decided by RNG). All of the effects listed above are then nulled. Only a tree that falls in this manner will cause this effect.
  • Using Odor Sleuth gives the user smelling powers (and thus the energy reduction) for as long as it is active.
  • Only Psychic Pokémon can Chill consecutively, successfully. All other Pokémon will be inflicted with a Freeze condition (of varying intensity) if this is attempted.

Smelling mons: Ninetales family, Persian family, Arcanine family, all Eevee-related Pokémon, Granbull family, Mamoswine family, Houndoom family, Donphan family, Ursaring family, Smeargle, Mightyena family, Linoone family, Delcatty family, Zangoose, Absol, Luxray family, Pachirisu, Purugly family, Emboar family, Stoutland family, Liepard family, Emolga, Zoroark family, Tomohawk family.

Tasting mons: Muk family, Lickitung family, Swalot family, Vanilluxe family, Haunter.

Non-psychic with Psychic powers: Ninetales family, Golduck family, Venemoth family, Stantler, Lucario family.
Arena: Psyche Forest
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Moderate/Intense
Format: Singles

- 50% of a breeze blowing, knocking berries off trees.
- 100% chance of a Psychic Pokémon catching a berry, 50% for others.

Three categories of berry (decided by RNG):
- Normal medicinal [25%]: Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Leppa, Oran, Persim, Lum
- Covers Psychic weaknesses [50%]: Tanga, Kasib, Colbur
- Stat-boosting [25%]: Liechi, Petaya, Starf

A Pokémon will consume the berry immediately, if its effect will do something (E.G. Oran, Petaya, regardless of HP). Otherwise, it will hold onto the berry. Three berries can be held at any given time, but have only one use. A berry held for three rounds without being consumed will go bad, and its effect will be reversed (EG, a Cheri berry will incur paralysis, and a Kasib berry will give the holder a Ghost weakness).

Berries can be thrown at any time as an action, costing 5 EN, and will be immediately consumed by the target regardless of berry type and condition. Resistance-changing berries will apply their effect to the consuming Pokémon for 3 actions, when thrown. This action is treated as an attack inflicting no damage (and thus able to be boosted by Prankster), but with a BP of 0 (thus able to be boosted by Light Metal, but not being boosted by Technician). Substitute, Protect and other such protective measures will block thrown berries.


Arena: Dimensional Loop
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Intense
Format: Any

- Switches between one of 5 arenas at the end of each round. Begins with a 10% chance for each, but once an arena has been used, it cannot be chosen again until all of the others have been used (EG, a Psychic arena -> a Fighting arena -> a Psychic arena is not possible).

Psychic: Permanent Trick Room. Elgyem uses one of: Psychic, Disable, Hidden Power [Fighting] [7] on a random Pokémon per action.

Fighting: All Pokémon gain the ability No Guard, but EN of moves of <100% acc. is doubled. Meditite uses one of: Hi-Jump Kick, Skill Swap, Shadow Ball on a random Pokémon per action.

Flying: Tailwind direction is randomised per action. Natu uses one of: Air Cutter, Haze, Psyshock on a random Pokémon per action.

Fire: Permanent Sun. Tepig uses one of: Heat Crash, Yawn, Assurance on a random Pokémon per action.

Bug: Random medicinal berry is consumed by each Pokémon per action (same type of berry for both). Venonat uses one of: Bug Buzz, Stun Spore, Psychic on a random Pokémon per action.
Arena: Analysing Chamber
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles
Abilities: All
Items: Off
Switch: OK

I see you're coming around.

Welcome to... oh, you don't remember where this gym is? Good, then my Elgyem have been successful at wiping your memory. Today you will be my test subject, and I will use my Pokémon to gain information from you. What is your toughest strategy? How can I exploit your failings? After only a few seconds my Pokémon will have gauged your weaknesses -- can you find mine?


Alchemator's Pokémon gym, situated in the middle of somewhere, consists of a single room with a central battling arena. Around the edge, unreachable by the combatants, run huge coils of wire and complex machinery, which beeps and blorts constantly. A team of Elgyem presses buttons in a seemingly random manner, and occasionally one of them is zapped by the contraption.

Within the battling arena itself is the core of the machine, which is constantly scanning and analysing the challenger's Pokémon, and will adapt accordingly. When it has accrued a full profile of the challenger's Pokémon, it sends telepathic waves on a frequency unique to the primary typing of the challenger's Pokémon. These waves create a virtual reality for the Pokémon, aiming to put its state of mind in a disadvantaged position. While the two battling Pokémon are not actually in a different arena, everything is treated as if they are -- the machine provides necessary materials depending on the arena. In fact, the vision is so realistic that the challenger's Pokémon will not be able to break out of the trance.

Alchemator's Pokémon have fought many battles and, being Psychic-typed, find it easy to access the disorientated minds of the challenger's Pokémon. Thus, after a small period of time, they will be able to strike with greater efficiency and power, as if they had the ability Analytic.

In its standard form, there are no limitations on any moves.

Mechanics Summary:
- After taking 3 damaging attacks Alch's Pokémon will gain the ability Analytic in addition to their normal abilities (this stacks).
- After one round the field will change to resist the foe's primary typing.
- When the challenger's Pokémon switch or are KO'd, the arena reverts to its standard form until the next Pokémon has been assessed.


  • Bug: The Pokémon battle on a collection of steel platforms situated above a volcano. Due to the increased heat, Bug-types move twice as quickly, but are damaged at the same time. Speed of challenger is doubled but takes 2 DPA. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. Sun and Sandstorm are permitted, but neither Rain nor Hail have any effect. There is no external water source.

  • Dark: In the middle of a forest, a group of Medicham and Meditite are meditating under a waterfall, and sparring together on a stony outcrop beside it. Challenger's non-damaging attacks cost half the EN, but Fighting moves have +2 BP. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted, together with all weathers. There is an external water source.

  • Dragon: The Pokémon battle on an icy wasteland, which is completely frozen over save for some small holes in the ice. The challenger's physical moves have +2 BAP, but energy cost for anything is increased by +2 and Outrage cannot be used. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted, and all weathers other than Sandstorm. There is an external water source.

  • Electric: The Pokémon battle in a vast desert, in a circled marked with a rocky edge. Electric-type moves have a 50% reduction in accuracy, but every damaging Electric-type attack has a 100% chance to paralyse. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted, and all weathers other than Hail. There is no external water source.

  • Fighting: Standard arena, but the Elgyem come out to play! They stand closer to the arena and send out their natural telepathic waves. This disorientates any Fighting-types in the arena. Fighting-type moves have +4 BAP, but the challenger's Pokémon remains permanently confused while using them. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted, and all weathers. There is an external water source.

  • Fire: Two rafts made of bound-up logs bob on the surface of a seemingly infinite ocean. The water is anything but calm, however... Fire-type moves heal the user for 25% of their damage, but every round a wave crashes over the arena (Surf from Rank 3 SAtk). Seismic activity will cause a Surf over the opponent instead. Rock-using moves are permitted (ocean floor). All weathers are permitted. There is an external water source (duh).

  • Flying: The Pokémon battle in an abandoned power plant, and electricity audibly crackles in the air. There are no rocks in the arena, but the challenger's Pokémon will be immediately paralysed (25%) if they try to fly high into the air [E.G. Fly, Sky Attack, Bounce]. Seismic activity is permitted, but not rock-using moves. All weathers are permitted. There is no external water source.

  • Ghost: The Pokémon battle in a land of complete and utter darkness. Dark- and Ghost-type moves gain +2 BAP, but these moves of the challenger's Pokémon cost 50% more energy. Seismic and rock-using moves are permitted. All weathers are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Grass: The Pokémon battle in a forest swarming with small and large insects alike. Grass-type moves cost half the energy, but every action there is a 50% chance of a Weedle jumping out and using Poison Sting on the challenger's Pokémon (or Bug Bite if said Pokémon is immune to Poison Sting). Seismic and rock-using moves are permitted. All weathers are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Ground: A collection of rickety water tankers swing uneasily above a large canyon. Rock-type moves gain +3 BAP, but no seismic activity or digging may occur. Seismic activity is not permitted, but rock-using moves are. All weathers other than Hail are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Ice: The Pokémon battle in a quaint market-place outside a large clock tower, which chimes continously as snow tumbles down. Hail is permanent and cannot be changed, but at the end of every round a Klink with 25 HP will appear and have a 50% chance of using Gear Grind on the challenger's Pokémon at the end of a round. There can be 3 Klink at any one time. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. Only Hail is permitted. There is an external water source [fountain].

  • Normal: The Pokémon battle on an ethereal plane, filled with nightmarish spirits and ghouls. The energy of any move used by the challenger's Pokémon is reduced by 2, but their foe gains one guaranteed dodge per round (the action on which it occurs is randomised). Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. All weathers are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Poison: The Pokémon battle on a landscape that has been scrubbed and bleached to a pristine whiteness, which boosts the focus of the Pokémon. The accuracy of the challenger's Pokémon is increased by a flat 25%, but Poison-type moves cost 1 extra EN and Poison cannot be inflicted as a status. If a Pokémon has been previously poisoned, that condition will be healed. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. All weathers are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Psychic: Standard arena.

  • Rock: The Pokémon battle in a far-away jungle, in a dense undergrowth of vines and thorns. The ranks of the challenger's Pokémon (excluding speed and HP) are raised by 1, but Grass-type moves have +3 BAP. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. Sun and Rain are permitted. There is an external water source.

  • Steel: A flexible, concave mesh hangs over rows of flamethrowers, designed to withstand seismic activity. The speed of the challenger's Pokémon will be permanently raised by 1 stage whenever it takes Fire-type damage, but attacks of 10 BP or greater made by the challenger's Pokémon triggers the nearest flamethrower [Flamethrower from Rank 3 SAtk]. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. Sun and Sandstorm are permitted. There is no external water source.

  • Water: The Pokémon battle in a city subway station, long-ago abandoned in favour of more modern alternatives. The challenger's Pokémon temporarily gains the ability to use Sludge Bomb, and Poison-type attacks have +2 BAP. However, there is no water source and the speed of the challenger's Pokémon is halved. Seismic activity and rock-using moves are permitted. No weather is permitted. There is no external water source.
Arena: Hall of Mirrors
Field Type: Psychic
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles
Abilities: All
Items: Off
Switch: OK

The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles is one of the most elegant, and one of the most iconic, places in France, and perhaps even the world! What better place might there be to do battle?

Due to the vast amount of mirrors and reflective items, Reflect and Light Screen have +1 priority, since they are much easier to conjure in this environment. What's more, any attempt to shatter them with Brick Break will bring bad luck upon the user, causing all secondary effects to occur against them! Mirror Shot and Mirror Coat also cost half the energy they normally might. Due to being indoors, weather is banned. All moves (other than those listed below) function as normal, and seismic moves will not damage the arena significantly.

The mirrors situated around the room each function as if they have the ability Magic Bounce, reflecting everything such an ability normally might. With this reflection, Flash also becomes an 8 BP special Fire attack against the opponent, though it deals 1/4 of the damage it inflicts in recoil. Psyshock will shatter screen moves with no adverse effects.


  • Screens have +1 priority.
  • Shattering screens with Brick Break makes every secondary effect RNG roll turn against the perpetrator for 7 actions.
  • Mirror Shot and Mirror Coat cost half the energy.
  • Mirrors around the room act like they have Magic Bounce.
  • Flash becomes an 8 BP special Fire attack with 1/4 recoil.
  • Psyshock breaks screens (after dealing damage).
More untested arenas:

Nuclear Missile Silo
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Arena Type: None
Danger Level: Through the Roof
Restrictions: No weather, no seismic activity or digging, no water source, and use moves of BP over 12, or any electric or fire moves, at your own risk.

Welcome to one of the most secret places in the world, a U.S nuclear missile silo. Because it is so secret, you may only fight in it if you are invited by me (shinyskarmory) or someone else who has fought here before. The silo is a cylinder with a dome atop it. The diameter of the cylinder is 50 feet, and the ceiling is 60 ft up. The nuclear missile is inside the silo and has a diameter of 20 feet and a height of 50 feet.

Here's the catch: If you miss a move of over 12 base power, and it is NOT fire or electric type, then the move has a 50% chance of hitting the missile. The move will punch through the lead coating, causing all mons who set foot on the field to take 5 damage per round for the rest of the battle from radiation. No pokemon are immune under any circumstance, unless they haven't been sent out yet. This catch no longer applies if the missile takes off as in catch 3.

Catch #2: If you miss a fire type move of any BP under 12, it will strike the missile. There is now a (between 5% and 15%, ref discretion) BASE chance that the warhead will explode (if it does, see catch #4). This chance rises 5% times the (BP of the move used divided by 5.) If you get lucky and the warhead does not explode, count yourself lucky and DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!! This catch no longer applies if the missile takes off as in catch 3.

Catch #3: If you miss an electric type move of any BP under 12, you have the same rule as above with the possible warhead explosion. However, you also get a (5 divided by (BP divided by 12))% chance that your move will start the nuke launch countdown. If you start the countdown, all mons on the field will take 20 Fire-Type damage and be instantly burned at the end of the third round after the countdown starts. This is non-Protectable, but pokemon with appropriate abilities may benefit from the launch. After the launch, all moves are useable with no risk, because the missile is launched and is therefore not in the silo anymore.

Catch #4: If you miss a fire or electric move over 12 BP, or you get a bad RNG roll in Catch #2 or #3, the warhead goes off. God be with you.

(translation: battle ends instantly, is a loss for all participants. Participating mons may claim counters normally. The trainer who set off the warhead will not recieve any TC for the battle;other trainer (s) may collect TC normally. The ref may collect RC as normal-after all, it wasn't his fault, it was all on the RNG/guilty trainer/both.)

City in the Sky (LoZ: TP)
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles, 1v1v1, Doubles
Arena Type: Flying
Restrictions: No seismic or digging attacks, no sandstorm.

The dungeon from late in Twilight Princess is also a great place for battles (and possibly a Gym Arena)! The arena consists mainly of the octagonal arena where you fight the dungeon's final boss (Flying types may access other areas). The octagon is fairly large and has a large, climbable pillar at each corner. The pillars may be toppled by strong attacks, and are treated as Rock Types with 30 HP and Rank 2 Defenses. Pokemon who cannot fly or levitate who fall off the arena will happily be returned to it by one of the native Ooccoos (read:Togetics), but the action they would have used is skipped, because carrying that weight takes a bit of time. At the end of every round, Argorok, the dungeon's boss, has a 20% chance of appearing. He is treated as a Flygon with 50 HP and the moves Flamethrower, Outrage, Fly, and Whirlwind. He will use a random move on a random target at the end of each round until he is KO'ed. Use of seismic attacks is forbidden, Dig is useless because you would just fall through, and there is a sufficient water source (from the clouds) for strong water attacks to be used. All weathers are legal except for Sandstorm.

The Library
Complexity: Simple
Format: LC basically anything
Arena Type: Normal
Restrictions: No digging or seismic attacks, no loud noises, LC mons only
The library in the rear of the Nacrene Museum is a excellent place for battle! However, battlers are expected to respect those who come to study. Therefore, use of non-LC mons, sound based attacks, and seismic activity is forbidden, since they would be distracting to others. Also, unless your LC mon can somehow get through the carpeted floor and the foundation, there will be no digging in The Library.

Complexity: Legendary
Format: Singles if you suck at Doubles, Doubles if you want a nostalgia trip
Arena Type: Shadow

Restrictions: At least one pokemon must become a shadow pokemon for the duration of the battle.
The Shadow Pokemon Testing Arena is very similar to the ASB arena. However, one major twist defines it. In order to fight here, you must use every pokemon you bring. Also, when you PM your pokemon to the ref, you must declare which of your pokemon will be a Shadow Pokemon for the battle. You may declare any pokemon a shadow pokemon, so long as it has one of the following moves in its moveset:

Aeroblast->Shadow Blast (lol nobody can actually have Aeroblast)

Tackle, Scratch, Pound->Shadow Blitz

Thunderbolt/Thunder->Shadow Bolt

Brick Break->Shadow Break

Ice Beam/Blizzard->Shadow Chill (does NOT restore energy)

Screech->Shadow Down

Double-Edge, Flare Blitz, Head Smash, and the like->Shadow End

Flamethrower/Fire Blast->Shadow Fire

Super Fang, Pain Split, Endeavor->Shadow Half

Block, Mean Look->Shadow Hold

Sweet Scent->Shadow Mist

Confuse Ray->Shadow Panic

Earth Power->Shadow Rave

Take Down, Wild Charge->Shadow Rush

Any weather or field effect move->Shadow Sky

Surf, Muddy Water, Lava Plume, Earthquake, etc.->Shadow Storm

Swift->Shadow Wave
For every Shadow Pokemon, ALL applicable moves become Shadow moves.

The (obtainable) Shadow Moves' power is determined by their listed power (found here) divided by 10, rounding up. Shadow Half has the same effect as Super Fang, but it affects everyone on the field at once. Shadow Sky behaves like Hail, except all non-shadow pokemon are affected. Shadow Moves cost a flat 5 energy.

Shadow moves are always 2x super effective on regular pokemon of any type, but they are 2x not very effective against other Shadow pokemon. Non-shadow moves have their standard properties.

I will edit in more arenas later.

EDIT: Deck, can you sticky this thread so we can find it easily? It defeats the purpose of storing your favorite arenas if you can never find where they are stored.
I came up with an arena I'm kinda proud of, and there's an arena I remember battling in I don't see here. I'll put them here for future use;

Complexity: Minimal
Format: Singles
Arena Type: Water/Electric
Restrictions: No seismic activity or digging, no fire moves.

The town floating on the water, Pacifidlog. With the abundance of water around, Water moves cost 2 less energy. Since the air is so humid, electric moves gain 1 BAP. Fire moves are strictly prohibited, as they could light the town on fire, and would be just terrible. Siesmic moves are also prohibited, as is the move Dig, since it would have no results anyway.

Complexity: Simple
Format: All
Arena Type: None
Restrictions: None

The Colosseum. Yes, the one in Rome. There's a water source, as well as plenty of rocks. If the Emperor (referee) decrees the match to be too boring, then he may order the release of a pokemon into the arena that will attack indescriminately. It can be a legendary like Kyogre or something smaller like Houndoom.
the pirate ship arena

pirate ship

field type :flying,ghost,dark
format :singles
restictions: no swimming

its a ship in the middle of the ocean
with no wepons on board except for one cannon that does 25 damage
it requires one action to load and one action to shoot with a 50% hit rate
you cannot use earthquake or dig
the floor is very old and has plenty of splinters that do 5 damage at the end of every round
it is dark and cloudy and after 1 round it starts to rain
its also sharpedo infested water so you cant exactlly dive in
the door to the lower levels are locked
if you knock your opponent in there is a fifty% that a sharpedo will do 50 instant damage no matter your defense
Might as well post mine.

Arena: Sienna City Gym (v2.0)
Field Type: Fire
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles / Doubles
-No Weather
-No Digging
-No Seismic Moves
-No Water Source


Located in Sienna City just south of Route 9001, the Sienna City Gym focuses on the Fire-type above all else. The battlefield itself is found deep underground in a conveniently placed volcanic chamber. The field is roughly 20' x 20', and is suspended 15 feet over a magma pit by tempered steel girders. While the steel is fairly sturdy, using moves such as Magnitude and Earthquake will severely damage the structure, which means that those moves, as well as all like them, are banned for safety's sake. The main platform is also made of tempered steel, so Digging is impossible. Rock moves are usable, but as the only rocks around are molten, moves using them require 3 more energy to keep the rocks from melting. If a Pokemon is knocked into / falls into the lava, they lose 15 HP and have a 50% chance of being burned (unless they are Fire-type, in which case they only lose 10 HP, or the Pokemon has Flash Fire, in which case they suffer no damage but do not get the Flash Fire boost; in neither case can the Pokemon in question be burned). If the Pokemon has wings / can Fly or Teleport (not including Pokemon such as the Gliscor line or other Pokemon that cannot actually "fly"), they take no damage, but must use their next action to return to the platform, using 2/3 of the move's usual Energy cost. If this occurs after the last action of the round, the Pokemon will still return to the platform, but cannot move for the first action next round. At the end of each round, a jet of fire may erupt from underneath one of the Pokemon; this happens roughly 30% of the time. The damage done to the Pokemon will be given as follows:

If the Pokemon in question resists Fire 4x, they lose 3 HP.

If they resist 2x, they lose 5 HP.

If they are neutral to Fire, they lose 10 HP.

If they are 2x weak to Fire, they lose 15 HP.

If they are 4x weak to fire, they lose 20 HP.

If the Pokemon has the ability Flash Fire, they lose no HP, but do not gain the Flash Fire bonus.

And that's about it.
EndQuote's Arenas

Arena: Windswept Meadow
Field Type: Grass
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All

Weather only lasts one round before being blown away or canceled out.
Digging costs 1 less energy.
Surf is limited. (Ref Discretion)
See each wind direction for specific details.


The Windswept meadow would be paradise for grass-types, if it weren't for the ever-changing wind. This expansive meadow's location means that winds change rapidly and without warning, bringing different effects to the battlefield. The wind also means that weather-causing moves only last one round, as the storms are blown away or scudding clouds block the sun. The soft earth means that digging costs one less energy, but water sources are limited.

The arena starts out with no wind. There is a 1/5 chance, each round, of each of the following effects:

1) No Wind: Without wind, grass types can relax and enjoy the sunny meadow. Grass-type moves take 2 less energy to execute, and all grass-type attacks gain 2 BAP. Sunny Day is in effect, though it can be canceled out by another weather.
2) Wind from the North: To the north is a howling wasteland of snow and ice. Northern winds bring hail, so all non-ice-type pokemon suffer normal hail damage. The biting cold means that recovery moves are half as effective.
3) Wind from the East: To the east lies a large rose garden, so the scent is sweet. All pokemon relax, and evasion is reduced by one stage.
4) Wind from the South: To the south, a large group of Bellossum and Vileplume are enjoying the sunshine. The wind carries their spores to the battlefield, causing a 10% chance for 10% paralysis and a 10% chance for poison for each pokemon. (Normal poison, not bad.)
5) Wind from the West: To the west is a desert, with a raging sandstorm. The wind brings with it choking dust and grit, causing accuracy to drop one stage for all Pokemon unused to sandstorm. All non-steel/rock/ground types suffer normal sandstorm damage.

The wind direction can be changed with the moves Gust, Whirlwind, and Razor Wind.

Arena: Substitutions'R'Us
Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles (Mainly)

Restrictions: Substitutions cost 3 HP and 5 Energy each.
You can use an infinite amount of Substitutions if you desire, at the cost of the health of your Pokemon.
Initial turn order is decided by a coin flip.

Description: In the massive superstore Substitutions'R'Us, the lively vendors will sell you a Substitution, saving you from potential injury!
All it costs is 3 HP and 5 energy from the Pokemon affected by the Substitution! (Taken at the very end of the round)
At those low, low prices, Substitutions are selling like hotcakes, but buyer beware!
Use too many at your own peril!
Moving my stuff. It's too difficult being at the bottom.

Arena: Time Traveller's Forest
Field Type: Diverse
Complexity: Intense
Format: All
Restrictions: Weather moves won't work.

A simple little grove in the middle of a forest, with a 50m clearing in the middle. A river runs silently off to the side of the arena, about 2.5m deep and 3m wide, and sunlight flutters softly down onto this picturesque scene. So, what make this arena so special?

Time Travel.

At the beginning of every round, Celebi shows up (Non-catchable) and shifts everyone from the current timeline to a random alternate (Schroeder's Cat Principle. It's Quantum Physics, hard to explain). The potential timelines are:

- Natural Life: The starting arena. Call it home if you like, because it'll be the only promise of comfort you'll get. No special effects.
- Forest Fire: Tiger, Tiger, burning bright... All Fire Moves enjoy a +2BP Boost, while Water Moves suffer a -2BP Boost. In adition, all pokemon unused to the intense heat with have -1 Accuracy.
- Industrialization: Welcome to the Streets. Desolate for as far as the eye can see, nothing but concrete and iron under the harsh street lamps of the Big City. The river and all the trees are gone, and Seismic Activity and Dig are unusable. Steel, Poison and Electric types are right at home, and have the Energy cost reduced of all moves by 2.
- Drought: Sunlight, so harsh it burns. The trees have lost their leaves, and offer little to no relief to wary battlers. All Grass-Types will be treated as if they have Solar Power, as well as their normal abilities. Water-types will also be treated as if they have Dry Skin.
- Storm: Thunderbolts and Lightning, very very Frightening! The river has flooded, and everyone has about 50cm of water around their ankles! This impedes foot-movement, and all moves that require going up and striking your opponent to have negative priority. Flying types, Levitators and Water-types are able to ignore this, due to their ability to avoid/thrive in watery conditions.
- Deadland: The river dried up, and the land died with it. Nothing but Sand as far as the eye can see, which isn't very far, with the giant Sandstorm in your face. Pokemon uncomfortable with Desert conditions have -1 Accuracy.
- Snowbound: Welcome to a Winter Wonderland. Weather is Snowing (Hail, without the damage per Action). Pokemon unfit for Winter conditions will move slower than normal.
- Volcanic Pile: From out of the ashes I leap! The volcano has long since died down, but its scar against the countryside is left forever. The ground is rocky and loose, giving all direct damaging attacks a 1/10 of outright failing, with the exception of Flying, Rock, Ground or Levitating Pokemon.
- Midnight in a Perfect World: Identical to Natural Life, but during the Night. Because of the tranquility, a sense of peace befalls all Pokemon; Chilling regains 10 health as well as 18% Energy, and Recoveries are 50% more effective, and will work with their maximum level of effectiveness (even Sythesis/Morning Sun). This peace also affects a Pokemon's fighting prowess; All Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack Ranks are halved, rounded up.
- 1994 Kanto: Taking it way back, when Pokemon was just ≈150. Long before the Physical/Special Split, Abilities, Items and Natures, there was these 16-bit trees and the most catchy music in the world. If you haven't worked out what the conditions are, look it over.

And any other little place that may pop into the Ref's head, as long as it's simple.


Time passes by quite quickly. Every Second Round, we move on to a new Phase of the Day:

Daybreak: Casual battle. Low light, Optimism. Hopes begin at around this time of the day. (No effect)
Midday: Better grab the Sunscreen, it's gettin' hot! (Sunny Day)
Sunset: As the day fades away, bright reds and yellows draw your eyes away from the fight. (Accuracy Drop)
Midnight: It's cold, it's dark, and now there's a thunderstorm coming! Great! (Raining)
Daybreak again, so on and so forth.

Arena: Arceus' Plate Platform
Field Type: Diverse
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: No Restrictions

Deep in the the Sinnoh Underground, the excavators have discovered a stranger arena: Within it lie 17 Plates, each glowing with a faint tinge. As time progressed and studies increased, people began to see the wonders these plates held: they could grant the user a momentary boost in power, or access to powers they did not previously possess. The Plates were promptly moved to a place where they could be more readily used for battling.

- There are 17 Different Plates, each representing the 17 Types of Pokemon (For these purposes, I'm introducing the Simple [Normal] Plate).
- When a plate is stepped on, the user is granted a choice: Either Boost the BP of moves of that corresponding type by 3 for for 3 actions, or use any move of that type.
- Stepping on a Plate costs 3 En. If using the BP Boost, it takes an action. If using an Attack, it does not.
- Once a Plate is used for either purpose, it is unusable for the duration of the match. In addition, the great power required by the plates makes it impossible to use more than 1 plate per round, to the detriment of the User.
- The platform itself supports all forms of battling: there is plenty of room, a deep pool in the centre of the field, and the ground is soft enough to dig through, yet hard enough that Seismic moves have their full strength.
I assume i'm allowed to reseve a spot?

This arena is an ancient and wonderous place. The central (and only feature) is an ENORMOUS crystal in the center of the arena 20ft above the ground that glows with a special aura. The crystal mimics a random pokemon type, radiaiting that type(which is completly random) the effect of this glow gives any pokemon of the same type a bonus of one rank (1) to all of it's stats while penalizing any pokemon of a opposite type (ie, fire aura weakens grass, bug, steel, ice) the second effect strengthens any attack of the same type by adding +3 to it's BAP(it weakens attacks of the opposite type ie fire aura weakens fire, bug, steel, ice type moves) the aura switches after every round. The arena consists of a fifty(50) foot prefect circle with no walls, the ground itself is marble meaning, No digging! Going outside this 50 foot arena means a 5 hp reduction. and you're teleported directly under the crystal. the lighting is simulated daylight with the execption of dark which completly darkens the field. hopefully i don't get to many questions about this arena(because I hopefully explained it well).

Arena :Glowing Meadow

This arena consitst of a very beautiful meadow with a river and nice bright sunlight, wispy clounds floating along on the gentle breeze that blows through here. The atmosphere here calms all pokemon making Taunt, any moves that confuse or attract useless . Also because of the bright sunlight and whatnot pokemon get healing (after each round all pokemon recover 7 hp). Chills work twice as well.

Arena: Frostbite Cave

A small tunnel that empties into a small cavern that is only barely lit by light reflecting down from ice from the surface. Except for a small patch of rock (about 10M by 10M) in the center of the cavern, the floor and walls are coated in ice, making moving around the room very difficult. There are also Icicles hanging from the ceiling of the cave, so any overly loud or seismic attacks have a chance to drop icicles on either combatant, regardless of who used the attack (percentages and damage dealt up to ref). The ground is also very hard so any non rock, ground, or steel type pokemon trying to use dig will only smash its digging apendage on the floor hurting itself. There is no source of water other than the layer of ice which cant be utilized unless it is somehow thawed. Also the ceiling is high enough that Fly and bounce can safely be used.
Indeed, TRG; new or old, all ASB users are welcome here.

That being said, I'm prolly going to have a Gym arena up sometime soon. Placeholder.
Field Type: Normal
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: No sandstorm or hail, artificial water source, no diving

Indoors in a large barren white-walled room is the Normal gym of Yarnus senior. However, due to the immense power of the stash of Normal gems Yarnus has kept, the room of able to alter itself to get rid of another type. As a result, fighting type moves become *1.1 against Normal types and other resistances and weaknesses are only .9 and 1.7, respectively. If something would be neutral against an attack due to a combination, e.g. Venasaur vs Ground, it instead becomes 1.53(.9*1.7) Also, non-STAB moves gain two (2) extra BP. All moves not specified to be disallowed are allowed. Nature Power is a random type each time it is used. En for each normal mon starts at 110. Due to the bright artificial and natural light everywhere, all moves requiring light or benefiting from it take 2 less energy. Chlorophyll is activated automatically, and only goes away if Rain is summoned.
Mario Kart WIP ~ Item Configuration created by Engineer

When a pokemon participates in one of the following arenas, they get to choose and drive one of the following carts that match their appropriate weight class. The pokemon's stats are altered by the Kart, and they gain special bonuses from their respective Kart.

Small Karts: Tiny Titan, Bullet Bike. Weight Classes 1 - 4
Medium Karts: Super Blooper, Mach Bike. Weight Classes 4 - 7
Large Karts: Flame Flyer, Shooting Star. Weight Classes 7 - 12

HP: +15 HP
Atk: +0 Attack Rank
Def: +1 Defense Rank
SpA: -1 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +1 Special Defense Rank
Spe: -10 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~The driver won't Flinch from incoming frightening attacks.
~The driver's stats cannot be lowered, and status ailments that would normally lower stats don't harm the driver's stats or mobility.
~The driver isn't affected by sound based moves (Example Moves: Screech, Sonicboom, Roar, Bug Buzz)

HP: +0 HP
Atk: +1 Attack Rank
Def: +0 Defense Rank
SpA: +1 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +0 Special Defense Rank
Spe: +25 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~ Priotity Attacks have 1 extra Base Power.
~Moves relating to shots of sorts gain an extra 1 Base Power (example moves: Pin Missle, Bullet Seed, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Poison Sting, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Zap Cannon)
~Accuracy gains a set +10%

HP: +20 HP
Atk: +1 Attack Rank
Def: +1 Defense Rank
SpA: +0 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +0 Special Defense Rank
Spe: +0 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~The driver's Accuracy cannot be lowered.
~The driver is unnaffected by stat changes amongst the opponent(s).

HP: -5 HP
Atk: +0 Attack Rank
Def: +0 Defense Rank
SpA: +1 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +1 Special Defense Rank
Spe: +10 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~The driver's Accuracy cannot be lowered.
~The driver is unnaffected by stat changes amongst the opponent(s).
~Accuracy gains a set +5%

HP: +10 HP
Atk: +1 Attack Rank
Def: +1 Defense Rank
SpA: -2 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +0 Special Defense Rank
Spe: -30 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~ Heavy Slam, Body Slam, Take Down, Tackle, Zen Headbutt, Headbutt, Iron Head, Volt Tackle, Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Slam, Giga Impact, Flare Blitz, Brave Bird, Head Smash, Selfdestruct, and Explosion gain 1 extra Base Power.
~ The driver takes 1 less damage from Super Effective moves.
~ Evasion loses a set -5%

HP: +15 HP
Atk: -2 Attack Rank
Def: +0 Defense Rank
SpA: +1 Special Attack Rank
SpD: +1 Special Defense Rank
Spe: +10 Speed

Special Bonuses: ~ Beam and Ray moves have perfect accuracy, and have twice the chance of landing a critical hit.
~ The driver is unable to be confused, or paralyzed.

more to come as I work on the arenas

Arena: Rainbow Road
Field Type: All Types
Complexity: Intense
Formats: All Formats

Restrictions: No Water source, No Seismic Moves

Description: The Final Course of the Special Cup. Argueably the most complicated track in the Mario Kart Saga, competitors must manage to stay on the track for a majority of the competition if they wish to do well. The pokemon race on a rainbow-highway several thousand miles away from the Earth's atmosphere, and can gain special bonuses from different stripes of the track.

Red Stripe - Fire, Dragon
Orange Stripe - Ground, Rock, Fighting
Yellow Stripe - Electric, Normal, Steel
Green Stripe - Grass, Bug
Blue Stripe - Water, Ice
Indigo Stripe - Dark, Flying,​
Violet Stripe - Psychic, Poison, Ghost

When a Pokemon is driving on a particular stripe, it can harness the power of one of the types represented by the lane it's in. The lane that a pokemon is in is determined by the Ref at the beginning of the battle, and you can use an action (as well as 2 En) to change lanes to take on a new type. Harnessing the power of the stripe provides an additonal BP to moves of the chosen type, and their energy cost is reduced by 2 En.

Battles behave similarly to those in a normal arena, but there's a twist. At the end of each round, each Pokemon runs into a set of item boxes and obtains one item. If the Pokemon already has an item at the end of a round, it does not pick up a second one; however, if the Pokemon has the ability Pick Up, it will be able to hold a second item, but not a third. Each item can be used either before the first action or at the end of a action without using up the action; the exception to this is the Thunder Cloud, which activates automatically. The item that is obtained is decided through RNG, and their item is described below. All stage boosts and drops that occur from items decay at the end of the round that they are used.

15% - Green Shell: 5 DMG to target, 30% to Flinch.
15% - Banana Peel: -1 Spe to target, 50% to Flinch.
10% - Thunder Cloud: Transferred by contact attacks, activates a Lightning effect on the holder at the end of the round.
10% - Mushroom: +1 Spe, +1 Crit Rate, +5% Acc
10% - Fake Item Box: 100% to Flinch.
09% - Bob-omb: Deals 10 DMG to all enemies.
08% - Red Shell: 10 DMG to target, 60% to Flinch.
05% - POW Block: -1 Spe to all Pokemon, -10% Eva to all Pokemon.
05% - Lightning: 5 DMG to all Pokemon, inflicts 25% PRZ to all enemies, reduces SC to 2.
05% - Blue Shell: 15 DMG to target, 100% to Flinch.
05% - Blooper: -20% Acc to all enemies, -20% Eva to all enemies, -1 Spe to all enemies.
02% - Golden Mushroom: +3 Spe, +2 Crit Rate, +20% Acc.
02% - Star: +5 DMG to all attacks, -5 DMG to all attacks aimed at you.
01% - Bullet Bill: 20 DMG to all Pokemon, +1 Spe, Flinches all Pokemon for 1 action.

It should be noted that getting hit by certain items will result in a loss of your item; these follow the rules of Mario Kart in-game. For example, getting hit by a Bullet Bill will result in your item getting knocked out. Furthermore, a Pokemon can opt to discard an item instead of using it; a simple order such as "[Discard Lightning]" will do. Note that this does not take up an action, and since it is not an action, cannot be flinched by means of Mario Kart items.


Here's an Arena that sounds cool. Still Untested
Arena: Celestial Castle
Field Type:Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions:No Weather, Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks

Description:It is a floating, angelic castle based on Dragon Quest 9's Observatory. It is a castle in all it's glory, and the contestants will battle against each other under the mighty Yggdrasil. Water can be summoned from a fountain, grass from Yggdrasil's fellow plants, so Grass attacks gain 1 extra Base Power and Bug types lose 1 base power. However, Seismic Attacks are not allowed. At the end of every action, the contestant who has more health (percentage) shall recieve a Figg. The contestant can use it to use any move they do not know for 3 less energy, or they can eat it to regain 10 health or 10 energy, and they can keep it. Be warned however, as after all 7 figgs are given away, Corvus will shoot a blast of Dark Energy straight towards the pokemon who used/has the most Figgs. Dark types will gain 15 health and energy and an extra base power in all dark type attacks. Be warned however, for any non-dark type hit will lose 15 health and energy, which doubles/ quadruples if weaknesses to dark exist. Also, using a dark type move anytime might(25%) result in a Celestrian slashing the user with a blade for 7 damage and disabling the attack( only one move can be disabled this way). That was before Corvus's attack. If after, then there is only a 15% chance for it to happen, however the damage becomes 10. This is unpreventable damage. Also, after Corvus's attacks, the figgs restore 15 health or energy. However, any attempt to use them to attack will change the attack into Dark Pulse and risk being attack by Celestrians. Have Fun!

Arena: Starflight Express
Field Type:Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions:Varies. Never able to fly.

Description:You are on board the Starflight Express! This Magical Train has some perks. Every 3 rounds, it will land in a RNGed place and spend 2 rounds there. (Ex: 1: Starflight, 2:Starflight, 3:RNGed Place, 4:RNGed Place, 5:Starflight, 6: Starflight ...) These are:

Frozen Tundra: Hail kicks up! Ice type moves gain 2BAP and there is no water. Also, water type attacks lose 1BAP This hail cannot be cancelled out.
Restrictions: No digging.

High Mountains: High winds kick up. Contact moves lose 15% accuracy. Flying moves have prefect accuracy and +2BAP. Only Rain can be summoned here.
Restrictions: No water, grass, or fire source.

Plains:Ahh, sunny plains. Weather is Sunlight, Completely natural landscape. The sunlight cannot be ended
Restrictions: None.

Marshes: Poisonous caves, no weather, source of all elements. Non-aerial contact moves have a 30% chance to poison the user.
Restrictions:No digging

However, there are restrictions while on the Express as well:
Restrictions:No digging, no sources of Fire/Water/Grass, no artificial weather, no digging, no seismic activity.
Description: There is a 5% chance that a dragon from the Gittish Empire will attack with a 10 Base Power STAB 100% accurate attack that cannot be blocked. Each Trainer gets 5 sofas which can be used to block attacks. They will take up to 10 damage and have the stats+typing as the pokemon on the field dodging. Once destroyed, they cannot come back.


heralds disaster.
Order's Sanctuary

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Swimming, No Seismic Attacks

A simple arena, consisting of a flat, ankle-deep water plain with large arching grind beams players can Quickmove on. In the center is a large, white, low-sitting chair flanked by two shell like structures.

Omega Cosmos - Instead of dealing additional damage, Critical Hits (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw) restore HP to the attacker equal to the damage dealt.
Old Chaos Shrine

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

A straightforward arena with a large central room lined with destructible pillars dominated by a ramp leading from the doors of the shrine to a throne against the opposite wall. Portraits of four fiendish creatures can be seen in the corners of the room.

Omega Toll - At the end of each round, 5 of each battler's En is taken by the stage, adding up in "Stage En" pool. Whenever a mon critically hits a foe (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw), they take all of the Stage En for themselves.
Coward's Punishment - Each mon that does not order an attacking move in a given round is completely immobilized, rendering them helpless for the entire next round.

Field Type: Dark
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles
Traits: No Weather, Artificial Field, Limited Ceiling, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

An opulent, crystalline fortress where dark things lurk. The palace is perhaps the most closed-in arena imaginable, with many walls, low ceilings, and few open areas. The center of the stage contains a Banish Trap at the bottom of a pit over which hang a handful of small, square platforms.

Omega Spines - Whenever a mon uses a non-contact attacking move, they run a 25% risk of being hit by a spine trap from the floor, which saps twice the energy cost of the ordered attack and interrupts it.
Close Quarters - Contact attacks never miss.
Banish Trap - Any mon struck by a critical hit (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw) will be sent into a deep, black pit. 10 additional damage will be inflicted and the fallen mon cannot hit with or be hit by contact moves until it spends an action and 10 En to crawl back out.
World of Darkness

Field Type: Dark
Complexity: Intense
Format: All (For Arenas that play the same in basically all styles of play)
Traits: No Weather, Artificial Field, No Digging, No Water Source

A polygonal, dark crystalline area with many tall pillars and tendrils of dark energy circling the arena. The rails of energy can be used to make a quick escape in a pinch. At one end of the stage, a staircase descends from nothingness.

Omega Warp - The combatants are teleported to different versions of the World of Darkness at set intervals. At the end of every odd-numbered round (including the first), a coin is flipped. If this coin lands heads, the arena gains Close Quarters and High Pressure for the duration of the next round. If it lands tails, the arena gains Long Distance and Brief Respite for the duration of the next round. After the warp round concludes, the arena returns to normal (until the next warp, of course).

During Warp:
Close Quarters - Contact attacks never miss.
High Pressure - All damage, including passive damage, is increased by 2.
Long Distance - Contact attacks never hit.
Brief Respite - Each combatant recovers 2 energy per action.
Lunar Subterrane

Field Type: Dark, Rock
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: No Water Source

The Subterrane is a large arena with a multi-leveled landscape full of cliffs and pits. Quickmove bars extend from the center of the arena outward in three directions, allowing characters to cross the arena quickly.

Omega Crush - Whenever a mon is hit for 15 damage or more, a large portion of the arena is destroyed and 10HP/10 En is added to the arena's HP/En Pool. Whenever a mon is critically hit (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw), the attacker takes the HP/En Pool for themselves.
Anti-Gravity - Combination attacks always fail.
Merciful Touch - If a mon falls below 50 HP flat, they gain En equal to the damage dealt to them. This also applies to the attack that puts them under 50 HP.
The Rift

Field Type: Grass, Flying
Complexity: Complex
Format: Singles
Traits: No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

An open arena, with a large central castle surrounded by several smaller turrets and towers floating in the air. The castle's structure will randomly shift around, drastically changing the environment: turrets will appear in mid-air upside down, towers will stack up on each other, and some buildings will vanish altogether. Only the central castle's base will remain unchanged, though the keep in the center of the base and the bridges around it will still shift.

Omega Shift - At the end of each round, the referee will roll for three properties from the list below. Those three properties will be in effect during the next round, and stack with themselves. Each round, the effects are wiped clean and replaced with three new properties.

Resplendence - Increases effect chances by 10% flat, after Serene Grace and Oaths.
Inversion - The type chart is inverted; weaknesses become resistances and vice-versa. On a second helping of Inversion, battlers trade En totals, and on a third helping of Inversion they trade HP totals.
Incitement - Each mon's Attack and Sp. Attack stages increases by 2.
Hippocratics - Damage is decreased by 10 after all other modifiers. If this makes the damage dealt negative, the attacker instead regains that much HP. E.g, instead of dealing 7 damage, the attacker recovers 3 HP. Only direct damage is affected.
Fire Sale - Attacks don't cost Energy, but combinations become disallowed for the duration. On a second helping of Fire Sale, indirect damage is halted, and on a third helping combinations become permitted.
Body Swap - The mons swap bodies, and use each others' attacks, stats, HP, and so on, and may not use combinations. They swap back at rounds' end, making attacking a risk vs. reward decision. They may use combinations on a second helping, and they are restored 20 En on a third helping.
Kefka's Tower

Field Type: Dark, Electric, Steel
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The portion of the tower shown here is a multi-layered factory-like area. The top section features catwalks and esper-retaining capsules in small alcoves, while the lower section contains several closed-in areas with pipes running between walls. The upper portion of the tower is much wider than the lower areas. The stage features vents of magical steam that explode from walls whenever they detect non-aggression, knocking characters through the air and bouncing them between walls.

Omega Steam - Mons' initial HP counts are doubled. Whenever a mon uses a non-attacking move, the attacker also takes 1 damage. This is subject to increase by Invitation to Destruction.
Invitation to Destruction - All attack BAPs are increased by the sum of the previous rounds' numbers. Example: On Round 4, the damage bonus is (1+2+3) = +6 Damage.
The Planet's Core

Field Type: Dark, Psychic
Complexity: Simple
Format: All
Traits: No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The arena consists of a large circular platform at the bottom of the arena, with floating rocks and square pillars in the air surrounding it, forming a rough path spiraling to the top of the arena. Tendrils of the life energy connect the platforms and can be used to move about. Powerful attacks can destroy the platforms and pillars if a mon is knocked into them. After a period of time has passed during a battle the arena shakes and the platforms and pillars float upwards. Eventually the stage calms down, after which the stone platforms are gone, there are more floating pillars, and more strands of life energy have appeared on the stage.

Omega Countdown - On Round 3, the stage breaks down and begins to transform. The platforms are destroyed and all mons enter free-fall. Mons that aren't Flying-type and lack the Levitate trait can't target anyone but themselves this round. On Round 4, the platforms re-form in a new configuration and fighting can resume as normal.
Flowing Life - All mons experience extremely rapid regeneration, at the rate of 3 HP per action.
Ultimecia's Castle

Field Type: Dark, Steel
Complexity: Complex
Format: All
Traits: No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The arena features a large open central area with four tall pillars in the corners and a spiral wooden platform with railings. The wooden platforms are destructible, and also break if a battler stands on them too long. The side of the area has a long alcove lined with gears, and the top has a small balcony that can be destroyed if a character is knocked into it.

Omega Compression - Trainers only order two actions per round. On every second round, events that occur every action or every round are processed twice. For example, Leftovers would heal a holder twice per action, and mons would take toxic damage twice. Toxic damage would increase twice at the end of the round, and so on.
Clockwork Castle - The churning gears drown out sound-based attacks, causing them to only affect the user (or to do nothing if it only targets foes).
Crystal World

Field Type: Dark, Rock, Ice
Complexity: Simple
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The stage is dominated by two large connected orange platforms in the arena's center surrounded by pillars of crystal. Pillars and platforms made of orange and purple crystal float in the air and form a network of hexagonal platforms around the bottom of the central platforms. Some platforms of rock cannot be destroyed, but the platforms and crystal can be. In the background the Crystal of Final Fantasy IX can be seen spinning inside a large ring.

Omega Stiffling - Damage can't have bonuses. Only BAP and typing apply—not even stats!
Dream's End

Field Type: Dark, Water, Fire
Complexity: Intense
Format: No Reserves or Switch matches only
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The arena consists of a ruined Blitzball stadium surrounding a circular platform over a field of lava. A massive replica of Sir Jecht's sword appears on the central platform. Long grind bars run along the outer edge of the arena, connecting the central platform to the ruined "stands" on the opposite side.

Omega Brawl - Mons don't have their own individual HP pools and cannot be knocked out. Instead, their HP is pooled into a single, match-wide total. Damage that would normally be dealt to a mon instead depletes this pool, while healing increases it. Passive damage can only reduce the pool to 1, not below. The mon that reduces the pool to zero wins the match and earns KOC for its team, distributed as the trainer sees fit!
Empyreal Paradox

Field Type: Dark, Ice
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The arena is a large flat expanse with a giant orange crystal in the center. Several smaller crystals line the arena on the outside perimeter, and a strange world can be seen below the stage.

Omega Absorption - The great crystal takes 5 En from both battlers for itself at the end of each round. When a critical hit (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw) occurs, the Crystal releases a pulse and all mons in play take damage equal to the accumulated En, divided equally between all mons in play and rounded down. The Crystal's En stock then resets.
Sky Fortress Bahamut

Field Type: Dark, Steel
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

The stage consists mostly of a large bridge over a Banish Trap with several breakable pillars, leading to a circular central area with a small rectangular area that slopes downwards. The doorway to the inside of the Bahamut can be seen on the other end of the bridge. Grind bars ringing the outside of the stage lead from the end of the rectangular arena to the other end.

Omega Tempest - The fortress accelerates through the air at a rapid clip. Each round, both battlers lose En each action equal to the sum of the previous rounds. For example, on Round 4, battlers lose (1+2+3) 6 En per action.
Rife With Mist - Battlers start with 250% En.
Orphan's Cradle

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Complex
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Seismic Attacks, No Water Source

Orphan's Cradle is a large, long arena, the central area consisting of a circular platform with two staircases and various archways and protrusions around a small circular platform in the middle. At one end of the arena are a series of rectangular platforms spaced evenly apart, while at the other end, there is a four-pronged platform with two ends arcing downwards. Uniquely. the entire arena is ringed by one continuous pit that teleports battlers to the central area—there are no walls or ceilings. The archways are destructible, and thus the only solid surface is the ground itself.

Omega Distort - Orphan's Cradle is a strange place that bends the rules of reality. In this arena, mons are posted in pairs—one to actually battle with, and one for movepool. The battling mon uses all of its own attributes except movepool, which is granted to it by its "partner". The movepool mon is not used to battle unless it is also a selected as a battling mon. Each mon can occur as both a battling mon and as a movepool mon, but only once as each. A mon may not select itself as a partner.
Edge of Madness

Field Type: Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Water
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Water Source, No Seismic Attacks

A small, simple arena, a circular platform with Chaos's throne at one end, and the stage reaches very high vertically. In the background surrounding the arena is a long staircase leading to the floor before Chaos's throne, as well as several gigantic swords that belong to Chaos.

Omega Chaos - All RNG roll targets are randomized on 1d10000, instead of their normal values. For example, if Thunderbolt were used, the target number for paralysis would be randomized, and then a roll would be made to try and inflict paralysis.
King Serperior's Arena Area!

Field Type: All
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: None except for the Armors

After cleaning up the mess from the disasterious battle between fellow scientist, King Serperior, and his foe, Glacier Knight, King Serperior scrapped all the armors and ordered his fellow scientists to go back to the drawing board.

After two years of constant research, King Serperior and his fellow scientists came up with newer and better armors......

Before we get to the armors, the arena is an exact replica of the ASB Arena.

When the pokemon are sent in, the ref RNG's which armor is given to each mon before the battle begins.

1). Aero Armor - An oldie, but a goodie. This jet-powered armor adds an extra flying-typing to the wearer and increases base speed by 33%. If the wearer is already of the flying type, then it gains 2X STAB on all of its flying moves and its Flying weaknesses are doubled. It also gains the following moves as long as it wears the armor: Aerial Ace and Air Cutter

2). Pyro Armor - This specially designed armor is made from a synthetic material that automatically catches itself on fire with no harm to the wearer. The wearer gains the ability, Flame Body, while wearing this armor. All contact moves used by the wearer have a 20% chance to burn the foe. The wearer gains use of the moves, Flame Charge and Flame Burst.

3). Blaster Armor - Strong armor with two large cannons are strapped to the wearer. Each cannon has auto-targeting capabiities. This allows the Wearer to use the move Lock On at half its energy cost rounded up after STAB is applied (Note: If mon does not already know the move Lock On, it gains full use of this move via this armor). Each cannon give the wearer offensive capabilities as well in the form of Charge Beam and Bullet Seed.

4). Power Armor - The wearer gains use of an armor that focuses its power into the upper torso and arms of the user. (If the wearer lacks arms and legs, this armor automatically unfolds mechanical arms and legs). Physical attacks used against the wearer have their BAP decreased by 2. The wearer of the armor gains the moves, Close Combat and Mach Punch.

5). Heavyweight Armor - After countless retesting and experimentation, this failed and overpowered armor was completely redesigned. The wearer's weight class becomes 12. The wearer cannot use moves that cannot be used in Gravity (Note that Levitating and Flying pokemon are hit for full damage by ground attacks). The Defense and Sp.Defense ranks of the wearer are increased by 2. The wearer learns the moves, Magnitude and Iron Defense.

6). Reversal Armor - This question-mark covered armor gives the ability, Contrary, to the wearer. It also reverses the type weaknesses and resistenses of the wearer. If the wearer is a fire/bug type, its 4X rock weakness becomes a 4X rock resist. Any immunties that the wearer has are kept. The wearer gains the ability to use Reversal and Mirror Coat.

7). Brood Armor - After studing the relationship between Combee and Vespiquen, this armor was built. Small Sentries float around the wearer and intercept multi-hit attacks, reducing thier BAP by 3. These sentries also protect the wearer from damage from allied attacks like Earthquake. Finally, the sentries allow the use of Attack Order and Heal Order.

8). Magna Armor - Magnezone have baffled scientists for many years now. Their ability to live is unexplainable. Though many have come up with theories, no one knows for sure. That is why we have designed an armor that replicates the powers of these pokemon to an extent. This Armor is covered with many very strong magnets that attract and repel each other so fluidly, the wearer won't notice that it is wearing industrial grade magnets. This allows the user to gain the power of Magnet Pull. Within the armor are nanobots that feed off of electricity. This means that when an electrical attack is used against the wearer, for the next 6 actions, all electrical attacks used by the wearer get a BAP increase of 2. Finally, this armor allows the wearer to learn Magnet Rise and Magnet Bomb. The Magnetic Field causes incoming special attacks of BAP of 7 or higher moves to be lowered by 2.

9). Aqua-Lung Armor - This armor is designed to allow perfect movement under the water. (Water Typing added to original typing; If already of the water type, it gains double STAB on water moves and all water weaknesses are doubled;Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater). The micro-propellers make moves of the Water Typing much easier to use (The wearer gains STAB on all Water Moves even it it isn't of the Water typing). There is a Torpedo Tube that is attached to the armor that can be converted into a compressed water cannon. This allows for the use of moves such as and Aqua Jet. The Torpedo attack is a 6BAP Special Steel move with 95Acc and a 40% chance to lower the special Def of the target. This move costs 7 energy to use.

*Note: This arena is designed for using Prose style actions. Though this is optional, the arena is less fun when you don't take advantage of the armors themselves. Ex: Use Vital Throw to rip an arm off of the Power Armor and lower the effectiveness of Close Combat.
Teleportation Clause: If this arena is chosen for Teleportation, all active Pokemon are RNG'd one of the above armors.

Between the Earth and the Underworld lies the River Styx. The Greek gods and goddesses were bound to the Styx and swore oaths upon it. There are many hazards in this place and most are not pretty. The River Styx also grants great power to the user who promises upon it......and great danger to those who break their promises......

  • Moves that utilize outside water sources will use the water from the River Styx. Because of the water's deadly properties, final damage delt by these attacks are increased by 3.
  • Flying is impossible in the Underworld. No Fly.
  • If Bounce is used, it cannot evade attacks. Digging and Diving are also allowed, but Diving into the water causes 5 flat damage to the user per action that the user remains underwater.
  • Digging means burrowing into the mud and dirt, tainted by the sins of others. This causes a flat 5 damage per action to the user.
  • All other moves are allowed
Now, there is a ferryman by the name of Charon that comes every 2 rounds on A1. When he comes, the pokemon have a choice of giving their held item as payment for safety from his curse (Giving the item costs an action). If a pokemon has no item and has not already given away their item or refuses to hand their's over, Charon will deal a flat 20 damage to them. This damage is delt if the pokemon's item was tricked away or knocked off.

At a cost of 20HP and 20Energy at the beginning of a Round, a pokemon can gain "Indestructability" for the round. Indestructability means complete immunity to status. All damage delt by the foe is made 0. However, while under Indestructability, all damage done by the user is cut in half. Cannot chill the round Indestructability is used or the round after. For the same length of time, the user cannot regain HP by any means. All status's that the user currently has are removed and stat changes are returned to normal.

Because we are deep underground, there can be no weather. Rock attacks that requre external rock sources uses the bones on the banks of the river. These bones make the rock attack have a 50% chance of becoming a Ghost type. All attacks using these bones have an additional 20% flinch chance on top of their normal move chances

All grass attacks that require an external grass sourse have to use the poisoned grass in the surroundings. This gives these grass moves have a 50% chance of becoming Poison typed instead. Grass attacks that become poison by this effect corrodes Steel types. All grass attacks using this external source have a 10% chance of Toxic Poison on top of their normal move chances.

There is a cursed air that has a 5% chance to make pokemon using 10 BAP or higher attacks flinch that action.....

Jak & Daxter: Eco Abound

Deep under the earth lies an arena that embodies those with intense skill and power. Those great warriors are given the power of Eco.......

When a Pokemon is sent out,the trainer declares the Eco they wish the Pokemon to embody. Eco cannot be doubled up and only ONE pokemon can embody ONE kind of Eco. View the example below.
Example said:
Trainer one has a Serperior, Nidoking, Metagross, and Slowking.
He gives the following Ecos to his mons:
Nidoking = Green
Slowking = Blue
Metagross = Light
Serperior = Yellow
This is following the rules. However, the opponent gives Green Eco to all four of his mons. That is illegal. YOU CANNOT DOUBLE UP ON ECO!!
All Moves are allowed with no restrictions.

The Ecos and their effects:
Green Eco: +25 Maximum HP to a pokemon embodied with it; Healing moves and abilities heal +3 more HP than usual.
Blue Eco: +1 Priority to all attacks; If the embodied pokemon uses a move of the same priority as the opponent, then the embodied pokemon's attack always goes first
Yellow Eco: +3BAP to all Special attacks and +30% acc to those moves (The acc stacks with +speed acc)
Red Eco: +3BAP to all Physical attacks and +30% acc to those moves (The acc stacks with +speed acc)
Dark Eco: Attack and Special attack Ranks are raised by Two (2); Damaging moves cost one (1) less energy for the Embodied pokemon.
Light Eco: Defense and Special defense Ranks are raised by Two (2); Non-Damaging moves cost one (1) less energy for the Embodied Pokemon.

Welcome, stranger, to this wonderous arena where we simulate Gym Battles past, present, and possibly future! It is here that you can reenact the battles of old. Today, Gym Leaders have submitted their gym plans for our usage. Those that did not submit plans.....we talked to the people who helped build these gyms and bought them off.

This arena is designed to perfectly match that of the Gym Leader's personal battlefields. This allows those to test their metal against the strains of hopelessness and find strength. Be ready young traveler,for you are about to face a challenge like never before!!

Battle Rules:
1). For the first round, the arena is just the ASB arena. However, at the end of the and then after every two rounds, the arena will randomly change to copy that of a Gym arena.
2). There are 12 Gym Arenas. Starting from top to bottom for the RNG choices.
3). The only restrictions on moves, items, and similar are that of the Arena.
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So, i have many other arenas on the first page. but that post got too big. it takes forever to load it, edit, and save it. therefore, to bump the Compendium up to the front for a while, (kekeke) and previous reasons stated, you can now find more Glacier patented arenas on page 2!

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles/Doubles

Metronome Madness:

"Wiggle Waggle! My finger Wiggles! Kekekekeke! I am Mr. Metronome, Wiggle Waggle! You two trainers shall have a fun battle! Wiggle Waggle! Your pokemon i have trained in my art, kekekeke. They can Metronome! The power to harness Metronome though, i have taught them as well! Now, Wiggle Waggle, show me your skill!"

And this is what you get for leaving your red solo cup outside the bathroom at that party. Where are you? a white room with random colored paint splattered erratically here and there (100x100 feet). An odd, creepy man in a full white suit looks at you eagerly, and it freaks you out. Since you are here though, why not battle?

However, Mr. Metronome was true to his word, and taught your pokemon the skill of Metronoming. But, that's all they know now........

But! they can hone Metronome, and be able to make the random move not so random. Confused? here, let me explain.

The only move Pokemon Know is Metronome.
Pokemon have 200 Energy instead of 100
Chills Heals 30 energy

There are two kinds of Metronome: Regular and Focused

Regular Metronome
is like in-game Metronome (Randomly generates one move out of all moves and uses it). It costs no energy to perform.

Focused Metronome is special in that you can try to focus your metronome to pull up certain moves (e.g stab attacks, moves that start with "g"). There are many varieties of FM, and each cost different amounts of energy. The more specific you try to be, the more energy it costs

Types of Focused Metronome

FM-A: you name a type, and Metronome randomly picks a move of that type (e.g use the command FM-A (Grass), and then the Metronome will RNG a grass typed move out of all Grass typed moves).

FM-A*: You name a type your pokemon has STAB on, and then Metronome randomly picks a move of that type (E.g you have a Dragonite. if you want to use a Dragon move, you must use the command FM-A* (Dragon), and then the Metronome will RNG a dragon typed move out of all Dragon Typed moves). If your pokemon has only one typing, then you can just use the command FM-A*. However, if the pokemon is dual-typed, you must specify which STAB type

FM-B: You name a letter of the Alphabet, and Metronome randomly picks a move that begins with that letter (E.g you use the command FM-B (D), and then Metronome will RNG a move that starts with D out of all other moves that start with D).

FM-C: Metronome RNG's a damaging move that's Base Power is 6 or less out of all Damaging Moves that have 6 or less BP.

FM-C*: Metronome RNG's a damaging move that's Base Power is 7 or more out of all Damaging Moves that have 7 or more BP.

Metronome RNG's a self-targeting move (e.g Protect, Imprison, Swords Dance) out of all self-targeting moves.

FM-E: Metronome RNG's a Status-Inflicting move (E.g Thunder Wave, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp) out of all Status-Inflicting Moves.

FM-G10: You name ten different moves, and Metronome Randomly picks one of them (this is regular ASB metronome).

FM-G5: You name five different moves, and Metronome Randomly picks one of them (E.g use the Command FM-G5 (fire punch/ice punch/thunder punch/needle arm/shadow punch), and then Metronome randomly picks one of those 5)

FM-G2: You name 2 Moves, and Metronome Randomly picks one of them (E.g use the command FM-G2 (Ice Beam/Flamethrower), and then Metronome randomly picks one of the two.)

FM-G1: You name One specific Move, and Metronome turns into that move (E.g You use the command FM-G1 (Blast Burn), and Metronome Turns into Blast Burn)

Now, each FM command costs energy, some being more costly than others.

FM-A: costs 18 EN
FM-A*: costs 25 EN
FM-B: costs 15 EN
FM-C: costs 15 EN
FM-C*: costs 25 EN
FM-D: costs 20 EN
FM-E: costs 25 EN
FM-G10: costs 40 EN
FM-G5: costs 60 EN
FM-G2: costs 80 EN
FM-G1: costs 100 EN

Moves used by metronome do not cost any energy. For example, if you use FM-G1 (Ice Punch), then the pokemon uses 100 energy. ice punch costs no energy, only FM-G1.

Good luck, and happy Metronoming!

(Wiggle Waggle)

Field Type: Water
Complexity: Intense
Format: All
Restrictions: see mechanics

What a dreadful deluge! This area is swamped by constant, intense rain, that shapes the land. it is cold, and it is miserable here! still, trainers come to partake in a tricky battle. it will be challenging, good luck!

Area is 1000 feet by 1000 feet, and very swampy. the north block of the arena (1000 feet wide, 200 feet long), is all water, with the stormy sea battering the already soggy land. there are many rivers, but they overflow on the flat land, making everywhere having at least three inches of water covering the earth

Permanent Heavy Rain
-Thunder is 100% accurate, Hurricane is 100% accurate
-Water Pokemon gain +5BAP to all attacks
-Rain Dish and Dry Skin Healing is doubled, and Swift Swimmers gain 20 speed
-Fire Pokemon Lose 2HP per action
-Ground is slick, and all non water pokemon have 20% chance to slip per action (pokemon with levitate/suction cups/anchor body not effected)
-Electric attacks gain +3BAP
-Ice Attacks gain +2 BAP

Field Type: Grass/Water
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: see mechanics

Fantasy Forest is a hidden jewel (Not some erotic woodland porn site or anything like that)! A fair and magical place to battle, the largest clearing in Fantasy Forest is a sight to behold! the area is circular and 300x300 feet wide and long, and is coated in a thick, silky grass. Not only does the grass give a relaxing feel to the arena, but its thickness gives grass knot and other moves power!

The forest is always shady, for the tress blot out a great deal of sunlight, and it gives the arena a mysterious demeanor. and i haven't even told you about the waterfall!

A special formation here long ago was forged, and now pours beautiful clear purple water! the Waterfall is situated in the north area of the arena, and is 200 feet long and 100 feet tall. the rock pours out the purple water, pure and fresh, and it cascades down!...........and down and down?

Where the water falls lies a large hole, and the pure water rushes down, not having the time to pool up and form a pretty lake on the surface. where does it go? who knows, but a spirity mist always rises from the hole and coats the area in its fine texture!

The mist is not dense at all, so accuracy is not impaired. However, the water has healing properties, so the mist heals all mons as the battle continues!

No Weather
All pokemon gain 2HP per turn
No stats can be lowered by moves or abilities
Grass knot and other moves using the grass and Nature gain an extra +2 BAP

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles/Doubles
Restrictions: see mechanics

Welcoming to this airy domain! Flying pokemon aren't boosted here, so if you're looking for something like that, check out MB's Cloud City (cough cough extremely broken). But if you want a clever battle with many new effects and tricks you haven't seen before, please, come on up!

The arena is located in a special simulation facility, and the area in which you battle is 500 feet in the air! The arena is caramel brown and has odd swirling patterns, and is about 200 feet wide and long, circular shaped. Don't worry about falling though, the arena is in a building! (the building is 500 feet in the air.....). The walls are opaque, so you can see faintly the outside, and the gorgeous aerial view!

Now, at the end of every round, the scientists watching over you battle will initiate a sequence which will release..... you'll see!

All pokemon attacks have a 100% accuracy chance

at the end of every round, one of these airs will flood the arena:

Mist-All pokemon lose a flat 25% accuracy (except Water and Ice Pokemon). Stats cannot be lowered or heightened.

Haze-All Pokemon lose a flat 40% accuracy (except Ice and Dark Pokemon). Statuses cannot be inflicted.

Red Fog-All Pokemon lose a flat 30% accuracy (Except Water Pokemon). Pokemon cannot use non-damaging attacks.

Dust-All Pokemon lose a flat 35% accuracy (Except Ground and Rock Pokemon).

Steam-All Pokemon lose a flat 25% accuracy (Except Water and Fire Pokemon). Contact attacks have a 25% chance to burn opponent.

Poison Gas-All Pokemon lose a flat 10% accuracy (except Poison Pokemon). Non-Poison pokemon lose 3HP per action.

Fresh Air- No accuracy loss. Pokemon gain 2HP per turn, and chills regain 18 energy.

Purple Haze- All Pokemon lose a flat 50% accuracy. if an attack hits, it gains 4BAP. Chills regain 30 energy.

Dead Stunky- The Ref gets to decide how this affects the pokemon (think nasty smells, ewwwww skunk!)

Field Type: Ice
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Restrictions: see mechanics

*Ten Years Ago*

"Yes my dear child? What's the matter, why are you crying?"
"Mommy, truffles was battling a staryu and got hurt by a water attack!"
"Yes baby, He's part ground, that means-"
"But mommy! He's Ice too! doesn't ice resist water?"
"Sorry hun, but that's not how it works."
"WHA? but mommy it makes sens-"
"Perhaps dear. but it just doesn't work that way. Now go draw mommy a picture."
"Sniff. Okay...."

As he grew, that little boy also found that Ice did not resist anything besides itself. It was also weak to things that the boy couldn't even believe. It was his favorite type, and the boy thought to himself, "Why is this so? Ice should resist certain things. It makes sense!"

That boy was me. And i promised to find a way to allow Ice types the justice they deserved. i traveled the globe for proof and clues, and ingredients to enact my master plan. Finally, with enough supplies and money, i created an artificial habitat that would allow Ice types to experience what they deserve.

This is the Pure Chill Experiment.

The Pure Chill Experiment is taken place in a large square room, 500 feet long and 500 feet wide. The ceiling is 20 feet high. The walls are lined with steel, but most of the steel has ice formed on it. Even if a section does not have ice on it, it is extremely cold to touch. The Floor is coated in ice as well, though it is not very thick. The room acts as freezer, keeping the cool in and pulling the heat out. This Area is quite simple and plain-jane, but I have created the perfect conditions for ice types. The exact temperature (kept classified), alongside key substances and elements in the air (also kept classified), give Ice the ability to resist certain types they weren't able to before! This arena gives Ice pokemon the resists they deserve. its only natural, after all.

-The Ice Type now resists Grass, Water, and Ground. Also, Rock is not super-effective against Ice. Ice is super-effective against Rock. Rock attacks do neutral damage to Ice Types.
-The floor has ice, so every action non-ice pokemon have a 5% chance to slip and take 10 damage (Pokemon with Levitate/Suction Cups/Anchor Body are not effected)
-Because the room is lined with steel, Dig cannot be used
-Weather does not work here and cannot be summoned
-Scald is the only water attack that Ice Types do not resist

Field Type: Normal
Complexity: Intense
Format: All
Restrictions: See mechanics

Yo Yo Yo! Let's see how sick you spit those rhymes! You and your opponent are teleported to a dark alley-way in some random shady city! Here is the perfect place to battle and rap! See, the Ref is an expert rapper (usually), and will rate your raps as you spit them out! Do better than your opponent, and your pokemon gets a bonus that round! Do worse, and your enemy is going to get the boost! So get that mind thinking, and come up with some tight lyrics!

-The Trainer will Command their pokemon normally. but alongside commands they will post a rap they come up with. The rap cannot be longer than 300 words and must have a rhyme scheme (Abab cdcd efef/aaaa bbbb cccc/aabb ccdd eeff/ etc).
-the rap must diss/slander the opponent and their pokemon. you can trash talk about the type, how much their pokemon sucks, or how you slept with their mother last night. it doesn't matter, just make your rap unique and epic!
-The ref will judge who has the best rap out of the two, and whoever he deems the winner, their pokemon receives a certain bonus that round (Attacks gain +5BAP, Immune to Poison, gain 30 energy, Stab attacks gain +4BAP, etc)
- The arena is a dark alley way. 30 feet long and 7 feet wide with no ceiling. Trash coats the arena, and there are trash cans and escape ladders lining the walls.
-No Move restrictions

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: All
Restrictions: None

Welcome Folks to Glacier's Make your own Meal Match! first, i have to say, you aren't really making a meal.... you're making a pokemon! Well.....kinda. let me just explain how it works! You get to pick and choose certain aspects of your pokemon, so that when you're done you have a super-cool custom pokemon to fight with!

Interested? well then let's go on down to the customization~!

Pokemon lose all abilities and moves. Pokemon can only use Moves chosen by the trainer, and pokemon only have Abilities selected by their trainer.

Before the match begins, the Ref posts the sections below, and the players will PM the ref what their pokemon will have

Also, the ref will post this (just copy from here and paste, refs), and players will say what moves their pokemon have:

Abilities (pick 2)
The Ref will RNG 30 random abilities, and players will choose from those 30 for the match.

Status Inflicters (pick 2)
Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Spore

Non-Damaging (pick 3)
Taunt, Encore, Substitute, Snatch, Teeter Dance, Protect, Detect, Torment, Disable, Double Team, Safe Guard, Imprison

Special Attacks (pick 2)
Earth Power, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Bug Buzz, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Paleo Wave, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Hurricane, Muddy Water, Sludge Wave

Physical Attacks (pick 2)
Earthquake, Icicle Crash, Wild Charge, Power Whip, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Bug Bite, Psyshock, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Heavy Slam, Brave Bird, Aqua Tail, Giga Impact, High Jump Kick, Gunk Shot

Stat Boosters (pick 2)
Calm Mind, Bulk Up, Coil, Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, Barrier, Hone Claws, Cosmic Power, Iron Defense, Tail Glow

+1 Priority (pick 1)
Aqua Jet, Ice Shard, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Shadow Sneak, Quick Attack

-1 stat attack (pick 2)
Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Acid Spray, Mud-Slap, Icy Wind, Struggle Bug

Free Move (pick 1)
Any single move of your choice

Weather Move (pick 1)
Rain Dance, Sandstorm, Sunny Day, Hail

Special Boosts (Pick 1)
+5 BAP on Non-STAB moves
All moves get critical hits
160 base speed and +50% more acc
Rank 7 Defenses
+1 Rank to 3 Random stats (atk/def/spa/spd/spe)
Resistance to 5 more Types (Ref RNGs)
Immunity to 3 random Types (Ref RNGs)
Pick 6 more Moves (Any)
Heal +15HP at the end of every round
So, after the trainers pick their poison, it should look like:

Pokemon A:
2 Abilities
16 Moves
1 Special Boost

Remember, the Ref copies/pastes the different options, then the Players PM the Ref the abilities, moves, and special boosts they are giving their pokemon. Then, the Ref posts the Pokemon and their new custom made sets, and the battle continues as normal
My arenas:

Arena: Virtual Arena
Field Type: Normal
Complexity: Intense
Format: Doubles/Triples/Melee


This arena is an seemingly-endless arena, programmed by none other than myself. (Well OK I got my Porygon-Z to do it.) This arena is rigged with many virtual sensors. These virtual sensors make the arena what it is. When Pokemon take the stage, an effect is RNGed. That Pokemon will be under that effect.

Effects (Roll d10000):

1: Afflicted with every status in ASB (Toxic, Burn, Deep Sleep, Intense Freeze, Intense Confusion).
2-50: All attacks that land on the Pokemon will crit.
51-400: Deep Sleep
401-500: Intense Freeze
501-1250: Toxic
1251-1400: Burn
1401-1600: -10 HP
1601-2000: -10 Energy
2001-9500: Nothing
9501-9600: +2 BP for all moves.
9601-9800: Given an additional item slot. (Meaning it can hold 2 items, or one if it is Items=Off)
9801-9950: Given an additional item slot AND an EXP. Share to hold in that slot.
9501-9999: Given an additional item slot AND a Lucky Egg to hold in that slot.
10000: All attacks are boosted by 3 BP and will always critical hit.

Every round, the arena will change to benefit one Pokemon. RNG which Pokemon. However, there are some things that are constant, no matter how much the arena changes:

-Hyper Beam is boosted by 3 BP
-Special moves are boosted by 1 BP
-Physical moves are nerfed by 1 BP
-All Pokemon gain the ability Moody.
-All Pokemon gain +3 Evasion at first.
-Double Team will create 2 additional clones.
-At the end of every round, a Pokemon that can learn Hyper Beam will come out and use it on one random Pokemon. It does a max of 15 Damage.
Arena: Insect House
Field Type: Bug
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles

-Galvantula-spun web on floor: 3 DPA to any Pokemon not Bug or Electric.
-Web reinforced with Spinarak silk: Undestroyable, -20% Accuracy and Evasion for any non-Bug. Levitators and Flyers will be grounded.
-Sprinklers on roof: -2 BP to any Fire-type move after one is used. Effect can be stacked.
-No external Rocks.
-Low roof: Pokemon cannot Fly or Bounce high enough to evade attacks.
-No digging/diving
Field type: Dragon/Fire
Complexity: Mild
Format: IDC

You step into a cave, and the first thing you notice is the heat (70 degrees Celcius).

The second thing you notice is a white crystal in the middle. It gives off a ton of light and heat. As a result, all Fire-type moves gain an additional 2 BAP, and all Ice-type Pokemon lose STAB on their Ice-type moves. There is a rather large water source, however, its water is 70 degrees Celcius, so if a Pokemon uses the water, it has a 10% chance of getting burned. The target also has a 10% chance of getting burned (Scald's burn chance goes up to 40%). However, the crystal was made by Reshiram, as this is where Reshiram used to live back when the cave was part of an active volcano. This crystal offers protection for Dragon-types, so Dragons cannot be burned by the pool (They can still be burned by Scald). In addition, Dragon-types can use Outrage without losing focus, that is they are not locked into it, are not confused by it, and it is subject to same-move EN penalty.

The crystal can be used for Sun, and there is plenty of Sand. Rain can be summoned, however, it does not lower the BAP of Fire-type moves.
Hail cannot be summoned at all.

+2 BAP for Fire-type moves
-STAB on Ice-type moves
10% chance of getting burned when using the water source (does not apply to Dragons)
Additional 10% chance of burn for the target of a move that uses the water source (does not apply to Dragons)
Dragons can Outrage without losing focus
Hail is not allowed
Rain does not lower the BAP of Fire-type moves
Field type: Fighting
Complexity: Mild
Format: IDC

The Black Castle used to belong to a dark cult.

The cult was chased out by Hector the Black and his army.

Hector decided to take a castle for himself, and let his brother Barnabas take the other, instead of destroying the castle.

One day, an emissary came to the castle. He had been training under Brawly for months, and came to have a spar with Hector. Hector was amazed at his Medicham, which spent 3 days meditating. So he decided to take up Pokemon.

He turned his own castle into an arena, and he likes to battle. He'll battle anyone he can come by.

The arena has a low roof, preventing Fly, Bounce, and Sky Drop from having an evasive effect. The collection of sharp swords in the arena boosts any and all "Sword" or "Blade" or "Cut" or "Slash" moves by 2 BAP, and lowers their EN cost by 2. In addition, Hector likes to meditate, and the arena is rather calm and allows for meditation to be more effective. A Pokemon using Focus Punch will not lose focus unless it takes at least 10 damage before attacking. Hi Jump Kick and Jump Kick no longer inflict recoil when they miss. In addition, the effects of Bulk Up, Meditate, and Calm Mind are permanent.

Hector does not want anyone messing with his arena. As such, the moves Selfdestruct, Explosion, Earthquake, and Magnitude, as well as any moves aimed directly at the arena, will cause the user's trainer to automatically lose the battle. Also, Hector's younger brother Barnabas is very impatient and dislikes stalling very much, and thus does not like an XvX battle lasting longer than 5X rounds. At the end of Round 5X of a XvX battle, Barnabas's knights will come into the arena and stab each Pokemon with a lance, inflicting 50 damage to each Pokemon. Also, at the end of Round 10X of a XvX battle, Barnabas's cannoneers will shoot down every mon on the field, instantly KOing each one.

That being said, Hector does like a good fight every now and then. He openly invites you to his castle.

Meditate, Bulk Up, and Calm Mind are permanent.
Fly, Sky Drop, and Bounce no longer evade moves.
Focus Punch can only be disrupted if the user takes at least 10 damage prior to attacking.
All "Blade", "Sword", "Cut", or "Slash" moves have 2 extra BAP and cost 2 less EN.
Selfdestruct, Explosion, Earthquake, Magnitude, and any attacks aimed at the arena will cause the user's trainer to instantly lose.
Hi Jump Kick and Jump Kick no longer inflict recoil if they miss.
At the end of round 5X of an XvX battle, every mon on the field will take 50 damage.
At the end of round 10X of an XvX battle, every mon on the field will be instantly KOed.
Type: Fighting
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Any

-All Pokemon get a random item when sent out.
-5% chance of Choice Band, 10% chance of Black Belt, 45% chance of Expert Belt, 40% chance of Life Orb.
-This changes if you switch out and switch back in.
-Any attacks or combos that have more than 95% Accuracy AFTER ALL OTHER MODIFIERS (+Speed, -Speed, Ability, Combo multipliers, etc.) are lowered to 95% Accuracy. This includes moves with infinite accuracy.
-Confusion and Attraction last anywhere from 1 to 6 actions, with each being equally likely.
-Sleep lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 actions, with each being equally likely.
-Freeze can last indefinitely-at the beginning of each action, a frozen Pokemon has a 40% chance to thaw out.
-If a Pokemon takes damage while charging Focus Punch, the attack will still be successful 5% of the time.
-OHKO moves keep their 30% accuracy regardless of modifiers. They do a fixed 140 damage to the target Pokemon, and cannot be comboed. They have a 50% chance of affecting a Pokemon with Sturdy. They cannot be used unless the user has half as many Pokemon alive as their opponent (or less!) Example: I have 2 mons left, opponent has 5 left. I can now use Sheer Cold, whereas if I had 3 mons left I would not be able to.
-Hi Jump Kick and Jump Kick inflict crash damage 50% of the time when the miss.
Type: Normal
Complexity: Simple
Format: Any

Welcome to the Acoustics Testing Facility! Here, we have plenty of amplifiers, to test to see what setup is optimal. This testing requires the help of your Pokemon. Thank you for your cooperation.

-Sound amplifiers in arena boost the BAP of sound-based moves by 3 and lower their EN cost by 1.
-The sound amplifiers are spread out so that all sound-based moves become multi-targeting moves.
-The ability Soundproof does not have any effect thanks to the volume of any noise.

Please, use moves such as Boomburst here. Especially Boomburst. And try not to shout, it gives everyone headaches here.
Type: Water
Complexity: Simple
Format: Any

Laverre National Park isn't much really--just a really, really muddy wasteland. Uninhabited by any humans, the sailor Drake comes here a lot, to train and battle. The place is full of mud, and only mud, as far as the eyes can see. Nature Power becomes Muddy Water in this arena. Storms are very common here, and as such there is a constant Drizzle weather--that is, all abilities activated by Rain are activated, Rain takes 3 less EN to summon, and Thunder and Hurricane still have perfect accuracy, but the BAP of moves are not changed. Furthermore, Sun and Sand each take 13 EN to summon, unless the user is holding a weather rock. Also, due to the natural weather in the arena, Castform will remain in its Rain forme and Weather Ball will remain a 10 BAP Water-type attack regardless of weather. There is no external grass because it can't grow here, but the puddles provide ample water supplies for moves such as Surf. The moves Surf, Earthquake, and Sludge Wave are also a lot more controllable here---they will not hit allies. Storm Drain will not redirect allies' moves, either. Finally, the arena is somehow very good for cultivating Rare Candies, and as a result the Rare Candies are more powerful--Pokemon with 18 BRT will benefit from the 2-rank increase also.

-Nature Power becomes Muddy Water.
-Constant drizzle: basically all effects of Rain, except it does not change the BAP of any moves. Rain can be summoned during Drizzle for 3 less EN.
-Sun and Sand cost 13 EN to summon unless summoned with a weather rock.
-Castform and Weather Ball remain Water-type regardless of weather.
-No external grass.
-Surf, Earthquake, and Sludge Wave do not hit allies. Furthermore, Storm Drain does not redirect allies' moves.
-Pokemon with 18 BRT will have their highest true base stat increased by 2 ranks when holding Rare Candy, as opposed to 1.
Type: anti-Pyroak
Complexity: Simple
Format: Any

All effects of this arena exist to nerf Pyroak. Have fun!

-Constant, unalterable Sandstorm.
-Sandstorm in this arena will boost the BAP of Rock and Flying-type attacks by 2.
-Hurricane has perfect accuracy despite the weather not being Rain.
-Any Pokemon with more than 119 HP will start the battle with 90 HP.
-Rock Head has no effect.
-All Fire-type and Grass-type Pokemon have Weight Class 1.
-Flare Blitz, Wood Hammer, and Double-Edge's BAP formulas change to the following: 10+(User Weight Class-Target Weight Class).
-No held items may modify Weight Class.
Type: Rotom
Complexity: Simple
Format: Any

This is ASB Arena. Except there's a bunch of appliances, so Rotom can use any of its formes without actually owning the appliance. Furthermore, it may also choose to use a vacuum cleaner--making it Electric/Fighting-type with identical stats to Rotom-C and having Vacuum Wave as its forme signature move.
Type: Steel
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Any

AOPSUser's Poke Ball factory set up shop in direct opposition to Laverre City's factory, so naturally it needed something to distinguish itself. That thing was hosting battles. The entire facility is a giant arena, and due to the way it's built literally any attack can be used without consequence. As a result, it grew quite popular and started pulling in the profits.

The residual heat given off by the machines boosts the Base Power of all Fire-type moves by 2. In addition, the competitive spirit in the place rubs off a bit on the Pokemon, so all Fighting-type moves are increased by two Base Power, and the ability Competitive will now boost both Attack and Special Attack by 3 stages each when activated.

The process of making Poke Balls (and all other types of balls) is very dangerous, so all combatants must wear special suits designed to protect them from an exploding machine (which have never actually been used in a real explosion--there hasn't been one!), including Pokemon. As such, Steel-types that have neither Sturdy nor Filter gain the effects of Sturdy. Those that have Sturdy but not Filter gain the effects of Filter. Those that have Filter but not Sturdy gain the effects of Sturdy. Those that have both Sturdy and Filter gain the effects of Solid Rock and Battle Armor and are immune to status. Also, the ability Mold Breaker does not affect any Pokemon wearing the suits--which is to say it doesn't work here. The steel environment here means that Camouflaging Pokemon will turn into Steel-types, and Nature Power calls Flash Cannon. Also, occasionally some acid will leak from one of the machines (or at least most of the time it's acid), so Secret Power will have a 30% chance to poison the target and the Base Power of Poison-type moves increases by 2. Don't worry though--the special suits also offer acid protection, so Steel-types can't be corroded. There is also plenty of electric energy running around--enough to increase the priority of Magnet Rise by one and increase the duration of Levitate command by 6 actions. Finally, there is so much steel in this place that if a Pokemon can become Steel-type by virtue of its ability (assuming it has infinite movepool--so yes Greninja), its typing will remain pure Steel and said ability will not function.

-Camouflage turns the user into a Steel-type.
-Nature Power calls Flash Cannon.
-Secret Power has a 30% chance to poison the target.
-The BAP of Fire-type, Fighting-type, and Poison-type moves are increased by 2.
-Steel-types that have neither Sturdy nor Filter gain the effects of Sturdy. Those that have Sturdy but not Filter gain the effects of Filter. Those that have Filter but not Sturdy gain the effects of Sturdy. Those that have both Sturdy and Filter gain the effects of Solid Rock and Battle Armor and are immune to status.
-Steel-types cannot be corroded.
-Mold Breaker has no effect
-The priority of Magnet Rise is increased by 1.
-The duration of Levitate (command) is extended by six actions.
-If a Pokemon can become Steel-type by virtue of its ability (assuming it has infinite movepool--so yes Greninja), its typing will remain pure Steel and said ability will not function.
-The ability Competitive boosts both Attack and Special Attack by 3 stages.
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Arena. I am posting one. Maybe Edit in others later.

Field Type: The FSM loves all the pokemon

Complexity: Intense

Format: All formats and sexual orientations are accepted

Infatuation can be used by all types regardless of egg group and gender, because the is accepting of all sexual orientations

All water type attacks are given an added 10% Chance to confuse as all water in the arena comes from the beer volcano.

All orders must be given in pirate speech and offenders shall be assualted by the FSM. (Ref decides what Happens)

At the end of any Given round the FSM can do one or many things, The ref will roll RNG 1-5 and thats how many effects will be used. He will Then RNG what effects will occur. (Repeats effects allowed)

1) The Fsm himself comes and assaults one, the other, or all (rng) of the players. He attacks them with Divine Noodly Appendage! Coming from 3 atk/SpA (Depending on the lower stat)

The FSM said:
Divine Noodly Appendage The pokemon (or Creator) Uses a long stringy appendage to inflict a whole bunch of crazy ish on its target. (can target self for lols)
Freeze (10%)
Sleep (10%)
Removing Stat changes (20%)
Burn (10%)
Confusion (30%)
Healing Instead (50%)
Infatuation (70%)
Attack Power: 8 | Accuracy: ∞% | Energy Cost: 0 | Attack Type: Woah | Effect Chance: See above | Contact: Sexual | Typing: Typless | Priority: 0 | CT: Can't Used in a combo

2) A new stripper comes out of the factory and infatuates one of the pokemon (Slight Attraction)

3) The beer Volcano Erupts: Hitting all pokemon for 10 flat damage and intensely confusing all the pokemon

4) A real pirate shows up and gives you candy as all real pirates do +15Hp/EN

5) The School board of Kansas shows up and Disables the final move of all pokemon in the arena (If using a combo both parts are disabled)

6) The kiwi bird finally decides to Fly and all pokemon suddenly realize they can fly for the next round.

7) The FSM turns you into a platypus and you are too adorable to get hurt the next round but have no ability to even receive orders.

8) The FSM clears all Status on the board.

9) We throw a party, all pokemon get really drunk and have to RNG for targets of all attacks.

10) The FSM temporarily Blsesses a random pokemon with the ability to use his signature attack Divine Noodly Apendage!

Description: This is the land of the FSM. Prepare for the craziest messed up battle of your life.
Making a new post, with some type-biased arenas I'm working on. Only Fighting and Grass done at the moment, I'll edit in new ones as I come up with them.


Field Type: Dark
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles/Doubles
Restrictions: Seismic moves and Dig banned, Fly/Bounce limited, no plant life, limited water source, other (see below)

A rave club in downtown Nimbasa, at about midnight. Being a rave club, it’s naturally dark, with a lot of flashing neon lights and dubstep playing at full blast. At one time, it was the most happening club in the city; social progress being what it is, however, it eventually fell out of vogue and is now inhabited only by hipsters and drug addicts (as well as the occasional hipster drug addict). In other words, perfect for heated battles.

The combination of the darkness and the blasting dubstep is unsettling to most Pokemon (and most humans, for that matter); as such, all Pokemon not of the Dark-type have all of their stats lowered one Rank upon being sent out into battle. This depletion lasts for the duration of the battle and stacks with other stat boosts/drops. Dark-types can use the darkness to their advantage, making their STAB attacks more powerful. In addition, all Dark-types will gain the move Nasty Plot, and their stat modifiers will have +1 added to the final boost/drop. For example, using Swords Dance would grant a +3 stage boost (as opposed to the normal +2), whereas being hit by Scary Face would result in the defender’s Speed being lowered only -1 stage (rather than -2).

Fighting-types are most affected by the atmosphere; as such, all stat boosts/drops undergone by a Fighting-type have -1 added to their final stage, unless they are also Dark-type. For example, using Swords Dance would only grant a +1 stage boost (as opposed to the normal +2), whereas being hit by Scary Face would result in the defender’s Speed being lowered 3 stages (rather than only 2). This does not apply to the flat stage reduction applied when the Pokemon is sent out.

The dubstep is deafening in the Moonlight Club; thus, sound-based moves such as Supersonic and SonicBoom will be drowned out and rendered ineffective. There is no plant life anywhere, but water can be channeled from the drink taps. Lastly, due to the nature of the building, Fly and Bounce users are restricted to about 10 feet above the ground, and seismic attacks and Dig are illegal.

The music is pumping, and the night is young. Show your opponent you can jam with the best.

-non-Dark Pokemon have all stats lowered by 1 Rank upon being sent out
-Dark-type moves gain 3 additional BAP and guaranteed critical hits when used by Dark-types
-all Dark-types gain the move Nasty Plot for the duration of the battle (if not learned already)
-Dark-types have +1 stage added to stat modifiers, Fighting-types have -1 stage added
-Sound-based moves will not work
-No plant life; water source exists, but is limited
-Fly and Bounce limited to 10ft off the ground
-Dig and all seismic moves illegal


Field Type: Electric
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles/Doubles/Triples
Restrictions: No digging; other (see below)

A power plant in the middle of nowhere, not unlike the one in eastern Kanto (minus Zapdos, of course). Even after years of disuse, its generators still crackle with electrical energy. (Apparently OSHA doesn’t exist in the Pokemon world.) This energy can be harnessed by Electric-type Pokemon to make for truly electrifying battles.

The electric energy that imbues the plant is hazardous when a Pokemon is exposed to it for too long. All Pokemon that are not Electric and do not have the ability Lightningrod, Motor Drive, or Volt Absorb will take damage at the end of each round (calculated as a ThunderShock from Rank 5 Special Attack). Note that Lightningrod, Volt Absorb, and Motor Drive will not activate as a result of this damage; these abilities merely serve to grant invincibility to the recurring damage. The air is thick with electric energy, and all Pokemon are affected in some way by the charge (some more than others). All Pokemon have their weaknesses and resistances to the Electric type brought down to the next weakness level (neutral becomes x2 weakness, x4 weakness becomes x6 weakness, etc.). Ground-types have their immunity to Electric moves removed, and now resist them 2x unless they have another type that resists/is weak to Electric.

Another side effect of the electricity in the air is the power and ease with which Electric attacks are cast; all Electric moves, regardless of user, will receive a 2 BAP boost and require 2 less Energy to use. There is a river near the power plant, as well as a meadow right outside. Since the plant is in fact abandoned, nobody will care about seismic activity, so seismic attacks are usable; however, it is impossible to dig through the tile floor of the plant. In addition, all Electric-types will be able to shift the polarity in their bodies more easily, meaning they will essentially be granted permanent Magnet Rise status (unless the Pokemon already has the ability Levitate, in which case nothing changes), so seismic attacks are for the most part nearly useless anyway.

Can you shock the opponent and claim a victory?

-non-Electric Pokemon that do not have Lightningrod, Volt Absorb, or Motor Drive are damaged at the end of each turn (ThunderShock from 5 SpA)
-all weaknesses/resistances to Electric brought down 1 level; Ground type considered resistant, but not immune
-all Electric moves gain 2 BAP and cost 2 less Energy
-water source and plant life; seismic activity allowed, but no digging
-all Electric-types under permanent effect of Magnet Rise

Field Type: Fighting
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles
Restrictions: No Seismic Moves or Digging; No Water Source; No Natural Plant Life; Other (see below)

A boxing ring in a crowded, noisy arena. The spectators are excited to see an excellent display of Pokemon boxing. The rules are as follows:

This will be a standard Pokemon battle, with a few twists. First, rather than the standard format, this will be a Team Battle (think Waterfall Colosseum from Pokemon Battle Revolution). Thus, each Pokemon will be sent out only once and fight only one opponent.

Since Fighting-type attacks are specifically designed for regulated close-quarters combat, they gain 3 Base Power. All moves that involve punching receive this boost as well; after all, what's a boxing match without punching? That said, the crowd doesn't like kickboxing, so any and all moves involving kicking will have their BP reduced by 3, unless the Pokemon using is Fighting-type, in which case the move receives no boost or reduction.

Psychics find the crowd rather hostile, and as a result cannot adequately focus, meaning all Psychic-type attacks (even those used by Fighting types) have their Base Power reduced by 3.

Due to the nature of the arena, seismic moves are banned, as is the move Dig. This is a boxing pay-per-view, not a sandbox or a beach.

Lastly, each bout will last up to five rounds. If neither Pokemon is KOed by the end of Round 5, the bout will go to a judge's decision. The referee will determine the winner based on three criteria, listed below:
  • Accuracy: This criterion measures the accuracy of each Pokemon's attacks. Each attack landed, including status and stat-altering moves, aids the user; each miss counts against the user. Note that self-targeted moves such as Swords Dance, etc. will not count; nor will moves blocked by Protect, Detect, etc.
  • Power: This criterion depends on the total damage done by the Pokemon. Each point of damage inflicted will be added and totaled to determine the Pokemon's Power rating.
  • Stamina: This criterion deals with the efficiency with which the Pokemon used moves. This rating is determined by the amount of Energy the Pokemon has left.
  • Technique: This criterion rewards Pokemon for maintaining awareness of the opponent's weaknesses. Points in this category are awarded for super-effective hits. Level of weakness will not affect how many points are awarded; you'd get the same amount of points hitting an Aggron with Earthquake as you would hitting it with Surf, for example.
  • Creativity: This final criterion takes into account the variety and power of combination attacks used. Note that the combo must successfully hit in order to count. This category is mostly up to the ref's discretion, although in general you're better off combing two different moves rather than one giant, ultra-powered combo of the same move twice (in other words, Ice Punch + Mach Punch would score better than Ice Punch + Ice Punch).
The Pokemon that wins each category wins a point; the Pokemon that wins the most points is declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the Pokemon will fight in a sudden-death bout, which will last until one Pokemon KOs the other. Either way, whichever Pokemon loses is considered eliminated and will be returned to its Pokeball. The Trainers will send out their next Pokemon, and the match format begins again.

The stage is set, and the crowd is ready. Step up and take your chance at the Pokemon Boxing Championship!

-Team Battle format (Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about)
-Fighting attacks and punching moves gain +3 BP (does not stack)
-Kicking moves lose -3 BP unless used by a Fighting-type
-Psychic attacks lose -3 BP regardless of the type using them
-Seismic moves illegal, as well as Dig
-Fight lasts up to 5 rounds, after which the bout ends and the ref determines the winner based on set criteria:
  • Accuracy: Number of moves that hit, including status (Protect, Detect, etc. do not affect this rating)
  • Power: Total damage done to the opponent
  • Stamina: Energy remaining
  • Technique: Super-effective moves used
  • Creativity: Combos used
-The Pokemon that performs best in each category receives a point; the Pokemon with the most points wins the match
-In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by a sudden-death bout which lasts until one Pokemon is KOed
-Loser considered eliminated, next Pokemon released by both Trainers



Field Type: Ghost
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

A spooky cemetery in the dead of night. It is the resting place of many Pokemon, and is considered sacred by the inhabitants of the nearby village. So, naturally, you’ve decided to hold a massive, noisy battle right in the middle of the field. You bastards.

As you battle, some of the spirits of the Pokemon around you will grow agitated; at the end of each round, one of the spirits will present themselves and use a specific move from their movepool on a random Pokemon on the field, disappearing immediately afterwards. These attacks from beyond the grave will ignore all forms of invulnerability; for example, a Pikachu spirit using Thunderbolt will still hit an Excadrill. There is one exception to this, though: Ghost-types cannot be targeted or harmed by these attacks. The Pokemon spirits that may appear and their respective moves and chances of appearing are as follows:

Ratatta: Hyper Fang, 30%
Pikachu: Thunderbolt, 15%
Jigglypuff: Sing, 10%
Growlithe: Flame Wheel, 10%
Grovyle: Leaf Blade, 10%
Marowak: Bone Club, 5%
Gardevoir: Future Sight, 5%
Charizard: Blast Burn, 5%
Gliscor: Toxic, 5%
Cyclohm: Hurricane, 4%
Tyranitar: Earthquake, 1%

In addition to this, occasionally (50% chance after each round) a random Ghost-type Pokemon will ally with one of the Trainers’ active Ghost-types for the next 2 rounds, if any are on the field (if not, they will use a random move in their movepool on a random Pokemon). These Pokemon can be ordered and attacked similarly to a Trainer’s regular Pokemon, and are treated as knowing all possible moves. Their Dream World Abilities (if applicable) are always unlocked. A Pokemon may only have one Ghost allied with them at any time. The Ghosts that may appear are as follows:

Shuppet: 20%
Duskull: 20%
Sableye: 15%
Banette: 10%
Dusclops: 10%
Haunter: 10%
Dusknoir: 5%
Spiritomb: 5%
Mismagius: 4%
Gengar: 1%

Lastly, the spirit energy around the area is greatly magnified, meaning all Ghost-type attacks are more effective. All Ghost-type attacks used by Ghost Pokemon (excluding roaming allies) gain an additional 25% chance to lower the defender’s Special Attack and Special Defense by one (1) stage each. This does stack with the move’s normal properties, and must be rolled separately (i.e. roll for the standard effects, then for the special drops).

It’s time to prove your ability. Can you overcome your fear and take the victory? Or will you be engulfed in shadow for all time? Time will tell…

Field Type: Grass
Complexity: Moderate
Format: Singles/Doubles/Triples

A forest in northwestern Unova, far from most forms of civilization. As such, it is an extremely beautiful expanse of foliage and wildlife. In the middle of the forest is a clearing, which is a perfect locale for intense Pokemon battles.

Because of the more-than-substantial supply of vegetation, Grass-types will be able to use their Grass-type moves for three (3) less Energy, and said moves will have their Base Attack Power raised by three (3) (non-Grass-types will pay the full Energy cost and deal normal damage, due to not being fully in tune with the forest surroundings). This forest is also a very calming place; it is essentially a sanctuary for Grass-type Pokemon. Those Pokemon that are at least part Grass will receive and be under the effect of the abilities Leaf Guard and Chlorophyll, which will stack with their existing abilities (unless they already have Leaf Guard and/or Chlorophyll, in which case the ability will simply activate).

Weather cannot breach the thick canopy of the forest, and the close proximity of the canopy to the ground means that the move Fly will not be as effective. In addition, at the end of each round, a soothing breeze may blow through the area, having the same effect as the move Sweet Scent; the exception being that Grass-types, having become accustomed to the ways of the forest, are not affected by it.

Lastly, Fire-types must be extremely cautious to avoid setting the forest on fire (the forest is protected by a mysterious aura that prevents widespread forest fires, but the Pokemon don't know that), and as a result their Fire attacks suffer from a -3 BAP loss. As for Pokemon who are not of the Fire-type but are capable of using fire-type moves, this translates into a -2 BAP drop for those moves. For non-damaging moves, this instead means that such moves suffer from a reverse Prankster (i.e. they automatically have a priority of -1). Note that this does not apply to the Gym Leader's Pokemon, as they are used to the forest.

This peaceful haven for plants and Pokemon alike sits quietly, as if waiting for a decent battle. Show no mercy, and you may be victorious.

-Grass-type moves have BAP raised by 3 and Energy cost reduced by 3 when used by Grass-types
-Leaf Guard and Chlorophyll permanently in effect for all Grass-type Pokemon; cannot be altered by Gastro Acid, Skill Swap, etc.
- -3 BP on Fly due to lack of upward mobility
-Weather will have no effect due to closeness of trees
-Soothing scents will occasionally (30% at end of round) blow through the area, lowering non-Grass Pokemon's evasion 1 stage (or dissolving one clone of Double Team)
-Fire-type moves suffer a -2 BAP drop (-3 BAP if used by a Fire-type Pokemon, -1 priority if non-damaging; does not apply to the Gym Leader's Pokemon)




Field Type: Poison/Steel
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles/Doubles

In the post-apocalyptic future, the world's oceans have been flooded by radioactive waste from millions of nuclear reactors around the world. This battle takes place on a large square platform in the middle of one of these oceans.

The platform is made of steel, and measures about 50 x 50 square feet, and roughly 2 feet thick. Seismic moves such as Earthquake and Magnitude can be performed, but the instability of the platform gives a 20% chance of a Pokemon falling off when executing these attacks. Dig is completely impossible, and will have no effect. The a sea of toxic waste. Pokemon can be knocked into the poison by an attack with 10 or higher BAP (40% chance of this happening), disrupting their attack and dealing damage equal to a STABed Sludge Wave from 5 SpA. The difference is that if a Poison-typed Pokemon falls into the Toxic Sea, they are healed for the amount of damage they would have taken from the Sea * 1.5, rounded up. Falling into the sea will also cure any status the Poison Pokemon might have.

In addition, to all Pokemon that take damage from the Sea, there is a 50% chance of being poisoned, including a 10% chance of inflicting Toxic poison. Pokemon can voluntarily jump into the poison with any action to avoid an attack. This costs 5 Energy, and will still deal damage normally, but Poison-types are not healed except for their status (this can only be done three times per Pokemon).

Despite the lack of a water source, Water-type moves requiring one can still be executed, but the move becomes Poison-typed due to the toxicity of the Sea. No plant life grows in the Toxic Sea (naturally), and a cloud of toxic smog hangs over the battlefield, preventing the use of Fly above 10 feet off the ground.

There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Time to stand your ground and overcome the toxic presence of your enemy...




You and your opponent walk proudly into the typical ASB Arena, the crowd cheering. You look at each other, shake hands and get ready to fight... and then you both notice something wrong. "Why all of the spectators are quiet?" You think. "They're NEVER quiet!" As you look to the stands, you notice that the people have not only stopped cheering, they've stopped moving! As you watch in horror, they start disappearing, one by one, to the beat of hands clapping together. You and your foe look over to the ref's stand, and all you see is some messed up animal hybrid, a creature that you have only heard of in legends... the draconequus. He looks you in the eyes and speaks; "Well well well. WELCOME to my humble abode. I'm afraid I'm a little bored, and I just COULDN'T resist the temptation to have a little fun with your funny little pets." "Who are you?!" You yell. As the foul creature leaps to your side, he says, in a rather snide manner, "Oh my dear, my apologies, my name is Discord. And, well... I'm afraid that you're going to be my toy for a little while... until you BREAK! THIS IS MY DOMAIN!"

That's right, your Pokemon are up against Discord himself. The rules for him are as follows:
-No wings, no magic
-Discord will be controlled by the ref. SHOW NO MERCY.
-Discord has unlimited energy, but is not allowed to use combos
-Discord is immune to all major status effects, and can not hurt himself in confusion
-Discord will start as a Normal-type, but from the second round onwards, his type will be RNG'd by the ref
-As the god of chaos, Discord can do whatever he wants (akin to the Ref's Mind) although, he'll want to have some fun of course, so stay within some degree of reason when deciding your field effects

Here's a little music for your chaos~
Nature: Quirky (No effect on stats)
Type: ??? Abilities:

HP: 650
Atk: 6
Def: 6
SpA: 6
SpD: 6
Spe: 60
Size Class: 4
Weight Class: 5

Sucker Punch
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Me First
Wonder Room
Trick Room
Light Screen
Me First
Shadow Sneak
Body Slam
Dizzy Punch
Dragon Tail
Dream Eater
Fake Tears
Sunny Day
Rain Dance
Fire Blast
Focus Blast
Magic Coat
Milk Drink
Nasty Plot
Would you mind if I have a slot? This will be my last post excluding edits until any of my arenas are used at least 3 times in battles and they keep being used!
Arena: Planet Cray
Field Type: Depends on Section
Format: Any
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Field Type=Redneck/Morbidly Obese
Complexity=Average American Intelligence
Format: Any
Restrictions: No Psychic type moves


The greatest nation on Earth. Or any Earth. It's the land of the free, home of the brave, and headquarters of McDonalds. This particular arena occurs in one of the most American places of all: A football field. Now, lining this fields are a number of redneck dueling areas and a lot of McDonalds, along with a nice view of congress debating whether they need one or two gazillion more in military spending to find the terrorists/commies/nazis/british/romans depending on how old the congressman is. Due to the ban on intelligent thought, psychic type moves are banned and all Pokemon caught having a "strategy" such as a non-attacking move will be shunned, causing them to be shot by rednecks (20 BP Special Steel attack from Rank Five Special Attack)). Due to the obestity of the Pokemon fighting, every round they must spend one action chilling. This does not count under the disqualification clause, but more than one chill per round will. Contact moves successfully executed will earn the approval of the audience, resulting in a +1 boost to offensive stats.

Now, at the end of every round, congress will do one of the following:
20% Stimulus package: All active Pokemon get a free 30% HP and Energy
15% Tax hike: Every Pokemon needs to spend twice as much energy working to get the same amount of effort done (double energy cost). This will last after the round is over, and is subject to other multipliers)
15% Take cut: Every attack costs half as much energy. This will last after the round is over, and is subject to other multipliers.
25% Absolutely nothing: In reality this chance would be much higher. Consider yourself lucky
10% Declare war on Red side (All of the match seeker's Pokemon take 30 damage)
10% Declare war on Blue Side (All of the match acceptor's Pokemon take 30 damage)
5% Shock and Awe (All active Pokemon take 50 damage)
100% Stupidity: See above

Tualang City is a frontier town on the edge of a gigantic rainforest in a newly discovered region. While the town is far from the largest in the colony, it is the home of many explorers not currently on an expedition. This has led to it becoming a hub for science, as many of the plants, animals, and Pokemon in the forest have the potential to create powerful medicines. One such institution of science is the Verde Insect Research Center. Also known as the Tualang City Gym.

As you walk into the gym, you are quickly confronted by a large main hall that stretches up seven stories, with an enormous tree dominating the center of the room. A large number of exhibits line the walls and kiosks of the room, and it becomes evident that the building also serves as a museum on bug type Pokemon and the rainforest ecosystem as a whole. You wander almost to the back of the room before finally finding a desk marked "Tualang Gym Registration." Walking up to it, you find that there is no secretary, but rather a sign pointing to a door about ten feet behind it reading:

"Off tending the Pokemon, please come see me if you wish to talk.


Seeing nothing better to do, you walk inside the door. A fantastic view awaits you upon entry.

This room is easily larger than the main hall, and is filled with terrain closely resembling the forest outside. Ivy-coated walls stretch up a full thirty feet to a massive spider web that appears to serve as the roof of the exhibit. From the humidity and heat of the room, you assume that it's a massive greenhouse, even if this isn't really necessary given that the city is in a rainforest climate.

A narrow trail cuts further on into the gym, leading through a dense forest of tropical foilage and exotic sounds. The dirt under your feet is quite moist, but what disturbs you most is a constant rushling in the plants around you. Whenever you stop, you can never hear anything, but it always seem to begin a little closer when you start moving.

After a very creepy hike, you eventually do see another human being on the trail. The man is wearing a green lab coat, and staring intently through a pair of binoculars at something in front of him. Wondering what he's doing, you take a step forwards and follow his gaze.

Yanmega fly over a pond about fifty meters away, and Surskit and Anorith swim on or near the surface. An Armaldo basks in the moisture and light at the edge of the water, while a Scyther drinks from the far end, eyeing every other creature in the area. You can vaguely make out an Ariados in the treeline, with Butterfree flying between the trees- out of reach of the Yanmega.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" You turn around to find the scientist standing up, looking at you. "I'm Gregor, the league's Bug Gym leader. Are you here seeking a challenge." You nod yes, and Gregor pulls out his notebook and glances over it. "Alright, I can pencil you in for a battle at 3:00. We have a demonstration then, and I like giving the guests something to look at beyond the usual show. Does this work for you."

You affirm it does, and he begins to walk back down the trail. Not particularly willing to be left behind with the Pokemon in the forest, you quickly run to meet him and walk out of the room in silence. Just as he you are about to reenter the main hall, you realize that you forgot to ask something important. "So, just where are we fighting at?"

The gym leader smiles sinisterly, and points out over your head. You follow his gaze, and see the web on top of the room.

3 vs 3 Gym Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Chills/5 Recovers
3 Substitutions

Bug Gym Arena:

A large, tightly woven web stretches across the floor of the arena, while another one is spun about 8 feet above it. The webs are held together by a concrete structure, with windows surrounding the entire arena to allow visitors a chance to see the battle. While the arena is set up in such a way as to allow as many moves as possible, there are still some practical restrictions.

-The webbing will reduce the evasion stage of all non-levitating non-bug types by one, and reduce the base speed by 4.
-All moves not specified as banned are allowed in the areja
-Natural plants are available due to ivy growing on the concrete and portions of the web
-Rock Slide cannot be used
-No natural water
-Bounce will fail
-Only bug types or ground types that either levitate or can learn fly may use Dig/Fly/Sky Drop
-In addition to their normal item, all Pokemon may carry a type resist berry. Due to the fireproof and sticky nature of the webbing, the berry may only be destroyed by use or the move bug bite.

Hidden away for centuries, a monster resides at the bottom of the ancient castle. And he is not happy to be disturbed.

Sand pours down from the higher levels in the gigantic throne room of the Relic Castle in Unova. But, that is not nearly so impressive as the set of columns and stone stairs leading up to the ancient throne, or the scope of the chamber. And those fail to capture the potential danger of the angry Volcarona hovering above you.

The arena revolves around both the natural layout of the room, and Volcarona intimidating non-bugs and assisting bug-types in his home.

-No natural water
-Hail, Rain Dance, and Sunny Day may not naturally be used
-Sandstorm costs three less energy to summon
-Trapping moves cost two less energy and last for an additional round
-Any rock move used by a non-bug type will result in Volcarona (neutral nature) attacking the user with Fire Spin
-Swarm is automatically active for all Pokemon who have it
-Fly and Bounce will only evade contact moves during their semi-invulnerable phase
-At the end of every round, all active Bug Pokemon will recieve the equivalent of a Magnet Rise and Quiver Dance boost. These boosts do not decay.
Field Type - Flying
Complexity - Moderate
Format - Melee
Restrictions - No water source, No seismic activity, No grass in area, No rocks in area

Nail Gauntlet: A huge arena (500 feet) lined with spikes and nails across every surface, to truly test the endurance of competitors. It is an open stadium, but it is very dark, and the only light sources are weak torches and the glow of the moon, however there is just enough light to be able to see. Flying types are at an edge here, as they can avoid taking damage from the stadium's rugged atmosphere when switching in.

Because of the spikes lining the floors and walls, the stadium starts with 3 layers of Spikes on both competitors' sides of the field, that cannot be Rapid Spinned away. It has no water source nearby, as well as no grass or rock. The stadium is situated in a place with no seismic activity, and as such moves like Earthquake will fail. Because of the stadium's hazardous floor, digging will result in the user taking 10 damage, and any other contact moves will result in the user taking 5 damage.

Field Type - Steel / Flying
Complexity - Moderate
Format - All
Restrictions - No water source, No seismic activity, No grass in area, No rocks in area

Sky Tower: A tower entirely consisting of clouds. It is home to the great Rayquaza, who can be woken up and enraged by careless battlers.

As it is situated in the sky, seismic attacks will have no effect. There is a lack of natural substances here, so moves requiring external rocks, grass or water may not work. Dig may be used, but the user will fall through the clouds and faint if it is not a Flying type. Flying types have extra mobility here, so they gain +10% evasion and +15% speed. Rayquaza sleeps in this arena, so if any Pokémon uses a move blocked by Soundproof, or a move that targets all competitors, Rayquaza will awaken and attack all competitors with a Rank 6 Attack STAB boosted Dragon Claw (factoring in weakness and resistance).

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Arena: ASB Arena, Post Apocalypse
Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Intense
Format: Singles
Restrictions: None

In the distant future...

They said that the apocalypse would come from the skies, but it did not. It came from a deep monster, the cruelness of humanity. Across Kanto, across Johto, Unova, and the world, the remnants of the great war exist only as shadows of their former glory...twisted shadows, wrong shadows.

You arrive in the ASB Arena. Built to withstand every which kind of attack from the Pokemon within, it had withstood the deathly chaos better than most. But the purple haze in the sky loom ominously over, a hued marble sky that reflects upon the crimson ground the psychic powers that were released...

Every minute, the Pokemon are ravaged by this energy. And this energy isn't, it most certainly isn't. At the end of every round, the Pokemon will be transformed into their opponent...

Winning is optional. Survival isn't.

At the end of every round, the Pokemon transforms into their opponent, changing typing, stats, stat boosts, abilities, status effects, and so on. The only stats that remain the same are HP and EN.

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