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Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)


getting paid to moderate
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I think some people like to follow my art here but I'm not sure If I'll keep posting it here, you can check me out on twitter to keep up with moonba and other stuff i do: https://twitter.com/rosy_maple_moth

Basically i just feel like smogon is pretty hostile to artists overal (a sentiment echoed by several of my fave people, many of which have drifted away too) ill probably still be around in firebot at times but the attitudes ive faced from several people in regards to art from here just arent worth it.
Hey, I'm sorry to see you go. Let me know if you need my help with anything on any of the Discords or Twotter.


big oof
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I've never had a hostile interaction here, but oof man that sucks :((
I'll be sure to keep up with moonba and the bots on twitter tho!


getting paid to moderate
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didn't want to deny u fellas these boys

the hat pokémon

dex 1: "A FEDORABLE will steal a hat to shelter it from the weather. If you find a FEDORABLE in your hat, please let it be!"

dex 2: "For a long time, populations of FEDORABLE had been in decline. Recently, they are growing in numbers again. Pokémon scientists cannot explain this"

the incognito pokémon

dex 1: "Before evolving into COATEM, FEDORABLE fight for dominance. The loser becomes the legs, and the winner becomes the head."

dex 2: "COATEM pretend to be humans to buy things. They're not very believable, but it makes them very happy if you play along."


getting paid to moderate
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the binary pokémon

dex 1: "ATEBIT can remember numbers very well, but if it tries to count too high, it gets confused!"

dex 2: "ATEBIT can be taught to do math, but It needs precise instructions, or the answer will be messed up!"

the hack pokémon

dex 1: "Almost all HEXPLOIT plagues could be prevented with simple precautions, but they thrive anyway."

dex 2: "HEXPLOIT is very good at finding holes in security, so many companies train HEXPLOIT to find these oversights before they cause an issue."


getting paid to moderate
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The arrest pokemon

Dex 1: "CUFTUP pretends to be well-behaved, but causes lots of mischief when no one is looking."

Dex 2: "If CUFTUP chains you, you can bribe it with snacks or shiny objects, but this will teach it to attack you again."

the punishment pokémon

dex entry 1: "CHANETUP never willingly lets go. People that have been freed say they still feel weight dragging behind them."

dex entry 2: "It feeds on the sorrow from exhaustion and hopelessness. It chains itself to its prey to cause these feelings."

The life sentence pokemon

Dex 1: "LOKTUP eats the regret of those who make mistakes. Because their regrets were devoured, they won't become better people."

Dex 2: "Time passes slowly inside LOKTUP. People released from LOKTUP will often feel terribly lost in the future."

Solitary Confinement
Ghost, status
100 acc
15 pp
The user locks the target in and prevents it from fleeing. This move also lowers the targets attack and sp. attack every turn.

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