Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)


robots are pretty cool hehe
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I think some people like to follow my art here but I'm not sure If I'll keep posting it here, you can check me out on twitter to keep up with moonba and other stuff i do:

Basically i just feel like smogon is pretty hostile to artists overal (a sentiment echoed by several of my fave people, many of which have drifted away too) ill probably still be around in firebot at times but the attitudes ive faced from several people in regards to art from here just arent worth it.
Hey, I'm sorry to see you go. Let me know if you need my help with anything on any of the Discords or Twotter.


big oof
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I've never had a hostile interaction here, but oof man that sucks :((
I'll be sure to keep up with moonba and the bots on twitter tho!

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