Art by A Pink Moth (internet's 3d models and assorted nonsense)


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its a metaphor for how my 3d skills are haunted by how shit i am at drawing
Time to git gud, then. :P

Most of the artwork in your thread isn't really my area of expertise both in medium and subject choice, but it's undeniable how much you have improved over the past year and eight thread pages! Not only in terms of modelling, but the composure, light placement and effects have all become very natural as well and enhance the impression of the renders so much.
Now you only have to start creating your own 2D reference sheets and do more dancing Pokemon...

Late congratz also on your approval, it's quite cool to have a 3D artist on board to illustrate site content now! The article art I've seen so far was really good, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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