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I've seen the submissions and they're wonderful- clean line art, detailed shading and all, but I'll give Capturing RSE Legends a shot here even though I don't seem to match the quality. XD


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Since the list in the opening post isn't updated, all these articles have an artwork now:

- Risk / Reward
- Grammar Standards
- Status
- Priority Guide
- OU Speed Tiers
- NU threat list
- RSE Ingame tiers
- 3rd gen tips
- Sweetscent guide
- Intro to 4th gen wifi
- Capturing HGSS legends
- Guide to Event Pokemon
- Sketch Guide
- Capturing Mechanics
macle and sandshrewz , is this thread dead, or are we taking a break, or is there something I don't know about. I would volunteer help but I do not think I qualify haha. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Thanks!
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